Chuckie Drops the Big “BANG”

*written by Vix for Electronica Life
For anyone that personally knows me, they know right off hand that Dutch House is one of my absolute TOP favorite genres, so even moments before hearing Chuckie’s latest collaborated release ‘BANG’ for the 1st time, I was already filled with excitement and eager anticipation due to my already heightened expectations. Mere seconds after clicking the play, I realized that not even high expectations could prepare me for the epic sound being output though my studio speakers. The intro in itself immediately gave me an intense urge to shuffle across my room, as I used to do when I was younger when hearing such a floor-shaking 128 BPM song. As the song progressed, the decision was made without hesitation to purchase Chuckie’s newest masterpiece with the absolute & undeniable need to include it in my Iphones ‘Favorites’ playlist.

Think that’s all there is to mention about his latest release? Well guess again, because much to my surprise the track took an unexpected turn into a moment of mind-blowing intensity by switching seamlessly from a Dutch track, to that of a festival Trap song!  At this point my mind was taking a walk through La-La-Land due to the pure creativity that Chuckie demonstrates with ease in this jaw dropping production along side Diamond Pistols & Hyper Crush. ‘BANG’ could even be a track that evolves Dutch music as a whole.  It is without a doubt my personal recommendation to every EDM lover out there!

Chuckie, Diamond Pistols & Hyper Crush’s collaborated single, ’BANG,’ can be purchased via Beatport and listened to in full via Soundcloud. Be sure to at least check out the track that is surely going to launch its creators to a whole new level of stardom!