Insomniac Present: Tritonal and Super 8 & Tab 02-17-12 tickets

Insomniac Present: Tritonal and Super 8 & Tab tickets

Insomniac Presents…..


Artists: Tritonal, Super 8 & Tab and Trent Cantrelle

Come join Insomniac Events on this grand Friday night filled with trance. Tritonal and Super 8 & Tab are both leading DJ Duo’s that are taking the trance scene  to new heights and have been really mentioned quite a bit lately. Tritonal is just a blast to hang out with & watch since they are always bringing something new to the table, and Super 8 & tab are talented guys that just bring Greatness to the stage that you just have to check out. so why not spend your Friday listening to these guys as they will both put on an outstanding show just to start off the presidential weekend? Get your ticket ASAP as this event will sell out quick & that it is on a holiday weekend!  😉

Preview tracks:

Super 8 & Tab – Awakenings (Tritonal Remix)

Tritonal’s latest T.V. Episode! (includes a brand new track & sounds awesome!!) 🙂

Kyau & Albert – Velvet Morning (Super 8 & Tab Remix)

Located at: Exchange LA: 618 S. Spring St Los Angeles, CA 90014

this is a 21+ show w/I.D.