Henrix Talks Miami Music Week & Performing at Avalon Hollywood Saturday April 25th

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Fresh off performances during Miami Music Week and a new track release “Alright” off Laidback Luke’s label MIXMASH, Henrix prepares to play Avalon Hollywood this weekend followed by a few residency tour dates at THE LIGHT Las Vegas. We caught up with the Miami native to hear all about his experience at MMW, and thoughts on the LA electronic music crowd.

Crystal: With the hecticness of MMW and WMC ending just a few short weeks ago, how did your experience differ this year and what was it like performing at Laidback Luke’s ‘Mixmash’ pool party?

Henrix: It’s always crazy for me, this year I guess there was a lot more running around, so many gigs and other parties to attend to, plus a ton of interviews so I barely had time to breath. Not that last year was much different but this one was a bit more..haha. It was amazing playing at Luke’s Mixmash pool party, this was my third year in a row and its always fun. The party is usually sold out so thats always good.

Crystal: Being that you actually live in Miami, how would you describe the changes that you’ve witnessed occur during MMW with each passing year?

Henrix: It’s gotten way bigger and more commercialized thats for sure. It’s become this massive global phenomenon.

Crystal: Would you consider these changes positive or a detriment to the electronic music scene in the U.S.?

Henrix: To me, it’s a good thing. You get a lot of new fans that will discover the sub genres of dance music that way. Some underground artists don’t like it but they don’t see the positive in it

Crystal: Speaking of positivity, your new single “Alright” is a message of love and good vibes for the scene. What was the inspiration behind the lyrics of this track?

Henrix: Honestly the vocals were all Zashanell. When I work with her I let her do her thing. She’s a true artist and she writes what she feels at that moment. She definitely nailed it thats for sure!

Crystal: Besides “Alright”,  do you have any upcoming tracks to be released?

Henrix: Ah Yes! I have a few upcoming tracks. I have a collab with Laidback Luke, a solo original coming up in May, a collab with Digital Lab coming out on Kaskade’s label Arkade, and another collab with Adrien Mezsi on Size. Also got some other tracks finished but not signed yet. So there’s a lot coming, plus there are a few remixes.

Crystal: What was your reaction when you found out that Kaskade played your upcoming track “Drop Low” during BOTH of his much anticipated sets at Coachella these past two weekends?

Henrix: It felt great! Especially being able to see it on Youtube live when it was happening. The crowd reaction was amazing so it felt amazing.

Crystal: I know that you have an upcoming show at The Avalon in Hollywood this weekend, do you enjoy performing in LA? Also, do you feel that the audience is different in any way considering that LA is said to be the new global ‘EDM’ hub?

Henrix: I love LA. Its one of my favorite places to play in the U.S. The energy is always so intense and Avalon is just so crazy, the crowd and the sound system there is so dope! It is different from other cities, they know their music so thats always good

Crystal: Do you have any advice for aspiring DJ’s and producers?

Henrix: Keep working your ass off! Sometimes it feels like you’re not getting anywhere but success is right around the corner. Before ‘Hit It’ came out I was pretty much in debt and things changed completely with one song. I worked my ass off for many years before that one song that everyone played came out.

Crystal: What is your best hustler story from when you were trying to make it as an artist?

Henrix: At one point I had a full time job and produced when I got home and only slept 4 hours a night everyday so I can keep perfecting my craft. It wasn’t easy but I knew it had to be done.

Crystal: Can you tell me one thing you’ve never said before in an interview?

Henrix: mama say mama sa mamakusa

Crystal: Haha..Please don’t stop the music! 😀

With a plethora of new music soon to be released on noteable labels and the support of dance music’s golden boy Kaskade, it’s clear that 2015 is set to be an explosive year for Henrix.Be sure to catch him at an upcoming show and witness the meteoric rise of this upcoming star!

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Henrix upcoming dates:

4/25 2015 – Avalon Hollywood – Los Angeles/CA

4/29 2015 – The Light – Las Vegas/NV

5/06 2015 – The Light – Las Vegas/NV

5/15 2015 – Chi Gamma Epsilon at Dartmouth College – Hanover/NH

5/30 2015 – Mur Mur at Borgata – Atlantic City/NJ

6/06 2015 – The Light – Las Vegas/NV

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