EDC 2017- Same Same, But Different.

*Written by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life

Electric Daisy Carnival just wrapped up it’s 21st year of production and hung up it’s fluffies for another year. Spanning three days in the steamy Vegas Motor Speedway, attendees flooded the I-15 each night hoping to dance under the electric sky. Many who attended EDC this year would agree that it definitely did not disappoint. If you’ve been to EDC, you understand what the experience is like. Stimulating and exciting, it is like the peak of joy and high energy all condensed in one space.

Each year, I know what my experience at EDC will be like. In many ways I have moved on in life to different jobs, friends, and perspectives- but walking into that speedway on Friday night will always feel the exact same that it did five years ago when I went for the first time. It was my first festival, and I was absolutely blown away at the production and energy of the space. I remember sitting in the grass by the Cosmic Meadow looking out over all of the people trading kandi, meeting each other, and dancing together. I was in way over my head, and from that point on I was obsessed with Dance Music Culture.

Standing in the same space five years later is an interesting experience. Tens of thousands of humans had experienced EDC since I had last attended. If I could watch the events of the past five years on a time lapse it would be a blur of technicolor vibrancy and fireworks. While so much had stayed the same on repeat, the production each year has been growing and morphing into more than attendees could imagine. The main stage this year was completely wild. A goddess stood with her arms open while the entire stage moved and lit up in many different ways. A hidden gem this year was the art cars, with The Kalliope and The Dancetronauts (among others) hosting an underground vibe that never stopped bumping.

I once saw a quote written on a wall at Bonnaroo, and it said: “Life is so scary, theres planes gone missing, there’s people getting shot, there’s wars going on- Anytime you can get thousands of people jumping up and down in a field together that is the most beautiful feeling.” I think that this quote defines why EDC is so special. Why is it that I, having gone to countless smaller festivals and multiple years of Burning Man, desire so strongly to return to EDC each year? It feels like returning to my roots, helping others along their journeys, and being part of what started it all for me.

The largest selection of music diversity available at a festival, I heard everything from house music to drum and bass. Walking from one side of the festival to the other is like visiting EPCOT in Disney World- You can dip into one culture for awhile and then move on to another. Highlights for me were Space Jesus, Liquid Stranger, Griz, Dillon Francis, and Sacha Robotti.

A whirlwind of different sounds and feels, the energy at EDC is amazing but can definitely be intense. I want to formally thank The Zendo Project and commend EDC for having them onsite. This year someone close to me needed their help, and I am so thankful that we are part of a community that is conscious of making sure each attendee is safe and as comfortable as possible. Overall, EDC was everything I had hoped for and more.