Insomniac Events Presents: Kyau & Albert at Exchange LA 04-13-12 Tickets

Insomniac Events Presents: Kyau & Albert at Exchange LA 04-13-12 Tickets

Kyau & Albert – Are You Fine?

Kyau & Albert, Stoneface & Terminal, and Kristina Sky

Exchange L.A. has been known to host great events at their elegant club in Los Angeles and on this Friday night it should be no exception. Insomniac Events is bringing you Trance talents Kyau & Albert, Stoneface & Terminal, along with Kristina Sky to have another exciting night to start the weekend. Kyau & Albert are one of the leading Trance duos who have been producing music for quite some time now and are only getting bigger as they keep progressing with track after track of perfection. Their Sound has always been a euphoric vibe that persuades listeners with their unique sound  to just move and jump with excitement. Stoneface & Terminal are another Trance Duo who have been part of this Trance journey and will be par-taking along with Kyau & Albert to get things going at the Exchange. These Guys have been producing hard hitting trance songs that just catches you with there Banging Drops & Melodic sounds. Along with these two excellent artists will be Kristina sky who will be Warming up the decks as people arrive. This is definitely one event you do NOT want to miss  & should get your weekend in the right track. Tickets for this event could sell-out!, so buy them ASAP!!

Preview Tracks:

Above & Beyond vs. Kyau & Albert – Anphonic

Above & Beyond Feat. Zoe Johnston – You Got To Go (Kyau & Albert Remix)

Stoneface & Terminal – Leaving Earth

Located at: The Exchange L.A. – 618 S. Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90014


Kyau & Albert 4-13-12 Exchange LA

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