Dannic Dishes About Plans for 2015, Humble Beginnings & Supportive Parents at ADE ’14

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life
Dutch DJ Dannic has had quite the year since his show stopping performance at last years Hardwell presents Revealed night during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Returning to his home turf for another highly anticipated performance at Revealed night at the Heineken Music Hall,  Dannic dishes about what he’s been up to, humble beginnings as an artist and his very supportive parents.

Crystal – At ADE 2013, you played one of your most widely heard sets at Hardwell presents Revealed, which was one of the many highlights of your career. Do you think your tour performance here at ADE 2014 will top last years?

Dannic – That’s a good question. Umm there’s no competition between my sets really, it always depends on the night. I always go with the flow, there’s no recipe for a good set. I mean that night was really good, and it was a live stream event so everyone was able to watch it as well. It was a great night, I got some really good compliments and great feedback as well. I have a lot of new tracks lined up right now that I’m going to play tonight for the first time so that’s really exciting. I’m also going to premiere my new track with Shermanology, they’re going to sing live here tonight. It’s really exciting but nerve wracking as well, because it’s live you know? The live thing is something else, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Crystal – Now that you have a strong foundation in Dance Music as a producer, and regularly receiving support from big names such as: Hardwell, Tiësto, Avicii and many more, what plans do you have for the near future that could potentially take your already promising career to the next level?

Dannic – Wow, another good question. I mean, I’m always working on music and I believe that’s the only thing that will keep me going, and further my career as an artist.`That’s the priority, but besides that, just keep on doing what I love to do and that’s DJ’ing. I’m a DJ first, and a producer second. It’s amazing to see all the support from people across the globe, and that’s what keeps me going.

Crystal – Your latest single Solid with TV noise, has been on SoundCloud for a little over two weeks and already has over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud alone ( I checked it today.)  Are there any upcoming tracks that you plan on previewing during your tour?

Dannic – The Shermanology track, which is the follow up for “Dear Life.” I have a new solo track that I’m going to premiere tonight, and a new collaboration with Lucky Date as well. I’m continuously working on new music, and after ADE I have two weeks off just to sit in my studio and make new music. So expect a lot of new Dannic tracks in 2015.

Crystal – Pertaining to the success in your career, what’s one experience or accomplishment you’ve had that has given you emotional satisfaction?

Dannic – It was winning the Dancetour competition in 2009 when I started taking house music more serious. At the time I was playing in local bars and clubs, mixing hip-hop,R&B, house and a little bit of everything. That competition was actually a free festival in my hometown Breda, Netherlands for 20,000 people and they did a contest to win a spot to play there. So I won that competition and it was huge for me. My family was there to support me and it was so great. I definitely see it as highlight in my career because it was the starting point to realizing this is what I want to do, it’s not a hobby anymore, it’s my passion.

Crystal – If there was one message you could give to your fans here at ADE and to the fans planning on catching your other tour performances, what would that be?

Dannic – To expect a lot of new music from me and I will continue to travel around the globe and try to do as many shows as possible. Not just the big festivals, but also more intimate club shows. I think it’s important that all the fans can see me, and not have to pay $300 bucks for a festival ticket, but to pay a decent amount of money. It’s really important for me to be able to connect with my fans. Besides that, I’m extremely grateful for all the support I receive, it’s really heartwarming. I really appreciate it, and I want people to know that.

Crystal – Can you tell one thing you’ve never said in an interview before?

Dannic – I’m impatient, sooo impatient. It’s really hard if you’re a DJ traveling around the globe The travel part really sucks, and I tend to get angry..and hungry. Angry and hungry at the same time..haha. It’s a side of me that people don’t really get to see, but in my new webseries Front of House TV, I try to show people who I really am and give them a behind the scenes look into my life.

Crystal – Do you have any advice for up and coming DJ’s and producers?

Dannic – I always tell upcoming producers to first of all figure out if you’re in this game to become big and famous, or are you doing this because you’re passionate about it. If it’s passion then work hard and don’t worry about gettting music out really fast. I mean it took me about four years to release a proper track, it takes a lot of effort and time to be good at something. Also, be critical and have other people listen to your music. Try to be eager and a perfectionist.

Crystal – So basically not impatient?

Dannic – YA…haha. Okay good one, but that’s a different kind of impatience.

Crystal – What’s your best hustler story from when you were still struggling to make it as artist?

Dannic – I finished my Bachelors in Communications and Marketing, and I was sitting behind a desk for 40 hours a week. It was a good job and it was secure, but I was always thinking about music. I would think “I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to get out there and make music.” I told my parents, and they said “you know what, we got your back for a year. Go out there and go for it. If you don’t succeed, you can always go back to what you were doing. If you do succeed, awesome because we never had the chance to follow our dreams and passions.” I was really struggling, and that definitely helped me. It was huge step.

Crystal – How do your parents feel now?

Dannic – Very proud, almost too proud. They’re so sweet, and I owe them a lot.

Crystal’s final words…

Just two days after this interview, Dannic jumped a whopping 14 spots on the DJ MAG Top 100 poll to #30 at the DJ Top 100 announcement ceremony at the Amsterdam Music Festival. It’s no mystery as to why Dannic has risen to fame in the past year as dedication,a humble attitude and hard work has been his recipe to reach the top. We wish Dannic wild success in the many years to come!