Interview: In the Mind of Dash Berlin

*written by Vix for Electronica Life

“Las Vegas”

When anyone hears those words, the first thought that comes to mind is: live music, fun, and crowds of locals and tourists alike. Now throw Dash Berlin into the mix and you have yourself a true life changing and personal experience that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Dash performs regularly in the Vegas EDM scene, mostly at the Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub (Las Vegas) where he is gladly welcomed with open arms and ears by the locals and club owners, and draws people in from all around the world. On top of being the 10th ranked DJ in the world according to DJ Mag’s 2013 Top 100 poll results, Dash Berlin is without a doubt one of the nicest, most down to earth people you will meet and holds the utmost respect and appreciation for all his fans. Upon meeting such a legend in the dance music industry, I was a little star struck at first, but he quickly made me feel as if we had been friends for years. If you haven’t checked out one of Dash’s sets, you are definitely missing out on one of the best artists in the world, and I can tell you from seeing 5 of his performances (3 of which were in Las Vegas) that he only gets better each time and always goes above and beyond expectations. Since his start in the EDM world, Dash has risen to the top of the charts and has proven he is a force to be reckoned with.

Vix – So, you’re currently ranked 10th in the top 100 of DJ Mag, how do you think you’re going to do for DJ Mag Top 100 in 2014?

Dash – It’s difficult to foresee, there’s so much great talent out there to be honest, and they’re doing fantastic, which is good for all of us. I’m really happy with my solid fan base and with the new album coming out, obviously there’s a lot of new people that are bound to discover Dash Berlin and what Dash Berlin stands for, so that’s a good thing, but as I just mentioned in some interviews earlier,  it’s kind of a lottery really. You can just hope people like what you do, and try to be appreciative of their support in the DJ mag and to me it is both important as it is not, and it’s important because a lot of people give you a certain status when you’re on the list, especially when you’re high on the list, but you have to consider that I love what I do, I love making music and DJ’ing, and I would still be doing the same thing while NOT on the list, so what does that make me? That’s always a thing which I’m kind of in the middle of sometimes. But obviously for every year it is a key moment in the season and of course I’m hoping for a lot of support in the end. It also refers to people are happy with what you are doing, which makes it more of an importance then it is not.

Vix – Yeah, as long as you love what you do, that’s all that matters. It’s all for the music. I don’t know if you heard, but I drove out from California for this interview, and on the drive here, I heard your new song “Here Tonight” playing on the radio, how long did it take you to make such an epic track?

Dash – Uhhh, two hours (lol), I have no idea really because it was back and forth. The cool thing is that the collaborator on the track, one of the two actually, is ‘Jay Cosmic’, he’s a guy from the UK and I met him while at the airport last year on my way to Ibiza, and we just kind of spontaneously bumped into each other. He was going to Ibiza with two of his friends so we started talking and he said he was making music as well and that he liked melodies. So I invited him to come to the show at Privilege, and he said he had a good time so we stayed in contact and he showed me one of his ideas and we started working on that. I thought it was a very very interesting setup. We started working on that with the vocalist we had at the time, and that didn’t really work out. We were reshaping that track as it was, but we had to find a new vocalist.That’s where ‘Jay’ found ‘Collin Mcloughlin’ and he had an entire lyric actually waiting to be placed on that track, and as you see that that’s actually super unique. From all the different music you’re making, from all the different keys you can make your music in, this came together and it fit. Also, the lyrics are super strong, so we have: good production, a solid song, and a great vocalist who’s just waiting to be discovered and who recently showed me that he’s one to be reckoned with on stage as well because he’s super strong live. Put all those ingredients together and you can see from my point of view it’s not so strange that a lot of people were like “hey wow, this is super rad”, so it was played on Sirius as an ID and people were asking “what is this?” So that kind of gave it extra hype as well at that point and obviously I was already playing Dash Berlin but this is kind of fresh”. Sirius XM really helped out with ID’ing the track in my sets as an ID and I think THAT together with blogs writing great stuff about it made it what it is today.

Vix – Do you think ‘Here Tonight’ is going to be the #1 hit off the album, or do you think there’s one that’s going to top it?

Dash – That’s really difficult to point out because I can not foresee the future, I’m not sure what’s going to be on part 2 of the album and there may be a part 3. Who knows?

Vix – So obviously fans have a lot more to look forward too.

Dash – Of course! They have to (lol)

Vix – I caught your set at EDC 2013 and I hear it was a defining moment in your career…..

Dash – For the U.S, it was for sure!

Vix – How do you think your performance at this years EDC compared to 2013?

Dash – For me it was a really big challenge because you have to see it as traveling all over the U.S, I got so much feedback, especially about that set, even yesterday but that was for this year. Obviously you want to top what you’re doing and you want to go one step beyond. That’s what I tried to do this year in order of showcasing even more of my music, more music that people don’t even know yet, so that’s kind of a guess. To be honest, I was a little insecure about that because you have no idea how people are going to react to that and it’s such a massive crowd, its like 50-60-70 thousand people in that arena at that time, you just have no idea. There were so many people that stayed out for my closing set that THAT’s something which topped it and the feedback I got back at that point was crazy! We put the set online almost instantly after the show and thousands of people listened to it, and every day I get so much feedback from that set. The cool thing is, I’m still able to top that! I’m always aware of people on social media as to what they’re saying and talking about, and there has already been people after that saying “You topped it with ‘this show’ over EDC last year”. I’m happy that I’ve grown production wise and also in terms of shows. The great fans here in the U.S.A, are gathering more and more, and U.S is definitely making more of a BIG stamp on the EDM map, and obviously I get a lot of support here and that’s just amazing. I mean, I’m in the U.S a lot, and for me it’s a satisfying experience that people are actually appreciative of what you’re doing and come to so many sold out shows here in the U.S. I owe a great deal to the U.S crowd and to the EDM movement coming to the U.S at this point.

Vix – About your new album, how do you feel it’s going to do compared to albums you’ve already released?

Dash – I try to look forward, and I’m not really looking back in how things were. I used to play with vinyl, and now I’m playing with an SD card. You have to see that I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you if I was still playing vinyl. In a way that’s kind of my reference to not looking back to what you’ve done. My manager has a really cool saying: “When you do what you have done, you will still be in the same position and not move forward.” In a way that’s my entire philosophy about how dance music is pushing forward. That’s also the importance of the U.S. I mean, without the U.S there would be no Dubstep, without the U.S there would be no Trap music, and that’s what fueled a lot of producers in incorporating that sound into new productions so in a way it pushed dance music forward as well. It is super important that you always look forward and that also goes for ‘We Are part.1’. It’s bound to hit the streets really soon probably by the end of august and it’s going to be a super exciting moment. When it’s there and from the moment it’s there, I’m going to look forward and i’m going to work towards ‘We Are’ part 2 or part 3.

Vix – Any predictions on how long its going to take for part 2 to come out?

Dash – I definitely want to drop that this year!

Vix – How do you feel about being one of the biggest contributor of making the Las Vegas EDM scene as big as it is today?

Dash – Humbled. Humbled that people see me this way. The guys of Club Marquee actually took a gamble on programming me here, and you never know how that’s going to turn out. It’s been an amazing ride so far and it’s still only getting better and better every time I come here. With so many people coming to the Vegas show, it’s just crazy. This is my 1st actual super residency and I’ve been doing this for 3 years now. I’m very happy for all the people helping me out, getting these shows together, people coming to the shows and again they took a risk getting me here, and nowadays I’m privileged to be one of the key ambassadors of Vegas. The way I see it really, Vegas is THE spot to be. You have the right clubs, the right hospitality, the right productions, the right shows, the right environment and there is nothing to top Vegas in the world of EDM right now.

Vix’ final words…

If you didn’t catch Dash Berlin’s performance at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, be sure to check him out at one of his upcoming performances at Marquee or local festivals. I’m sure it will change the lives of any and everyone that witnesses this great artist do what he loves doing, which is providing amazing music for his beloved fans.