Hook, Line, and Bangers!!! – A Zeds Dead at Republic New Orleans Review

*written by A’Damaged Pro

It’s called the “Big Easy,” but through the love of the music, New Orleans is steadily establishing itself as a major player in the national EDM scene.  Republic New Orleans, hosting Zeds Dead, brought another packed house of excited, safe EDM enthusiasts.  Given the recent stigma the media has been putting on the EDM community, it’s always refreshing to know that in a city made infamous for debauchery and crime, the safety and well-being of concertgoers is still a priority there.

The plan was simple. The anticipation was real. Republic New Orleans was my safe haven. The music filled the night. I wasn’t scared to embrace the experience. After all, what purpose did apprehension serve when you knew you were only going to be greeted with kindness and electric symphonies?

The music was a constant progression. DXXXY (pronounced Diety), in true Nola-boy fashion, introduced you to the evening in style. I overheard people asking each other “How do you pronounce his name?”  One stranger replies, “Google it.” Even though I knew the answer I still chimed in, “Does it matter right now as long as it’s good music?” Murder Beach, offered a seamless transition into the next stage of the evening. You could feel the passion he was putting into his set because he was drenched with positive energy by the end of it.

The moment we all waited for was finally upon us. Silence did not greet these gentlemen from the “Great White North.” You could feel the energy growing as Hooks and DC of Zeds Dead took their posts behind the decks. There was no need to countdown as blast-off was imminent. The fuse was lit and the BASS went BOOM!!! We were hit with classics and new school bangers. The sensory cravings you walked in with were satiated within minutes. Moments of “electro kumbaya” proved that the audience was captivated by the experience.

Did you have to remember everybody’s name? Did you have to constantly update your Facebook status to let everyone know what a good time you were having? Did you have to devote any energy trying to prove that you had a “better” time than the person next to you? The answer to all of these questions was a resounding “no.” The music was the reason and the answer.

Photo Credit: Ryan Theriot Photography