How To Bring More Than The Memories Home With You – Take A Look At StreamKat

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

Some of us live in cities with a thriving music scene. Some of us live in more remote areas. Regardless of where you call “home base,” a service is becoming more and more readily available to bring the action to you. StreamKat is a Vegas-based live streaming service, with hopes of making sure that you never miss out on an event again because of something as simple as not being able to attend.

Technology plays a large role in the EDM scene. Gadgets, gizmos, lasers, and such help in every aspect of the industry, from the creation of music itself to the worldwide distribution of the finished products. The logistical gaps of time and space are being bridged by properly implementing technological advances. I would like to talk about one of these specific advances that helps bring the entertainment to you, when you can’t be present. I spoke with a rep, Dimitry, from StreamKat about how they are hoping to fully integrate their system into the musical landscape, and what the future could hold.

A’Damaged Pro – What is your role within the StreamKat organization?

Dimitry from StreamKat – I’m currently the web and marketing director for StreamKat, as well as the co-founder.

A’Damaged Pro – Can you briefly describe the structure of your organization?

Dimitry from StreamKat – StreamKat is an innovative content delivery platform that merges advanced live streaming technology with social media interfaces, enabling our clients to communicate with their target audiences in real-time. Prior to StreamKat, multi cam H/D live streaming has been constrained to a limited market consisting of large corporations and brands with massive advertising budgets. Exampled of this are the iHeart Radio Festival, Livestream NYE Ball Drop, and the Olympics. StreamKat will offer very competitively priced services and attract a new market of small to mid-sized businesses. This will allow for sustainable profit structures and long-term benefits to both sponsors and clients.

A’Damaged Pro – How did the idea of StreamKat come to be?

Dimitry from StreamKat – Living in Vegas and being a part of the nightlife scene, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to experience the EDM movement sweep the clubs and dayclubs from the very beginning. With massive headlining Djs at every major venue on every single day/night of the weekend, i soon became overwhelmed with how much to see and experience at every show. How could I possibly submerge myself with all these great acts and not miss any of them? At this time I had close friends working on a multi-rotor drone for a 3D topography project in the Silicon Valley. The project consisted of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) being able to fly inside of buildings and map out the surrounding environment through use of sonar and digital photography. After their visit to Vegas and demonstrating some of this technology, I quickly suggested the use of this in the nightlife venues to showcase the shows through video streams. My goal was to capture the energy of the crowd, the extravagance of the venue and most of all the music into a package and deliver it to an audience that was not able to physically attend the shows. StreamKat was born!

A’Damaged Pro – What is your mission statement?

Dimitry from StreamKat – StreamKat is real-time live streaming platform uniquely designed for the EDM community. StreamKat brings fans closer to the their favorite EDM artists as they perform in the hottest venues all over the world. With the development of new technologies, StreamKat is a pioneer in HD Live Broadcasting streamed directly to any device. Artists, Fans and Venues can connect in an intimate experience all in the comfort of their own space! BE LIVE! BE SCENE!

A’Damaged Pro – How do you promote cooperation between venues, festivals, etc?

Dimitry from StreamKat – Some venues that are capable might be reluctant until they see that another comparable venue has joined the ranks, same for festivals. Everybody likes to be assured that it will be successful and that they are in good company

A’Damaged Pro – How many locations participate currently?

Dimitry from StreamKat – We are currently working to accommodate all of the venues that can sustain large format DJs.

A’Damaged Pro – What are SK’s proposed plans for expansion?

Dimitry from StreamKat – Today’s culture demands instant access to events, information and results. Our company understands this and is responsive to what clients need: Web-compatible interactive technology that enables them to connect with their audience in an instant. StreamKat’s products and services will fulfill this need in the Las Vegas area first, with opportunities to expand to all relevant markets (all major cities, etc) as traction continues.

A’Damaged Pro – Is there a pecking order of sorts to expand the market?

Dimitry from StreamKat – It’s quite simple for the growth.. It all depends on 3 cooperation factors working together.

The venue: people who cannot afford to travel or visit particular events, will have the opportunity to experience the venue LIVE. Although, this might not translate to immediate sales, a percentage of the viewers will want to experience the next event and energy in person, which will translate into dollars for venue.

The artist: artist always want a medium to showcase their talent and their new music. With social media being present, an interactive experience can be achieved through a LIVE platform. Viewers can interact with the DJs via social media instantly, buy new music they hear, buy merchandise/ recorded video from the show, etc etc

The platform: StreamKat will incur benefit via cooperation from the other two legs of this trifecta. More viewers, more social media presence, more venues to cover and so forth. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Pecking Order: we want to tackle Vegas first as well as the major festivals in the US. Largest exposure at once will go viral to the smaller venues that can support the platform. Eventually festivals and venues overseas.

A’Damaged Pro – Will StreamKat eventually be made available in a mobile version?

Dimitry from StreamKat – Yes, as we complete each phase of the project the technology will evolve into a mobile version with many features to aid the user into a full LIVE experience!

A’Damaged Pro – How can this technology/service evolve the current EDM scene?

Dimitry from StreamKat – Currently to see your favorite DJ you have to purchase a ticket to a club, a festival or concert. There is a limit of the number of viewers each venue can accommodate, which means that the reach is limited. StreamKat will allow the reach to be much more broad. Allowing users to enjoy the experience from the comfort of their home in different areas of the country, different time zones, and different markets. This will give the DJs more exposure, allow for more sales of music, and promote the venues. Imagine the youngster that cannot afford a ticket to his favorite show, he or she should experience every aspect of the show as well.

A’Damaged Pro – Do you see 3-D streaming in the future of StreamKat?

Dimitry from StreamKat – At this time, although 3-D technology is available, our business model requires for smaller more functional cameras and technology to navigate through the venues as well as be affordable to the venue for sustainable revenue. Also until TVs and handhelds are released that do not require the use of 3-D glasses, I think it would slow down the experience, as the media being streamed would be in large capacity. In other words, right now its too bulky and too expensive to do but in the future we would love to see it.

A’Damaged Pro’s final words…

We might be ushering in the next generation of “viewing parties.” They are already wildly popular with events such as The Superbowl. Imagine that, for a small fee, you could “attend” every festival on your Bucket List, with your friends, from the comfort of your own home. That’s a true VIP bathroom situation for you. There’s no need to worry that attendence at festivals is going to drop drastically because it will be a possibility to watch the event from your home and eventually on any mobile device. This innovation will expand the exposure-base and allow those that might not be able to make events and festivals, whether it be a logistical or financial reason, to experience additional elements of the EDM world.