Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4 – An Interview w/ Estiva & Juventa

*written by Vix for Electronica Life

Estiva & Juventa come together for an amazing compilation which holds remixes and original tracks from these two talented artists and the rest of the Enhanced Music family. This album is one that won’t go unrecognized, as it is one of the most anticipated Trance compilations of 2014. With the release of “Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4” combined with the support of some of today’s biggest Trance artists, Estiva & Juventas’ careers can be expected to skyrocket into absolute stardom. I recently had a chance to catch up with the pair, and chat about the album release.

Vix – What can your fans look forward to that will enhance their experience during each of your tour performances of the upcoming compilation album?

Estiva – There’s a lot of forward thinking music on the compilation. The mixture of melodies and club-orientated beats is something that will become really big in my opinion. People are ready for intelligent melodies, but they still want the right amount of losing control to the bass. This compilation has found that balance.

Juventa – Obviously all the new / exclusive material from the compilation itself, some recently finished Juventa originals and new edits and mash-ups! I’m also trying to play some of the more alternative stuff that I’ve produced over the last few months (bits from my Culture Flow EP, for example).

Vix – How does your personal styles as musicians enhance the album as a whole?

Estiva – I think Juventa and I can create pretty similar songs but if you look at the bigger picture his sound is more raw, dark and industrial. Mine is a little more flowers and sweet candy ;). Both mixes really represent our sound so you’ll be hearing the full spectrum of emotions.

Juventa – I think my mix is a really nice blend of clubbier stuff and melodic / progressive tracks. I tried to bring the best of both worlds together, just as I try in my productions and live sets.

Vix – With some of the world’s top electronic artists such as: Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Tritonal, Dash Berlin, Tiësto, and many more already giving their support and recognition to each of you as amazing artists, how do you think their support will enhance the hype of the album release?

Estiva – I have no doubt they’ll pick up songs from the album and play them in their radio shows and live. This way ‘our’ sound will spread easily!

Juventa – Their radio shows attract different crowds; with support from so many big names it’s a lot easier to get the word out and let people know that a new mix compilation is coming.

Vix – How do you feel the release of the album will enhance each of your already rapidly rising careers in the world of Electronic Dance Music?

Estiva – The album is a great showcase of our sound. What we like to listen to and what we like to play out live is on this mix, so people will really get a good idea of us as artists!

Juventa – I’ve only done two mix compilations in the past and this is definitely the biggest one I did so far. There is so much new material included on the album, a lot of people look forward to it. Having my name attached to a mix series like this one gives a huge boost in the right direction.

Vix – In your own words, how will the release of the album be the “start of a new era” for the Enhanced Sessions radio show?

Estiva – Juventa and myself are now on rotation with Tritonal and Will Holland to host the show. This means each month you will hear us produce a radio show in the style of the album!

Juventa – This is the first time I worked on an Enhanced Sessions compilation, AND I am now hosting the radio show each 4 weeks. If that doesn’t mark the beginning of a new era… 😉

Vix – What are your thoughts on being featured in “Enhanced Sessions vol. 4” compared to the other appearances you made in the previous parts of the Enhanced Sessions series?

Estiva – The album is greatly appreciated amongst fans as there’s always a lot of unreleased material on it. People are really eager to hear those new sounds so if your own productions are on it, it is a great way to promote your new works!

Juventa – It feels great to be a part of such a massive compilation. So many Enhanced artists were involved in delivering the material for the compilation and it’s an honor to be the person to put all of that together and deliver the final product, alongside someone as talented as Estiva!

Vix’s final words…

Enhancing Dance music is something that seems to only come naturally for these two diverse trance acts. With the mixture of their different takes on the melodic, club banging sounds that we’ve come to know them for, this album will only set in stone their promising futures in Electronic Dance Music.10695057_740216512711292_1015119898_n