Electronica Life Interview With Tritonal Part One

Electronica Life Interview With Tritonal Part One

Electronica Life meet Chad & Dave from Tritonal!!!

We were fortunate enough to have interviewed Tritonal before they went on at Escape From Wonderland 2011.

We have a lot of footage to share but today we’re just going to share the first 3 parts… enjoy ;]

Part One – In this video, we talk about where the name “Tritonal” came from and what they’re producing other than Trance. There’s some good tracks in here as well!

Part Two – Here we get the guys to talk about “musical cross-pollination” and how it came about. We also get into what’s in their studio and what they’re currently using to produce tracks. Lastly in this part, we ask how Tritonal met… and it may surprise some of you ;]

Part Three – Probably the most inspiring part of the interview, part three,  is ALL about what it takes, to make it as a producer / Dj. In fact… what Chad & Dave disclose here, is the secret to all success. Be sure to watch this powerful video about what it takes if you’re aspiring to make it in this industry.

Some of the tracks featured in the interview can be found as a review here and here!