Deadmau5 At The Hollywood Palladium Mouth Taped Shut Presented By Hard

Deadmau5 At The Hollywood Palladium Mouth Taped Shut Presented By Hard

Opening to Deadmau5 set:

Here’s is the start set of Deadmau5’s performance “Unhooked” for HARD’S Free event “Mouth Taped Shut” in Los Angeles at The Hollywood Palladium. James Murphy was just wrapping up his set here while Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 was getting ready to set up for his epic set… we hope you enjoyed the view of this video it really shows the crowds reaction!

This was a Deadmau5 unhooked set…

Deadmau5 Unhooked

This is what Deadmau5 looks like "unhooked"

A review from one of our fans from facebook, Mohammed Atik:

It was all a blur but now I remember thinking where’s my keys as I walked into the palladium. It was hard to find my friends through the large crowd, because it was dark and all you can see is a strobe. For some of the night it felt like it was 1981. Something inside me told me that James Murphy had a bad selection, but then I thought not exactly his disco style was pretty enjoyable. When I saw eye performing I was thinking to myself hey I like your music. Then before I knew it proxy was playing some chords I never heard before, the bass that came along with his music made everyone in the rooms body vibrate. Then as the clock struck midnight I said everything is complicated but tonight’s my birthday so let’s forget about animal rights and listen to deadmau5 right this second. I thought inside out about deadmau5 and his new helmet that he wore that night, Even though deadmau5 was unhooked and without his cube. He played ghost n stuff and when that wasn’t enough he started to play moar ghost n stuff. This noise that deadmau5 brought along with him had everyone in the palladium jumping all night until his set was over and we all had to wave and say bye friend! Hard X Mouth Taped Shut really knows how to bring banging music to an event and made everyone leaving feeling like they just had an Aural Psynapse.

Thanx Mohammed! Loved the review!