It’s Never A Basic Night When It’s A BASSIK Night – It’s Flux Pavillion Time

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

If bringing titans of BASS music was a contest, New Orleans once again shows that they are a national contender. Winter Circle Productions and Republic New Orleans know how to throw a party. A lineup of Flux Pavillion, Skism, and homegrown favorite Kthulu Prime shows exactly that. Join us for another magical night in The Big Easy.

History. Tradition. Evolution. These three words have special meaning to a city like New Orleans. The idea of taking something found elsewhere and making it your own is not a unique concept. It’s called assimilation. However, the method with which you utilize the newly incorporated element is deeply influenced by your character. This could not be more true than here. Unfortunately, when most of this country thinks about cities with thriving EDM scenes, Nola doesn’t pop up on their respective radars. Winter Circle Productions and Republic New Orleans are doing something about this. You don’t believe me? How does an evening culminating in a stellar Flux Pavillion performace, with support from Skism and Kthulu Prime, sound? That’s right. I knew I had your attention.

New Orleans is a friendly city, despite what notorious lists we top (thanks to the mass media). When I arrive and see that the people waiting in line are already all smiles, that feeling that it’s going to be a good night wraps me up like a soft hoodie on a crisp Autumn evening. Good thing that hoodie is just mental imagery because you’re going to take it off as soon as you step inside. Why you ask? Because when the BASS gets TURNT, things get hot.

First to the stage is a local favorite, Kthulu Prime. Known for his high energy performances and devastating bass drops, it’s readily apparent that he has no intention of disappointing the crowd. The buzz around the club is that this performance is also his birthday celebration. With that in mind, you can feel those extra good vibes filling the room, and the night is just beginning.The first of the night’s two powerhouses from the U.K., Skism, is next up on the decks. He doesn’t let the tempo of the evening rest one bit. Harnessing the momentum that Kthulu Prime already got going, this Londoner continues to work the crowd into a frenzy with a fine-tuned balance of clean mash-ups and creative mixing. These first two acts can stand alone but everyone here knows that we are building to something more.The crowd isn’t silent by a long shot because they what’s coming. We are approaching the culmination of the evening. The man of the hour is none other than Flux Pavillion. He unleashes a maelstrom of dirty beats, merging the spectrum of his portfolio’s classics with contemporary chart toppers. When the beat drops you can feel the floor shake from the crowd bouncing in unison. In case you needed another reason to deem his performance spectacular, he plays his entire set with the use of only one arm, courtesy of a sling on his left one. Flux definitely earns his “Rocking The House 1-Armed” merit badge, without question. In an act of true fan-appreciation, the cries for an encore do not fall on deaf ears. Why we only ask for one song is beyond me.

Traditions, regardless if they are good or bad, have to start somewhere. Here, they start in the hearts and minds of those that want something more, something fresh, and something that keeps us coming back. Utilizing music as the unifying force is nothing entirely new but the style with which is done is definitely different now. We no longer have to “fight for our right to party.” This doesn’t mean that those on the forefront are without the passion or enthusiasm of generations past. This means that the movement we are a part of, now, has a different kind of intensity. A sincere “thank you” to those that keep this BASS-tastic voyage moving forward.