Free Download: BT – Theme For An Untitled Film

Listen & Download BT – Theme For An Untitled Film

Not one to disappoint with his impeccable productions, BT has delivered an ambient electronic masterpiece to his fans as a free download. So sit back, relax and prepare to go on a mini-journey as BT carries you away with ‘Theme For An Untitled Film.’

About BT – Composer and technologist BT is one of the most cutting-edge artists and producers for a dizzying array of musical styles. Whether composing intricate scores for blockbuster films such as Fast and Furious, and the Oscar winning Monster; writing and producing for Sting, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel and Madonna to creating cutting edge proprietary software tools from scratch to make it happen – BT is at the heart of it all.

Juxtaposing memorable songwriting with sonic innovation and hand-designed technologies, BT crafts classically influenced, electronic overtures, ringing with living textures that are an industry source book of new and highly copied signature techniques and ideas.

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