Further Future Feels : A Review Of The 2016 Edition

*written & photographed by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life


Further Future has received a lot of heat lately. It’s been talked about over the last week following its second year like that kid in your high school class who got the part you wanted or the GPA .000001 higher than yours, but whose parents “must have donated a lot of money to the school”. Bitterly speculating that because someone was of a privileged status was equivalent to them not working as hard or truly deserving it, or that privilege was why he or she wasn’t authentic. Privilege was less of a requirement last weekend at Further Future though, and more of a sense of hope for raising our standards of living in the future. What if we could change the world for the better so that everyone had more privileges? Aren’t humble privileges a good thing? Change is always inspired by the most radical examples of the desired outcome.

Let’s get a few things straight: A review of Further Future by a working class artist.

The producers of Further Future truly worked their asses off to create a complete a highly anticipated and successful event. Further Future was undoubtedly one of the more unique festivals of the season this year. Further Future was a showcase of forward thinking in fashion, technology, sustainability, and design. It had the air of exclusivity with the warmth of inclusivity. By this I don’t mean that you weren’t invited to the party, I mean that once you were in you understood how lucky you were to be there.


If you weren’t there, imagine a modern and sophisticated oasis in the desert… The atmosphere was everything. This festival was extravagant in all of the right ways. Each detail of the festival’s ambiance was planned and mapped out with pride, from a giant blow up of the iconic Further Future robot head to the robot heart art car that I had experienced previously during Burning Man sunrises. The venue dripped of sleek design and next level thinking, with pods that resembled nests lined with pillows elevated in an amphitheater design around the main stage and the giant Robot aligned in front of the sunrise. Glamping- or high quality camping options were available for upgrading the conditions of traditional camping.

People weren’t mean. Sounds crazy right? Imagine that. Genuine connections happened all around me and to me personally as well. I met people that laughed with me, and people that shared emotions with me as well. The music was incredible, from Caribou to Claptone, to Nicolas Jarr. A whole bunch of soul by The Pharcyde, Robot Heart sunrises with special 3D effects on screen, and Lee Burridge representing that Desert Hearts vibe.


Once you were part of “the club”, you are part of “the club” for life. When I first arrived at Further Future, I felt like there was a really awesome club I wasn’t a part of. Everyone looked like they were effortlessly having an amazing time, and looking beautiful doing so. As the week went on I realized that this beauty came from happiness and connection, and that feeling didn’t exist outside of myself but within me as well. Everyone automatically assumed everyone else was “next level cool”, because honestly if your interests brought you to the vibe of Further Future you probably are pretty cool.

– No one assumed I was a peasant.

The rain was actually really nice. I listened to the entire Fleetwood Mac CD with my best friend in my car waiting for the rainstorm to end. It got really dramatic during “landslide” and we took turns sliding our hands down the window passionately like in Titanic… anyways, the talks and workshops were incredible, from discussing AI to demonstrating robots and next level technology. Investments were made at this festival, companies were started at this festival, and ideas that could potentially change the world were born at this festival. Further Future had potentially the most concentrated amount of talent and willpower to actually follow through on ideas in one space.

I will definitely be returning to Further Future in the nearest possible future.

If a group of friends throwing a festival that has higher quality options pisses you off, don’t go. Pick and choose the experiences that are most conducive to the evolution of your being, and leave others to do the same. Maybe in the Further Future we can actually learn to get along.