Electronic Words – An Interview w/ Mydo

*written by Vix for Electronica Life

Self taught producer Mydo has been catching a lot of big named attention over the past year and was recently signed to Hardwell’s very own Revealed Recordings. With support from Hardwell & Dannic (alongside his enticing production skills), Mydo has set a clear path to rise to the top of EDM charts everywhere. Although he has not performed over here in the US quite yet, I highly recommend putting this upcoming musical genius on your radar, as he has a very promising future in Dance Music.

Vix – When did you start producing EDM?

Mydo – I started when I was 16 years old. I wanted to DJ because I saw Axwell on a TV show here in Sweden. I heard his music and I said “I want to make music like this.” So that’s how I got into Dj’ing & when I was about 19 is when I actually started producing.

Vix – How did you discover Dance Music?

Mydo – There was a blog here in Sweden where all they talk about is music that I used to use in my sets. Also, my friend Marcus Schossow who played at a local club here in Sweden so i went and checked it out and I really loved it.

Vix – What’s your favorite track that you’ve made?

Mydo – I would say as Mydo, my favorite would probably be “Push”, but there’s some projects I’m working on now that I love a lot more than the other ones, so it’s going to be a good year! (LOL)

Vix – Do you have any upcoming projects you can talk about?

Mydo – I just recently finished a track with a great vocalists named Gavrielle, which I am really proud of. I’m in the middle of working on three more tracks now but they’re not quite ready yet. One that I am really excited for is a collab I’m doing with the Canadian duo, Friendzone. I think that will really be something special when it’s done.

Vix – What was it like for you to be signed to Revealed?

Mydo – It’s pretty much amazing! (LOL) I mean a year ago, I would’ve never thought I would be getting signed to Hardwell’s label and be able to talk to Hardwell, Dannic, and all the other guys.

Vix – Have you ever collaborated with Hardwell or Dannic?

Mydo – We haven’t worked on collabs or anything, but I’ve been showing him the tracks I’m working on and he gives me feedback. Hopefully in the future! It’s just great to have their support.

Vix – What’s your biggest career definer?

Mydo – I want to say that it’s my production skills that lead me to be released on Revealed; that’s like my biggest moment yet! I also perform at local clubs over here, but I really want to go perform in the US! I think that would be big for my career.

Vix – Have you ever been to the US?

Mydo – I traveled over there in the summer and I checked out EDC in Las Vegas and I was like “OH MY GOD, this is SICK!” I really want to play there some day! I think I’ll be attending this coming one as well.

Vix – Whats your feelings on the Deep House craze?

Mydo – I love the music! I like how people explore more genres of EDM, because there’s more than just Progressive House; there’s Electro House, Deep House, Dubstep so I like to see people exploring other areas — as long as they come back to listen to Progressive stuff! (LOL)

Vix – Have you tried to produce any other genres?

Mydo – When I started out, I tried to produce dubstep but it just didn’t work out. (LOL) It’s just hard. I also did some pop and tech-house but I really felt a stronger connection with the more progressive stuff.

Vix – Who have been big inspirations to you?

Mydo – Well obviously Hardwell & Dannic; when I met them in Amsterdam, they were really cool guys. Back when I fist started out, I heard  Axwell’s “I Found You,” and it was a big inspiration for me. His tracks are made at such a high quality and really have a feel good aspect to them.

Vix – How long does it usually take for you to complete a track?

Mydo – Well, I worked on that track “Push” for about 2 weeks before I sent it to Dannic, but it can take anywhere from a week to months. I actually have a track that I’ve been working on for 3 months & another track that I’ve been working on for 8 months.

Vix – Were you a self-taught producer?

Mydo – Yeah, it was pretty much self-taught. My friend introduced me to Logic Pro, CuBase, Reason, but really Logic is the one that fit with me and he taught me how to mix down in it. I’ve also checked out Ableton and the quality is really good, just confusing. (LOL)

Vix – What about the EDM scene attracts you the most?

Mydo – It’s everything about it; it’s the music, the production, the passion, just everything about the scene in general is amazing. The scene is getting bigger & bigger and it won’t stop which is awesome!

Vix final words…

If you haven’t already heard any of Mydo’s music, check him out on Facebook or Soundcloud and be prepared for some of the most riveting Dance Music you’ve yet to hear! This is a very down to earth artist that’s filled with nothing but skill & potential which needs to be showcased over in the US as soon as possible! It’s hard to even anticipate with this versatile artist has in store for his fans. Mydo will soon be an inspiration to artists everywhere as he works his way to #1.