EDM BIZ 2016: Where History Meets The Future

Written by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life


The culture of EDM is constantly evolving, much like music itself. Tracing back a few generations, the steady flow of sound has taken on many forms, constantly in motion and adapting to certain tastes or styles from jazz to rock and roll, from pop to techno. Edm hosts a whole world in itself, as the sub-genre mainstream popular favorite traces through styles like techno, dubstep, house, trap, and countless others. EDMbiz was a two day conference taking place in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas preceding EDC weekend dedicated to exploring new possibilities of EDM culture while honoring the history of its development.

EDMbiz is where the history of EDM culture meets the human desire to evolve. Within the industry, we are constantly pushing for the next best thing or the album/artist that’s going to trump those before them, yet we have a fierce loyalty to our roots. This was apparent throughout EDMBiz while speakers like Michael Tullberg, Moby, Paul Oakenfold, Pasquale Rotella told of their experiences and insights while vendors in the Expo showed off new inventions, developments, and technologies.


The highlight of the conference, for me, was the “Beyond The Boys’ Club: What’s Next For Women In Dance Music” seminar. Seven panelists sat at the front of the largest conference room debating the inequality, progress, and accomplishments of women in the industry. As the conversation fluttered from topic to topic, the bottom line that resonated with me long after I left was the message that it is so important for women to mentor and empower other women. I think this model can be applied to any industry caterpillar hoping to turn into a butterfly, collaborate with those more experienced than you to learn the foundations how to do something- and then add your own unique touch.

EDMbiz was a truly awesome experience- anyone interested in upping their game and moving forward in the name of shaping the future should definitely check it out.