Festival Fashion Spotlight On ‘SPIRIT FLAGS’


With EDC just passing, festival season is heating up fast. With the season already in motion, festivals this year have seen an increased attendance and interest across the country. Festivals are the perfect place to let a certain part of your personality that others don’t typically see out on the prowl. We experiment with different versions of ourselves that don’t typically get out to play. Oftentimes we express those selves with the fashion that we choose. From elaborate outfits to something that makes you feel comfortable and free, what you wear truly affects your mood throughout the day and night.

Today we’re focusing on not only a new style of clothing, but rather an entire new concept. The Spirit Flag takes on a whole new shape integrating the design and nature of a flag and breeding it with a hood. The result? A colorful and comfortable lovechild that allows you the mystery of a hood but the freedom of a cape. That’s right people, you literally become a psychedelic flying squirrel. With multiple ways to sport your Spirit Flag, you can also become a wizard, a superhero, one of those Olympic guys that carry the flags, a fortune teller with a giant head-wrap, and just generally awesome.

demo (2)

The Spirit Flag was introduced through a Kickstarter campaign that reached it’s goal within the first week. For donors to the campaign, the flags can be totally customized using a digital easel. That means that you can slap any picture or custom desgn on the flag and wear it as a statement. “Flags are epic and iconic.” the kickstarter states, “They have long been a symbol of unity to encompass the many passions, teams, and interests that identify us. Our mission is that it’s okay to be different and to share your true self. “

The Spirit Flag is a new product from Shirtwascash, an underground but established brand that sells all sorts of vibrant off the wall clothing. Though the Spirit Flag Kickstarter just ended, but you can still check out the campaign here or the Instagram account here. The flags will soon be up for retail on shirtwascash.com – and we can’t wait. If you happened to be in Vegas EDC week, you may have seen a few flying around the speedway. The flags certainly make you feel mischievous and playful.

We can’t wait to watch this brand grow.