Cazzette Output Their Sound at the Avalon

Swedish super duo Cazzette, takes the stage at Avalon on October 18th to once again tear the roof off of this Los Angeles club and rattle the ears of their SoCal followers. Since Cazzette was founded in 2011, they’ve shaken the EDM scene to its core and have quickly established their title as legendary musicians. The duo have played at the Avalon on many occasions, each time surpassing all expectations and leaving their SoCal Fanbase lusting for more of their addicting, club smashing sound.

If you’ve seen one of Cazzette’s performances before, then you know that each of their sets is always different from the last due to mixing genres such as Electro, House, and even Dubstep, while also doing live remixes of some of today’s top songs.

The creation of the track “Beam Me Up” and their previous album entitled “Eject”, have given the duo a strong and well recognized foundation for what’s to come of them as musicians. Cazzette’s diverse sound, fused with the sound system created by the Avalon itself, only promise Los Angeles’ clubbers a night that will never be forgotten.101814_avalon_lg (1)