Dance For A Cause At ALIVE! – Music And Arts Festival

Alive! Music and Arts Festival was an event like none other that I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Taking place at the Mad Ave LA warehouse off Madison ave. in Los Angeles, the venue provided an artistic sensory experience from the very first seconds of walking inside the space. The walls were painted in expressionist murals from floor to ceiling, and everywhere in between. Mad Ave LA is a mega warehouse venue that serves as the central hub for LA’s leading creative communities and industries, which only  makes sense that the venue would host an event saturated in creativity such as the ALIVE! Festival.
One of the two warehouse rooms housed various DJ’s throughout the night including local Los Angeles DJ and Soundcloud favorite Patrick Reza, who closed out the night with two of my favorite tracks of his “Take Me Away” and “Vitals”. Talented performers throughout the night also included Tristan Hendy, Epoch Rises, Baaze, DJ Miss Dust, and Bullet Made Statues. Accompanying the electric beats of the night, was a plethora of various eclectic performers on an adjacent stage that included a belly dancing ensemble, LED hoopers, fire dancers and stilt walkers.

The next room housed an array of various activities for event attendees. To bring out the inner child in all of us, a bounce house and jumping ball pit were set up. To aid in expanding our minds, psychic readings and a cosmic meditation area were offered to those who chose to indulge into the unknown. For anyone wanting to get playful , free face painting was offered and for anyone needing some love to their sore muscles from dancing the night away, a massage area fully equipped with massage tables and masseuses was there to relax the pain away. Talented artists were also invited to exhibit their imaginative and inspiring works of art to the public. It was refreshing to view such creative art in an unpretentious environment, and converse with humble artist about their various pieces of art on display.
Not only was the night gleaming in inspiration and innovation,  it was also a charity event fundraiser. “Dance For A Cause” was the theme of the night as a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales went to the non-profit organization We Are The Movement. The Mission of We Are The Movement is to help at-risk youth increase their emotional intelligence, self-awareness and confidence by encouraging them to explore outlets of creative self-expression within the accepting environment that the positive and loving dance music community creates. The organization uses DJing, dance and percussions to mentor at- risk youth throughout the community, starting with those in residential/foster care homes.
The mission of the night was to promote creativity and connection through music. It was the goal for the crew of ALIVE!, that attendees could have a night to experience an awesome music festival where they could express themselves and have fun connecting with others through appreciation of music in a loving, positive and and non-judgemental environment. An opportunity to express Peace, Love Unity and Respect and to raise money for a good cause. By interacting with so many different types of people from many different walks of life and seeing them enjoying themselves, the  ALIVE! festival achieved the purpose of becoming a gathering place for anyone and everyone to be free and fully expressed just as they are, and experience an unforgettable night.

Photos Courtesy of Tony Edwards: