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*from the desk of Christian Alva, founder of Electronica Life

Watch our EDM Universe preview first…

First off… if you didn’t watch the video above, you really should. I can’t convey enough through text how impressed I am with MeElectronics and their EDM Universe Headphones. However, maybe you’re viewing this post via a mobile device and video isn’t too friendly for you… and that, I can understand. (BTW, click here to get a 10% discount on their products)

I recently sat with some of the guys from MeElectronics and they told me their process for creating these headphones and their mission behind it. I then understood why I was so impressed with just the packaging of the EDM Universe headphones before getting the chance to hear my favorite DJ mixes through them. So lets start with the packaging…

I’ve often wandered through your targets, your best buys, and your radio shacks looking for headphones to bump my daily EDM. Never once have I ever stopped and looked at headphones because of it’s packaging. Why? Well because they all look the same. They all have the product in the see-through plastic container that takes a Hattori Hanzo sword to unleash them. However… this packaging is much different and would standout from all the rest with it’s clean look, color selection, and appropriately named title. Now, once you grab the packaging off the shelf (because it caught your eye), you then go to read the product features on the back where you find, “EDM isn’t just music;  it is an experience that radiates energy, passion, and creative expression. We have created the EDM Universe earphones so we could relive the EDM experience we relish anywhere, anytime. Feel the impact and power of a live event while becoming entranced by the crystal-clear vocals and crisp, energetic treble with the EDM Universe earphones”.

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Now if you haven’t made a purchasing decision by now, based just on the message this company is sending, perhaps the affordable price will. For $50 or below, you can pick up up some these EDM finely tuned headphones. Quite a steal IMO. I’ve paid $40 before for similar headphones that didn’t come with the quality or message these in-ear headphones deliver. So maybe you’re wondering about the quality now?

I’ll get to that in a sec… but first, there’s more to the packaging than meets the eye. If you do make the decision to purchase these headphones (or win some in our giveaway), you’ll unwrap the packaging even further and be able to find a “mission statement” inside the box that catches your eye equally to the product itself. It reads, “EDM isn’t just music; it is a sensory experience backed by a global movement, and we strongly believe in it’s ideals of peace, love, unity, and respect (PLUR). Allowing the ideals of PLUR to permeate through the music and energy of the events is what sets EDM apart from the rest, and we want the world to know what EDM and PLUR are all about”. Again… I was overly impressed in what this company is doing with JUST it’s message and packaging.

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After getting over the exterior and partly interior packaging, I finally go to unwrap the product itself from it’s moulded holding place (which looks like something you would find on Christmas day when unwrapping a jewelry gift). And to be honest… at this point I have high expectations for the sound-quality of the product itself. I was actually thinking to myself, “It would really suck ass if these headphones distort after all this quality and effort went into packaging the thing”. But, before I go to plug them into my nifty Mac Book Pro, I go to inspect the carrying case they provide. Not only are the headphones  tangle-resistant, but they come with a round carry case so that you can wrap them up when not in use. I went to open the case to see what’s inside… and to my surprise, a bracelet that reads, “EDM Universe, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect”, awaits inside. Now I know why the case was moulded round ;]

Again… SUPER IMPRESSED. Why? As I mentioned in the video at the top of this page, it wasn’t the fact that someone put a bracelet inside the packaging… it’s the thoughtmanship that went behind this whole creative process. Do you know why people LOVE Apple? It’s because they believe in what Apple stands for. They believe in the message they convey. And that’s why I really appreciate what MeElectronics has done and the message they are sending out with their products. They understand what people want, and what people expect from OUR music. They are ravers and EDM enthusiasts themselves (I know, I sat with them for over an hour talking about their company).

“Hey, you said you’re going to talk about the quality about an hour ago”… – Ya I know…

So by no means am I an audiophile, but being that I am DJ and EDM enthusiast myself, I know a good product when I HEAR one. I can’t tell you specifics on the EDM Universe headphones because I am really not into specs of dB, drivers and/or the etcetera. For this, I have my own reasons, mainly being that I know people in the audio parts manufacturing industry where quality and size come into play that create different results. That being said, despite the specs, if it sounds good, ROLL WITH IT.

Once plugged into my laptop, the EDM Universe headphones did not distort with the volume turned all the way up, even with prior EQ settings for my other headphones. I’m a BASS FANATIC, so my EQ’s are always bass driven. So even though my EQ was set for my over-ear bass driven headphones… the smaller, EDM Universe headphones responded well with no distortion and proved to be clear. The product audio-quality lived up to its packaging quality. Again… impressed.

Overall, these are great in-ear headphones and I HIGHLY recommend them to people who listen to OUR music. The packaging and company has a great message, they come in different EDM-appropriate colors and the sound quality gets my approval. Oh! And, I forgot to mention that even the wiring has, “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect” on it. On top of all of that, the EDM Universe Headphones come with controls for music play with your computer and phone devices (Android & iPhone). The only thing I can harp on at this point is that I wish there were more options other than “in-ear” for this EDM Universe series… but, as a “little birdy” has told me, those are on the way soon ;]

If you want to find out  more info on the product, click the image below…

Still not convinced? See what Amazon and CNET has to say about MeElectronic’s products…

“Designed especially for electronic dance music, these in-ear headphones deliver the excitement of a live event with powerful bass and crisp, energetic treble. Includes inline mic, remote, and universal volume control for complete headset functionality.” – Amazon.com (featured as “Gift of the Day” November 15th, 2013 for $39.99)

“We’ve reviewed several MEElectronics headphones and generally have been impressed with their value proposition. They tend to deliver good bang for the buck… a great value and and highlighted the earphones’ bass-to-treble tonal balance and excellent definition.” – CNET.com

CNET’s review video on MeElectronic products…

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