Escape From Wonderland 2011 Review

Escape From Wonderland 2011 Review

We would like to thank Mix Master Myles for taking the time to do this review!

October 29th 2011 – a weekend for every
Halloween party… but if you weren’t at
Escape From Wonderland that day…
you were not partying right!

That day Insomniac Inc hosted their
first Halloween event that is usually
not on their schedule. Escape From
Wonderland turned out to be a success
(and sell out). Escape had the usual
Halloween attractions that other Halloween
events have (mazes, etc), but when combined
with music and the Halloween spirit, it equalled
an unparalleled experience that only Insomniac
can provide.

The music was a big part of the of this
festival and really drew most of the crowd
with big names such as Steve Angello,
Benny Benassi, Dash Berlin, Tritonal,
Borgore, and the list goes on. Since it
was Halloween weekend, people were in
the spirit and wore costumes to the event…
many dressed as the “Wonderland Theme’d”

Going in… the lines were moving and
I noticed loads of people from different
parts of California and out of state. Once
I got in I was really liking the whole
“haunted music festival” theme. As I was
traveling around I went into the Ghouls
Graveyard to check out Nervo.

Nervo is a new female DJ duo in the
EDM scene coming from Australia.
This year they have been starting to
get noticed since they were on this year’s
Identity festival line up that travelled all
around the U.S. Debuting for their first time
at an Insomniac event, they were really into
their set and the people just loved them with
their sense of energy and enthusiasm on stage.

Next, I caught a little of Le castle Vania’s set
and then it was off to the “Size Matters” stage.
Thomas gold was on and was rocking the show.
Right after him was one act I’ve been waiting to
see since I heard them featured on the Swedish
House Mafia CD “Until One”.

This DJ duo is really something special
and one of the members happens to be the
younger brother of Steve Angello. His DJ
partner also happens to be one of his best
friends and production partner. Ladies and
gentlemen… let me introduce AN21 &
Max Vangeli.

AN21 (pronounced Antoine) & Max
Vangeli played one of their known songs
“Valodja” to get things cookin. I stayed
for about 40 mins of their set and then
went to catch another duo of DJ’s that I
really was eager to see. Since they were
one of the popular duos of this year’s
“Tomorrow Land” I had to check them

Coming all the way from Belgium to
experience the California EDM scene,
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike received a
lot of love from us here in Cali. They
love to HYPE the crowd and even though
they had a short set, they were nothing short
of impressive.

Next up, another new DJ that’s been highly
noticed from quite a few people… he’s been
notorious for his remixes & packing the dance
floor. R3hab is his name (in fact the hype man
introduced him) and his music definitely spoke
for him. He opened up with his single “Sending
My Love” that a lot of DJ’s have been playing in
their mixes for the last couple of months. Then
once people knew who he was after playing “Sending
My Love”, the hype just grew immensely and I heard
people singing and getting ready to just go RAGE
once the beat dropped. It truly was an entertaining
moment and was quite exciting to be in.

R3hab also had a short 45 min set
but used it wisely and “wowed” the
crowd. He truly has talent and I except
a lot of great things to come from him
in the bear future… definitely one to watch!

Proceeding R3hab, was a man that doesn’t
really need any introduction… Benny Benassi.
Dressed as Superman for the night, Benny put
on a show for the “Size Matters” tent. After him
I caught the beginning of Steve Angello’s set
and since I have seen him before I left because I
know he wouldn’t disappoint…

The last act I saw that really surprised
me and got my attention towards the end
of the night was at “The Chopping Block”.
He’s known as the person who “ruined Dubstep”
and he goes by Borgore.

My first perspective of him was not
all that good since I had youtube’d
him and researched the type of Dubstep DJ
he was, but as the saying goes “don’t judge
a book by its cover” or in this case “don’t
judge a sound by what you hear”. Borgore
was totally a different act experienced live
than what I heard on my computer.

He started off his set with a new song
that just mutilated the speakers and the
whole room just bounced from him
dropping the bass. He really impressed
me that night with his DJing and not to
mention his interaction with some of his
new singles he was dropping. He was giving
it more than just mixing… Borgore was also
getting the crowd hyped and they were
loving it. Crowd was going BANANAS
in the building!

Overall I had a great time watching
these acts and having another epic
weekend gone into the books. Next
year should be really interesting since
everything will start fresh coming 2012
and I have big expectations for quite a few
events from insomniac.

*thank you Myles for that review!

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