Interview with Australian DJ & Producer tyDI

*written by Shimmy for Electronica Life


Originally from the land down under, Tyson Illingworth, aka tyDi, is busy in Los Angeles preparing for his first #Redefined live show in Hollywood on Thursday night. The producer, song writer, and Australia’s former #1 DJ is supporting Steve Aoki & Afrojack at the 4th annual AMP Radio 97.1 Masquerade Ball at the Hollywood Palladium. The decorated artist is still enjoying the success from his latest album released last month — it’s much more than a typical electronic music album. It’s lyrical, personal, and a must listen. Now an official LA transplant, the 27 year old took some time out of his day to talk to Electronica Life:

Shimmy – Your new album, ReDefined, took 3 years to make. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind it and what makes this album so special?

tyDi This album as a whole is a piece of work that portrays the best and the worst of my last three years – my highest highs and my lowest lows. It’s an honest capturing of my life. Through the art of songwriting I was able to create a complete 20 track piece of work that tells my story and reminds me of both my happiest and darkest moments.

Shimmy – What is your favorite track on the album and why?

tyDi It’s almost impossible for me to choose a favourite, I wrote about 300 songs over the three years to get down to the final 20. Every one of them is close to my heart.

Shimmy – Your show next Thursday is the first #ReDefined Live show. What is going to make this show unique?

tyDi – This won’t be just a normal ‘DJ’ set – I’m incorporating a live string trio, guitarist, drums and a bunch of vocalists from the record. This show will bring my album to life right in front of the crowd’s eyes.

Shimmy How is the electronic music scene different in Australia versus the US? Do the cdjs spin the other way? 😉

tyDi Haha! Well honestly I think the music scene is much stronger in the US – Australian’s are very much into this ‘bounce’ genre, in my opinion it’s basic, watered down and very un-inspiring. I moved to the US because my fans really embraced my work. They accepted me in all my weirdness.

Shimmy What producers have been your inspiration?

tyDi I’ve been more inspired by bands, I grew up listening to Blink 182, The Used, Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and many more… These are the artists / songwriters that really had an affect on my work today.

Shimmy Do you prefer DJ’ing or producing?

tyDi Both are completely different, producing allows my creativity come to life. I can make songs that never would have existed before. DJing is my chance to see how those songs affect people in huge crowds. The studio / DJ life feed off each other.

Shimmy What career path would you have taken if you weren’t a DJ?

tyDi I’d probably just stalk Scarlett Johansson until she married me.

Shimmy – Your weekly radio show, Global Soundsystem, has over 250 episodes and is still going strong. How do you find the time to juggle the show while still produce and DJ?

tyDi I have to seriously cut into my social life, I work so much, it’s crazy! The good thing is that with my insane tour schedule I have a lot of long haul flights. So I try to get my radio shows done on the plane flights.

Shimmy Can you tell our readers something that they’d be surprised to know about you?

tyDi I was a drummer in a rock band, I love red wine and my favourite thing to do in my spare time is lay on the beach at night watching the stars.