Global Dance Festival Sets the Tone for Arizona’s Growth with Relentless Beats

*Written by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life 

Global Dance Festival wrapped up it’s third year of production with an incredible night of festivities put on by Relentless Beats. This festival was one day long, but provided weeks worth of awesome memories. I traveled into town for this event, as did three of my friends who reside in other states. Global Dance has become a tradition for us after graduation, conveniently joining us together right by Arizona State University. This year we were so impressed by the improvements in venue set up and lineup.
Arriving at Rawhide Western Venue is such a unique experience. Like a ghost town turned rave, the decor is completely fit for a cowboy, yet sounded like the bass pod at EDC. The fusion of country and EDM is such an odd breath of fresh air, not to mention the three stages and all of the vendors that amplified the energy. Walking around the venue I expected the college kid vibe, but was actually met with the maturation of the music scene that I am used to seeing at events across the west coast. One thing was clear- Relentless Beats and it’s gatherings had matured drastically since my days at ASU. Their events have grown larger and larger and significantly more organized and enjoyable to attend. As a place someone ostracized from the California and Colorado music scenes, Arizona is often overlooked. Relentless Beats has personally brought talent to the area that would have never landed there otherwise.
I actually stayed at the main stage for most of the night, which is unlike my exploratory nature, but the music was amazing all evening. Galantis was light and fluffy and beautiful feel good music followed by Bassnectar absolutely wrecking the crowd. His set was dirty and intense, just how his loyal following of bassheads was begging for. I’ve experienced more relaxed and mellow sets from Lorin, but this one was just the amount of adrenaline the crowd needed. Afterwards, I was able to meet him and snap a photo of him with one of his biggest fans- which was an absolutely awesome experience. It’s always a rush getting to meet an artist you admire, and you could tell he felt grateful for the love the crowd was throwing at him throughout his set.
We meandered over to Datsik for awhile and enjoyed the intense sounds of modern dubstep, thinking about how far the genre has come. It seems like these artists are always somehow inventing and mixing in new sounds- continuously finding ways to bring the heat more and more intensely. Thank you so much to Relentless Beats for helping so many awesome people experience a taste of the unifying and uplifting events that have created our festival scene today. Without you we would still be paying 40$+ per artist on the off chance they happen to be stopping in Phoenix.