Evolution Of A Revolution: City Hearts Summer Of Love Tour 2015

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life


(photo by Wobsarazzi)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting my dosage of City Hearts LA presented by the boys of the Desert Hearts crew at the famous Belasco Theater in the lively Downtown of LA. After attending my first City Hearts event on Valentine’s Day, I woke up the next day already craving more of the Desert Hearts lessons of house, techno and love. I sadly had to miss the annual Desert Hearts festival the following month in March, so needless to say, my crack like craving was finally fulfilled on Friday night.

Good vibes and positivity radiated throughout the night by not only everyone in attendance, but also by each member of Desert Hearts that hit the decks. I could just feel the joy and love that is put into every event by watching each DJ play their hearts out. The music was on point from beginning to end, but not that anything less is expected. Sadly one of the founders Mikey Lion was missing due to recovering from a skating accident the night before, but as the saying goes “there in spirit”, Mikey most definitely was as cutouts of his face were adorned by friends on stage. This simple yet loving action, is just another exemplary example of the sense of community and love that occurs at a Desert Hearts event.

Don’t expect bottle service or VIP at a City Hearts event, because it’s not even an option. Oh and don’t even bother trying to get backstage if you think you deserve to be there, you will only be sorely disappointed to realize that all are welcome behind the DJ booth. YES, you read that right and NO, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. It’s true, ALL ARE WELCOME BEHIND THE DJ BOOTH. So go ahead and snap that Instagram photo or Snapchat clip of you on stage at the next City Hearts event, who knows when you’ll get a chance like this again correct?

So now that you know what not to expect at a City Hearts event, here’s a bit about what you can expect to experience. Do expect an amazing night chock full of good vibes and divine energy that you can literally feel from the moment you walk in. Do expect to meet an audience full of beautiful and loving people dressed in some of the most creative garb and costumes you’ve ever laid eyes upon.  Do expect hours on end of house and techno sorcery that takes you on a spiritual, emotional and physical journey through the night. Most of all, do expect a damn good night knowing that you’re supporting one of the most, if not the most community driven electronic music movements of our time.

The Desert Hearts crew do what they do, and do it very well. Their grassroots movement has become one of the most notable in the dance music scene in just a few short years, but they’re the last ones you can expect to boast about their accomplishments or downtalk other genres and artists, which unfortunately seems to be the norm these days with all of these self proclaimed “techno aficionados” in the industry.

When a movement is rooted in love, there is no room for hate. I believe this to be the underlying reason that the Desert Hearts movement has spread like wildfire and gained popularity in such a short time. Together we are starting a revolution, and it’s only the beginning. This is the evolution of a revolution…a revolution of love. We are all Desert Hearts <3

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(photo by Wobsarazzi)