Fxcking to the Bassline & Mainstream EDM Culture – An Interview w/ X-VERTIGO

*written by Vix for Electronica Life

From his native France to California,  upcoming artist X-VERTIGO has been catching a lot of attention lately in the Electronic dance music world from guest appearances on Tiesto’s “club life”, to running his own independent record label, X-VERTIGO ATTACK. Releasing soon under the label, is his new music video for the track “Fxck to the Bassline”, which was not only composed, but also directed by X-VERTIGO himself. We recently sat down with the triple threat DJ/producer/label owner on a sunny Hollywood afternoon to get a glimpse  of what he has in store for 2015.

Vix – How did you take the news when you heard Tiësto was playing your track “Kings?”

X-VERTIGO – I was really shocked and excited to hear that he played my track during every single show of his college invasion tour. I was just speechless because that’s Tiësto, it doesn’t get any bigger than that!

Vix – Since you run your own label, is it hard to find time to work on music and promote yourself?

X-VERTIGO – Right now to tell you the truth I’m focused on my own stuff because it’s been about a year and a half I was running my own label and I still do but I stepped back a bit and let my team handle it more nowadays.

Vix – How did you get the idea for the track “Fxck to the Bassline” that you’re currently making a music video for?

X-VERTIGO – Where do you think the inspiration came from? **Laughs** I asked a friend of mine who has a really sexy voice if she could just breath on the microphone and maybe say a couple words and surprisingly I thought “hey, I can make this work and maybe I can make a track out of this.” I used her breathing as part of the build up and put a baseline behind it, so as the track builds up, it gets faster and faster, and at one point even hits 300 bpm.
Vix – Have you previewed the track in any of your shows?

X-VERTIGO – I previewed the track in McAllen (Texas) and people were going nuts over it! The cool part about it was that earlier that day we worked with the visual and lightning people to match each breath with strobes, it was pretty cool!

Vix – What was the idea behind the track “Fxck to the Bassline?”

X-VERTIGO – Well the whole idea behind the track is, of course, fxcking to the bassline **Laughs** BUT most importantly it was about combining video and audio together to create some sort of a short musical film. I don’t consider this a music video at all, but more so an art project in which I had an idea and wanted to publish it.

Vix – Have you always pursued a career in the EDM industry?

X-VERTIGO – I actually took a break from music at one point and I went on to play poker professionally, that was back when online poker was legal and allowed in the US.

Vix – Is there anything about you that not a lot of people know?

X-VERTIGO – I went to film school for four years, and I’ve always liked old-school/vintage movies. In ‘Fxck to the Bassline’ you kind of get to see an idea of that as it’s really everything I like in one single project!

Vix – What’s your personal opinion on the current state of the EDM scene?

X-VERTIGO – There’s no doubt that the scene has become mainstream, and with that comes change, you can’t avoid that. You’ll have people who hate what it’s become, you’ll have corporations looking at sponsorship, as well as a lot of politics in the industry, but the end result is still always the same. When I step on stage all of the politics and haters are drowned out by the music, because I love this scene.

Vix final words…

In his upcoming short film, X-VERTIGO takes you on a unique journey that will leave you salivating for more. Coming up later in 2015, is his new album along with his own fashion based clothing line. To stay updated on his FXCK TO THE BASSLINE film, make sure to keep tabs with X-VERTIGO on all of his social channels!XVertigo-OnSet_126
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