EDC Vegas 2012 Qualification Instructions

EDC Vegas 2012 Qualification Instructions

This is a secret page, please don’t share with anyone or they might take your claim to your winnings!

Here’s what you need to do:

1 – Make sure you have completed ALL the steps prior to getting to this page. This includes meeting all the requirements on this page. If you miss ANYTHING, you will be disqualified!

2 – Go add 5 new people from the EDC facebook page. Use the same tactics we taught you during the presentation.

3 – Write a “note” on Facebook on why you think you should win and what you think EDC 2012 will be like (i.e. Djs, artists, performers, etc).

4 – Title note: EDC 2012 3 Day Pass Christmas Giveaway

5 – Repeat title as underlined header in body

6 – Then put this underneath the underlined header: Electronica Life is giving away a 3 day pass to EDC, go here: http://on.fb.me/whitewonderlandnyeticketgiveaway

7 – Next, put why you should win and expectations for EDC 2012

8 – Tag the 5 people you just newly added (once they’ve accepted) + 5 other party/rave friends in the note.

9 – Make sure the note is shared on your wall after you publish it (that way we can give you credit for the note).

10 – EDC ticket is only avail if we hit 5000 likes! Make sure you add new people from Insomniac’s pages… completion of all the steps helps us get 5000!

11 – You must complete all the steps above to be qualified for EDC pass!

12 – When you are done with all these steps… come back to this post and comment underneath with “I have completed all the steps, come check out my note on my profile” and then leave the link to your facebook profile along with your email and full name and facebook alias so we can EASILY find you. If we cannot easily find you, we will skip over your entry. Make sure your profile is set to public so we can see your entry! Or add Christian Alva on facebook!