Give a Beat Launches “On a New Track”, A Music-Powered Crowdfunding Campaign To Help the Formerly Incarcerated

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Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise Money For Give a Beat’s Entrepreneur Mentorship Program Connecting Formerly Incarcerated Individuals with Music Industry Pros,
May 13 – June 24, 2016

Give a Beat, a nonprofit organization that serves as a catalyst for social change by bridging the dance music community with youth and families impacted by mass incarceration, will launch “On a New Track,” a crowdfunding campaign, which will run from May 13 through June 24, 2016 to raise money for a new initiative linking formerly incarcerated individuals with mentors from the music industry. The fundraising campaign will coincide with Give a Beat’s presence at West Coast Weekender (May 13th – 15th) and Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival aka Movement Festival (May 28th – 30th).

On a New Track –
The crowdfunding campaign has a goal of raising $15,000 to develop a groundbreaking entrepreneur mentor program designed to provide individuals leaving prison with opportunities for creative economic self-sufficiency in an effort to prevent recidivism.Please check it out here:

Background on the Issues:
According to the Prison Policy Initiative, 700,000 people are released from prisons every year and face an array of obstacles such as job discrimination, job scarcity, large debt accrued during incarceration, and disqualification from college, housing and food assistance. This coupled with the stats that almost 68% of individuals are rearrested within 3 years of their release and just about 77% within 5 years, the options are few and far between. For this reason, Give a Beat is developing an entrepreneur mentorship program so that these individuals have a meaningful way to gain employment and positively contribute to their communities.

Background on Give a Beat:
Founded in 2014, Give a Beat works to harness the power of the dance music community towards actionable solutions that address the issues of youth and families impacted by incarceration. We are a community of music lovers, musicians, artists, activists, promoters and entrepreneurs who create tangible opportunities for impact in vulnerable communities around the United States. Music is our inspiration, mode of communication, and conduit for change. In addition to our new initiative that seeks to start an entrepreneur mentorship program, Give a Beat has other programs that use the power of music to heal from trauma caused by the impact of mass incarceration on at-risk communities. For the past year, Give a Beat has held numerous DJ workshops for youth in collaboration with several organizations including A Place Called Home, Boys and Girls Club, and Girls Rock Detroit and is working on expanding this successful program across the United States. In addition, Give a Beat has been diligently working to form broad coalitions with various nonprofit organizations that are pushing for criminal justice reform. Lastly, Give a Beat has been actively engaged in educating the dance music community on the issues of mass incarceration through publishing interviews, blog and social media posts, and putting together events and panels in an effort to broaden the dialogue and get more people engaged and active on the issue. On a New Track’s featured sponsor is DJ Times. Other sponsors include Liaison Artists, Subpac, Green Galactic, and Fusicology. Promotional partners include Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), Culture Vulture, Dax Presents,, Universal Rhythm and GL&M Productions. Artist Champions include: The Crystal Method, Chuck Daniels, Nappy G, Lisbona Sisters, Marissa Guzman, and Sandra Izsadore.

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