Coming to America – An Interview w/ Dyro & Bassjackers

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life
On the first night of the Amsterdam Dance Event 2014, Fellow Dutch DJ’s Dyro & Bassjackers reunited at Escape Club for the first performance together since their 2013 ‘GRID’ tour. It was a homecoming well deserved as the gig was not only the first show of their brand new ‘X” tour, but also one of the headlining events to kick off the festivities of ADE week. The trio sat down with us to discuss the new bus tour in North America, their love for eachother and what to expect in the coming months.

Crystal – Last year, the “GRID” tour revealed the massive energy the three of you create when performing on the same stage, so how does it feel to once again be joining forces on the “X” tour?

Bassjackers – It feels like coming home you know? We had a lot of fun on the last tour together so to be together again is like a dream come true. We became really good friends during that time and think we can do it bigger and better this time. It’s really cool to get to try this again and we’ll see how it goes.The last tour was just an 8 show club tour, but this is a 35 date headlining bus tour with our own support, high end production and of course a lot more work. When we finished the tour, we were actually asking ourselves “So when are we doing another tour together again?”

Crystal – What motivated the three of you to team up for another highly anticipated tour?

Bassjackers & Dyro – “Because we all fell in love, we love each other.”

Crystal – Haha..I WILL quote that. So are there any upcoming collaboration tracks to expect that you can share with us?

Bassjackers – We also put out a track for the entire tour, appropriately titled “X.” Hence the reason why it’s called the X Tour. We also have a a new song coming out called “Savior” on Spinnin’ Records and it’s an amazing track.

Dyro – Amazing, so amazing! Everyone should buy it!

Bassjackers & Dyro – Hahahaha. Well we had a huge summer hit track “Like That”, which was played at all the big summer festivals, and think Savior is a really good follow up to that track  release on a different label because we like to explore working with different labels. It’s a follow up and definitely has a little bit more melody to it. It’s a festival big room kind of track, which is basically usually our style.

Crystal – Are there any experiences or accomplishments that have given each of you a sense of emotional satisfaction, which you haven’t talked about in an interview before?

Bassjackers –  When we had the closing set at EDC Las Vegas on the main stage in June, we played a sunrise set as the sun was actually coming up and we had somewhat of an emotional moment. We couldn’t help but think “Yo! look at where we are right now! We’re closing the main stage at one of the biggest festivals in the world as the sun is coming up,everyone’s having a great time and the crowd is going crazy.”  We might have cried a little bit on the inside even though we don’t produce actual tears..hahaha.

Dyro –  I think for me, it’s following my heart with making music you know? I’ve always felt that I’ve had more to offer by doing something a little bit different. When dealing with A&R managers and people’s expectations, I never really dared to do that. Now I’ve got my own label and I can fully put my own creativeness into a track. It’s something new for me so I’m really excited about that.

Crystal – Do you guys have a message for all your fans that plan on participating in the “X” tour experience?

Bassjackers – “Bring your liver” hahaha.

Dyro –  Basically, but no really it’s going to be a s*** load of fun. We just want to tell everyone to come, it’s going to be really, really cool.

Bassjackers – What we’re trying to do for the X Tour is what we actually did right here. We had a meet & greet before the show and announced on our social media that X marks the spot where we’re going to be for the meet and greet. We’re trying to do this for every city we go to on the tour if we come in early. X marks the spot and it’s something fun we’ll do to interact with the fans, take some pictures and have a little pre-party. We never know what’s going to happen after the show, so we try to meet up with fans before the show. So keep an eye out on our social media channels for every city we go visit on the tour.

Crystal – Can you tell me one thing you’ve never told anyone in an interview before?

Bassjackers – you just want to know all this stuff that we’ve never talked about in interviews before. We have a reason for not talking about it so…hahaha. Well we once did a two month tour with only  our carry-on and didn’t even do laundry!

Crystal – That’s pretty amazing…well besides the not doing laundry part.

Dyro – After that answer from these guys, I’m going to politely pass on this question.

Bassjackers – Wise man Dyro.

Crystal – Any advice for up and coming DJ’s and producers?

Dyro – Stay true to to yourself and follow your heart. Don’t follow the masses, don’t follow releasing on labels. Release your music for free, and if it’s good enough,it will sell on its own and doesn’t need to be released on a major label. You just need to get yourself out there.

Bassjackers – Feel good about what you do.It’s your music, it’s really personal. Don’t let anybody tell you what you should make.

Crystal’s final words…

Clearly Dyro & Bassjackers are extremely excited about the new tour in America, and hope that you will join them on one of the many adventures on the ‘X” tour. Check out tour dates below for a show in a city near you!