Cazzette Tear’s the Roof Off of the Avalon

*written by Vix for Electronica Life
Cazzette has been an inspiration to many throughout their still growing careers. That’s why when I heard they were coming to the Avalon to once again give Los Angeles a taste of their delicious sound,  I knew that I had to be there! The night was without a doubt, the most crowded I’ve ever seen the Avalon, which proved to me that their performance was going to lead into an experience that the Los Angeles club scene would not be expecting. The crowd, a mixture of multiple cultures and music fans, all awaited anxiously for what proved to be a mind blowing performance from the House super-duo.

Vix – You guys perform here quite a bit; how do you feel about your performance at the Avalon?

Cazzette – Yea definitely, and the performance was one of our best for sure!

Vix – What was some of the feedback you’ve been getting on your newest single “Blind Heart?”

Cazzette – The feedback we’ve been getting has been incredible! I think we’re getting comfortable now, and let me be the first to tell you that “Blind Heart” is not the end. We have so many new singles coming out after this as well. Now that we’re just making what WE love, I feel like even if we didn’t get very good feedback, at least we’re being true to ourselves and we’re having fun with it. Going in that direction really helps your career a lot. If we didn’t, it would make it hard for us to even perform the song because we would feel that it’s not good enough, so we wouldn’t even play it.

Vix – How did you guys come up with the title, “Blind Heart?”

Cazzette – It was obvious because of the lyrics, because we first got the vocals as an acapella. Terri B. wrote the lyrics, and her management sent it to us and asked, “Do you guys like this acapella?” and we said, “Yeah! This is crazy!”

Vix – What was the inspiration behind “Blind Heart?”

Cazzette – It was very easy from the beginning to know what we wanted, but a lot of the time we were not happy with the sound, mixing wise and arrangement wise. It took a while to figure it out; it was in the works for about 5 months. That big hit song “Pushing It,” is kind of where we wanted to go, but in the end it didn’t really turn out like that anyway (LOL).

Vix – Were you guys completely happy with the track once it was finally released?

Cazzette – We were SUPER happy when it was finally done! When it was done and we played it live for the first time, we were like, “Wow!” We hadn’t really realized the song was finished before then. because when you make a song, you can love it, but you never know how good it is (if it is that good) or if you’ll want to change it later; you don’t know until the end. Now we really love the song and think it’s really f*****g good!

Vix – Did you guys preview the track before it was released?

Cazzette – We actually didn’t. We played it once it was done, but it was already out. We don’t really ever play tracks that are just ID’s because we don’t think it’s good enough yet. We’ll only play it once it’s at a stage where it’s like, “Deng, this S**t is good!”

Vix – What was the production process like?

Cazzette – It was back and forth a lot. Producing for a long time, making different versions, fusing them together, and editing it to what we like, we were able to finish the final version in just 4 weeks, but the whole process of perfecting it was 5 months. We’re just so picky when it comes to production.

Vix – How do you think “Blind Heart” will do in comparison to “Sleepless?”

Cazzette – That’s actually really interesting, because we JUST got an email about that. We get update emails from our management team and it turns out that “Blind Heart” premiered on Spotify with 229,000 streams worldwide, compare to “Sleepless,” which premiered at 84,573 streams worldwide. So we premiered with 3x as many streams as “Sleepless.” On Spotify Top 100 Charts, in: Canada we landed at #52, Sweden: #54, Norway: #77, and US: #40 (we believe), which was the highest we’ve placed in the US. We’re still very humble; we don’t want to get more excited (LOL).

Vix – What artists are you working with for your next projects?

Cazzette – We’re actually here in LA working with some people. Yesterday, we worked with this amazing artist called “LP”; she’s an Indie singer with a REALLY unique voice. We were also in the studio with Kai, who is really good; we have two tracks we’re working on with her and one is for song, but we don’t know when that will be coming out. On top of everything, we have about 40 tracks that haven’t been released yet. The next single can be expected in a few months, but for right now we’re just focused on “Blind Heart.”

Vix – Any chance for another album or EP?

Cazzette – Uh, no. At this time we’re just focused on singles while we get more comfortable with our style; definitely in the future though!

Vix – Who decides when the next single is going to be released?

Cazzette – That would be our label. We’re involved with the actual making of the music, then after that we leave it up to them to deal with (LOL). There’s so much of a thought process behind when you release a track, and it’s hard to deal with on top of making the music too. We have a Great team and they’re REALLY reliable!

Vix – What programs did you use to create “Blind Heart?”

Cazzette – We’re in FL Studio. We also use stuff like, Sylnth, and WAV plug-ins. We use a lot of Komplete sounds as well for more of the “Warmer” stuff, I guess. In the end, it’s not about the sound, it’s about how you program it.

Vix – Do you guys make all your sounds from scratch?

Cazzette – We either sample some WAV sounds and alter them, or we just make everything completely from scratch. Usually we do it from scratch ourselves, but even if we sample, we tweak it so much that you couldn’t even here what sample it was in the first place.

Vix – Who taught you guys how to make Electronic Music?

Cazzette – We’re actually self-taught. If you make EDM, you should definitely read about it because there IS a lot of knowledge in books about making Dance Music. Books give you a lot of knowledge, but at the same time it’s good to not know what’s in the books so you can make music to how you like.

Vix – Do you guys have a message to all your fans?

Cazzette – We just want to say that we love every one of you. It’s amazing to have your support and we love doing what we do for you. We’re really grateful to have everyone’s support!

Vix – What’s one thing about Cazzette that not a lot of people know, that you haven’t said in an interview before?

Cazzette – Well we would probably have to say cooking. We are BIG food lovers and love to make it every chance we get! We’re always going to the best restaurants wherever we travel, and we like to critique on what we think we could add to make it taste better. Web design, or just design in general, is also really interesting.

Vix – Do you guys have any advice for upcoming producers?

Cazzette – Work hard! It’s very boring, but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t put in the hours. Dedication is also a big part of it. Be open to criticism. MOST IMPORTANTLY, make your own sound! What’s the point of doing what’s already been done.

Vix – What artist do you think people should keep their eyes on?

Cazzette – People should listen to Flume. Really great music, very unique and stands out.

Vix’s final words…

Starting their set with their smash-hit “Sleepless,” Cazzette definitely knew how to give the night a spectacular introduction. Not one person on the dance floor or on the balcony could resist singing along side the music that the duo was outputting through the speaker system.Their set was definitely one for the Avalon record books, and Los Angeles can only look to the future for when Cazzette returns to impress us, yet again.