Desert Hearts 2017 is Here at Last!

After Desert Hearts skipped their fall festival this year, we knew we had to wait a whole year until we’d be back on the speakers at Los Coyotes. This was not an easy thing to swallow, as Desert Hearts has become something that allows us to check in with ourselves and our friends and express ourselves in a comfortable space. My last two Desert Hearts experiences i’ve experienced deep, deep learning about myself and perspective shifts that have changed my life thereafter. As living and breathing humans, experiences shape our personalities every day. Our cells regenerate and we change our hair, clothing styles, and favorite songs. Events like Desert Hearts, with pure vibes and good intentions, help us to pull back to center and observe these changes.

The fact that we get to celebrate with the Desert Hearts crew in a few weeks (March 31st – April 3rd) has us like little kids on Christmas. The weather is getting warmer and the sunsets are coloring the skies later and later, as festivals are beginning to bloom all throughout the country. Desert Hearts kicks off the festival season engine, bringing an awesome lineup to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation once again for three days of techno. Deep Jesus, Justin Martin, Marques Wyatt, Sacha Robotti, Taches, Tara Brooks, and Terrakroma and many more headline the gathering, with the beloved Desert Hearts Crew with Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Lee Reynolds, and Marbs keeping the “hometown vibes” strong.

Desert Hearts is such an incredible display of creation and art. A walk throughout the venue will have attendees crossing paths with many live artists, installations, lounge areas, and carefully chosen vendors. Everything about the Desert Hearts vibe is on point, which is probably why such a loyal family has grown from the events. When you are at a Desert Hearts event, you are family.

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