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Ferry Corsten Plays A Daring Game Of “Never Have I Ever”

*interview by Amanda Re of Women Of EDM for Electronica Life

Amanda Re & Mary play “Never Have I Ever” with Ferry Corsten and surprises him with a box of Never Have I Ever questions that are in the “Don’t Judge Me” Category. While he has never crowd surfed, Ferry confirms he has done a body shot and shares stories in between the laughter of his answers.

Amanda: Never have I ever had a fan throw an unusual item on stage?

Ferry – (shows I HAVE card).

Amanda – I have?

Ferry – Oh yeah, it was very unusual. It’s something that you find on your equipment on the dj booth, let me put it that way.

Amanda – Never have I ever used the line, “Do you know who I am?”

Ferry – Never ever. No, no, no. You should know who I am.

Amanda – Yea, exactly! That’s how it is.

Ferry – If you have to say who you are, or once you have to ask that question, you’re on the wrong path my friend.

Amanda – Never have I ever had a crazy fan experience?

Ferry – I have, yeah. This is, well, for me it was crazy honestly, when someone comes up to you and says like, “Can I have your autograph?” Okay great, that’s cool, and then you do that. Then they’re like, “No no no, can you do it really clearly,” and wipes it off (impersonates someone wiping autograph off arm). Okay, what do you mean? “Yea, cause it’s five o’clock and at seven the tattoo shop opens and I’m just gonna have it tattooed right over.”But it was not just a normal tattoo. It was not just a normal autograph. It was over his WHOLE back.

Amanda – Oh that’s crazy! I did not think you were going to say that.

Ferry – No, I mean that’s where you get to the point where you feel flattered or you feel creeped out, you know? I don’t know (laughs).

Amanda – So if you know it’s going to be a tattoo do you purposely do it different than normal?

Ferry – He told me later. He said, “It can be really big and really clear,” ya know. So I did it. And then he said, “I’m gonna go to the tattoo shop right now.” I was like, “Okay…”

Amanda – Never have I ever had an airline lose my luggage?

Ferry – Oh yeah, I have.

Amanda – If you travel enough it’s bound to happen right?

Ferry – It really sucks, especially when you have back to back to back gigs. When you are not really used to that, you go to the claim desk and you say, “Oh yeah my luggage is….” Then, okay they found it and it’s still there. So they send it on the next flight. Yeah but you’re out in the morning to the next city, and so on.

Amanda – So it’s trailing you.

Ferry – So right now… (Smiles and makes inferring cough about what he’s wearing).

Amanda – And you’re on your fifth day of wearing the same clothes (laughs). You’re like, “Catch up!”

Ferry – Your undies start having size, like, a, b, c, d, you know? It’s really bad. So yeah, you learn, you learn..

Amanda – …To carry on.

Amanda – Never have I ever done a body shot?

Ferry – Ahhhh, no I have. Oh, and you guys, of course.

Amanda – Where you the giver or receiver?

Ferry – Of the body shot? That’s a very awkward question. I’ve given a lot of shots (laughs) trust me!

Amanda – (laughs) So you’ve never laid on a bar and let someone take a shot [off you]?

Ferry – No, no. If you start asking me THAT question then the whole conversation starts going in a very different direction!

Amanda – Never have I ever ended up naked and I don’t know why?

Ferry – Oh yeah, I have.(laughs) ya know? Probably in ahhhh….maybe….well, I, no no no. Okay, I have, but I have a great story about someone else. He’s at his hotel room and finds himself naked in the hallway. Like, he can’t go back in.

Amanda – Hmm, who’s it about?

Ferry: It’s NOT about me. I’m not gonna name anybody.

Amanda – (laughs) Ha… okay. Thank you so much for playing with us!

Like A Kid In A Candy Store: NAMM 2016

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life
With over one hundred THOUSAND people in attendance at the Anaheim Convention Center over the course of four days in late January, this year’s NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) was said to be the best yet. The international music industry from every corner of the globe gathered together to share ideas, learn, connect, network and most importantly, to showcase the latest and greatest in music instruments, gear, equipment, and software.

Although I am not a musician by any means, I was absolutely intrigued and captivated by the abundance of products to test out on the show floor, that I felt like a kid in a candy store for the entirety of the four days. There was never a dull moment on the massive exhibit floor as there was always something to look at, listen to our touch. At times it was almost overwhelming, a sensory overload experience to say the least.

There were countless memorable moments experienced that can’t be justified in this review alone, so I’ve done the guess work and summed up my favorite moments of NAMM 2016 below.

Pioneer, Universal Audio, Moog, Oh My!

While there was no shortage of hi tech producing, recording and engineering equipment to check out, these are the top three booths that I believe stole the show. Pioneer DJ debuted new products including the new CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2, while also having one of the most elaborate and entertaining booths on the show floor. Pioneer was also kind enough to host a happy hour everyday for attendees as they sampled DJ equipment.

Universal Audio had their hand in entertaining the crowds as they hosted daily interviews and demos with top recording engineers, and had daily giveaways for their most prized product, the Apollo Twin. For entertaining photo ops, UA even brought along their original Heritage Studio which dates back to 1958!

Moog music made a grand appearance as they displayed their famed synthesizers for all to play with, complete with a colorful set up and comfy pillows to sit on. I admit I may have gotten a bit too comfy and spent a lot of time at MOOG discovering the array of sounds and possibilities to create on a synthesizer. Once again, I was just like a kid in a candy store.

Celebrity Appearances & Performances

Stevie Wonder performed and I missed it! No words to describe how sad I was about this, but it was nice to know that he was there and spreading those Stevie Wonder good vibes that he shares so naturally. Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins was also in attendance on the first day signing autographs for the ecstatic 90’s generation kids.

On the second day of NAMM, I caught electronic music legend BT at the Spitfire Audio booth hosting a demo and chatted with him afterwards. I saw him multiple times throughout NAMM after that, and it was refreshing to see a big name DJ roaming the floor freely and chatting up anyone that striked up a conversation with him.

Industry Drum Circle

Directly after the agenda of day two, an industry drum circle took place directly outside of the convention center. I watched as the drum circle quickly transformed from a few people to rows of drummers and musicians chiming in. It was interesting to see a plethora of different styled drums grooving together to catch the perfect rhythm. To the delight of those passing by and myself, it turned out to be the most entertaining drum circle I’ve ever witnessed.

Tec Tracks Discussions

Every Day of NAMM from beginning to end, innovative and discussions were held at the NAMM U idea center and Tec Tracks panels. I learned new ideas about the music business in these discussions than I would have ever thought, while also connecting and networking with peers in the industry. A recurring theme that appeared to take place was the subject matter of the future of the music business and how artists will thrive in the digital age of streaming services and non-apparent royalties. One quote that stuck with me during a panel about “digital music as a commodity,” was by one of the speakers who stated that “streaming services will keep innovating because they literally HAVE to.”

Believe In Music”, as the NAMM catchphrase reads, is a simple but yet powerful three words. It was an inspiring experience to participate in the innovation, creativity and exchange of ideas that takes place at NAMM. When we believe in music, the possibilities are endless. I do believe that NAMM stands as a global model and true testament to the validity of what’s possible when we “Believe In Music.”

Wonderfruit Festival: An Eclectic Gathering for the Conscious Mind

*written By Jacqueline Khoury for Electronica Life
Thailand’s Wonderfruit Festival which was held from December 17th to the 20th, concluded its 2nd successful year on the stunning countryside fields of Pattaya. Since hearing of this festival from a fellow camper at the Envision festival in 2015, I was immediately drawn to its international praise and sublime ethos of “leave no trace behind”, radical self-expression, and immediacy, all of which are core principles from Burning Man and beyond.

Since moving to Thailand, my biggest concern (really) was whether I would find the same like-minded group of innovators who have transformed the way we gather in communal mass as I found at festivals like Desert Hearts, Youtopia, and Lightning in a Bottle. I didn’t want to be limited to the same artificial “press play” club and beach parties that I had recently left in Las Vegas, so after attending Wonderfruit I can happily express a few of the joyful elements that has given this festival such praise and why so many of us left wishing it lasted a few days longer.

The gathering was set on a generous field with two separate bodies of freshwater guiding one’s way through the stretch of land to the dreamy row of white Lotus tents at the boutique camp. The grounds were methodically arranged with miniature light bulbs allowing all visually appreciate the otherwise spectral surroundings after sunset. Many structures were organically built using a bamboo or wooden frame and each spike which held the frame together was covered over by a large, hollowed coconut. Seats of hay stacks and Thai meditation cushions were in abundance and so were the heartfelt bodies of energy that delighted in its coziness.
Each configuration had a meaningful purpose and was presented so thoughtfully. Food options seemed limitless and were handled by chefs from restaurants across Thailand. From organic passion fruit detox juices, to tacos from a local food truck in Bangkok, all of the essential needs were taken care of with an acute attention to detail. Although I didn’t take part in the nightly feasts that were hosted by world-renowned chefs, I felt the entire food community that was involved throughout the four days displayed their skills at the highest of standards. The natural laid-back vibe of rural Thailand mixed with delicate sophistication of polite society Bangkok led to an unassuming equilibrium that was uniquely experienced given the setting. The community successfully established an environment that wasn’t at all artificially developed to give us a stale illusion of expectations being met.

The art came to life through interaction from the “observer”, however none of us were observers. We were actively involved in creating which formed a pure sense of immediacy and engaged us as the primary spark of the festival – making it a proper playground for profound self-expression. Children were encouraged to jump, climb, and touch anything and everything. With the inner child activated the dynamic setting burst with wandering eyes and endless curiosity. A transformative change began when the community immersed in spirit with its surroundings, establishing an aura that spreads far outside the festival ground and into our daily lives.
The music traveled through the cool breeze in the astronomical yet intimate field sometimes tickling the soul at the most spontaneous of moments. A laser green smoke which hovered over like clouds, formed a shattered rooftop over the sea of gazers. We were taken to another world with hypnotic sounds being released into the cosmos for the first time. Not only did Jon Hopkins gift us with a deep ambient soundtrack as an individual’s mantra, Chris Levine mastered a visual composition that was openly interpreted in countless meaningful ways.

My deep house craving was generously fed throughout the nights with every electronic genre in between. Psy-trance, a high energy subgenre of Trance that was widely heard throughout the playa at Burning Man in the late 90’s, was playing into the late hours on Saturday into early Sunday. I was left gazing with vivid imagery into the disco ball as I danced heavily into the sound by Daypak Solo at The Quarry. Lucent Dossier Experience, an avant-garde acrobatic circus performance, illuminated the Living Stage with fire-spinning sequences and dancers levitating above the crowd on sacred geometric steel frames.

Wonderfruit happily reminded me that transformational festivals are everywhere and although each festival presents its own unique experience, they are guided by the same common principles. It is truly a meaningful festival that promotes individual growth and global inclusion on an artistic platform. From the food vendors and artists to the active attendees, each of us are the reason this movement has a global presence. The same energy felt on the playa can be felt through these fields giving it the title of “home” for me. Even though I am unable to return till the end of the year, that’s where my heart is on this side of the world.

Spotlight on Brightcell – Creating His Own Little Piece(s) Of Music

Tracy Hazelton aka “Brightcell”, first discovered electronic dance music at the age of just fifteen years old, years ahead of the majority age of today’s EDM scene. Producing music since 2009, Brightcell confidently credits Dance classics “Castles In The Sky” by Ian Van Dahl, and “Ecstasy” by ATB, as the tracks that inspired him to begin creating his own music – stating that, “I will always have a special place in my heart for trance.”

These days you can find the Texas native producing Electro and Electro-house, and performing at local shows in the Fort Worth area. Brightcell continues to work towards creating his “own little piece of music”, while bringing entertainment and musical art to anyone willing to listen, and to help the global dance music scene prosper in a positive light to create change in the world.

We’re all for what Brightcell brings to the table, and look forward to seeing what he creates in 2016. Take a listen to some of the sounds of Brightcell here…

Connect with Brightcell:
Facebook | Reverbnation | Soundcloud

Artist Spotlight On GreenFlash – The Bumps In The Road That Can Take You To Greater Heights

At the tender age of just 14 years old, Texas native Victor Herrera a.k.a “GreenFlash”, came across a music video of an artist that was of the same age, and was immediately inspired to begin producing music despite his lack of knowledge. What started as a hobby, soon became a full fledged dedication. After a few bumps along the road on the journey to find and create his signature sound, GreenFlash soon discovered the production quality he instinctively knew he wanted to produce all along.

Fast forward to present day, GreenFlash has developed a string of remixes under his belt, including a remix for Major Lazer’s “All My Love” ft. Ariana Grande, which he describes as “the turning point for the way I now produce.” Through a remix contest for Full Stop Recordings, GreenFlash met fellow producer Kazzy. The two instantly connected and collaborated on a remix for Don Diablo and Tiesto’s “Chemicals”, which he credits as their best joint production. The future looks bright for GreenFlash as he recently signed his collaboration with Zyrax, entitled “Deep Summer” to Amsterdam based label, Housepital Records. He hopes to soon be signed to a major label, all the while creating music based in self-expression. GreenFlash states that as long as he continues to make it in the cut-throat music industry, he plans to always give back to the community that helped create him, and to be a source of support for fellow producers.

We look forward to what the future has in store for the budding and aspiring producer in 2016. Until then you can catch the sounds of GreenFlash on his music and social sites…

Connect with GreenFlash: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Hardwell’s, “World’s Biggest Guest List” Takes Place December 13th In Mumbai

The dutch maestro himself, Hardwell, has created an initiative to get underprivileged children in India off the streets and into an educational program that will steer them towards a better life through his United We Are foundation. The first event takes place December 13th in Mumbai, and he needs our help in making it a success. Please join us in supporting the cause by watching this video:

Click here to pledge your support 

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.59.06 PM

Hippy Birthday To You: Gem & Jam 10th Anniversary Festival

These transformational festivals grow up so fast (sniff): On Valentine’s Day weekend 2016, Gem & Jam turns double-digits.

Tucson, Arizona’s best international gem show-oriented, (more than a) music festival will celebrate her birthday the way all crystal-powered, psychedelic warriors should—by throwing a 3-day dance party (February 12-14), replete with eclectic performance, gem and mineral vendors, and seriously trippy visuals, including those by moving-art bad-ass/legend Johnathan Singer of Fare Thee Well and Tipper fame.

Whether you venture (south) west for the jams—headliners include time-travelling onesie-aficionado and music festival stalwart The Polish Ambassador bringing booty-shakin’ electro beats; veteran funk-masters Lettuce, breaking fresh-picked, soulful, hip-hop infused grooves down live; and Beats Antique’s genre-bending, globe-trotting EDM—or the gems (and minerals, and crystals), Gem & Jam promises a transformative journey in the company of good-vibe valentines. (BTW: Don’t miss the Soulection stage if you seek sex appeal—if we’re lucky, Sango may even hit us with a Drake remix.)

Brew some bulletproof coffee and start your post-hibernation sun salutation: It’s time to kick up your dancin’ feet—and kick-off next year’s festival season—with Gem & Jam’s embarrassment of shiny, shimmering, and sonic riches.

Get all details your open heart desires and purchase passes here

EDC Orlando 2015 Gives FUN A New Meaning

*written by Amanda Re of Women Of EDM for Electronica Life & photos by aLIVE coverage
Orlando, Florida’s Tinker Field was alive and thriving on November 6th & 7th, as Insomniac brought back Electric Daisy Carnival for the 5th consecutive year. 65,000 headliners and over 50 artists united in celebration of music and carnival-themed productions. The structures that made up kineticFIELD, circuitGROUNDS and neonGARDEN stages were designed impeccably with all the elements that you’d expect of a large scale festival. The costumed performers beautifully decorated the scene and entertained bright-eyed fans in between acts. Carnival rides and other appealing activities embellished the grounds as well.

Standing over 100 feet tall, the visual display of kineticFIELD represented Earth’s natural elements. A massive water feature, 400 light fixtures, 28 lasers, and 10 colored fire flames enhanced the experience. While the set’s smoke breathing dragon and yellow-eyed owl looked over the crowd, some of the world’s greatest talents played, such as Audien, Quintino, Carnage and Dannic. Kaskade’s closing set on Saturday was on another level, and my personal favorite overall.
The other two powerhouse stages were incredible with an artist line up that made the line to get in worth the wait! You couldn’t miss the golden Buddha sitting on the 245 LED tiles that adorned the neonGARDEN stage. Ferry Corsten, Venice, Cocodrills and Ben Gold lit up the crowd on this colorful structure. CircuitGROUNDS boasted acts like Seven Lions, Flux Pavilion, Slander and Crizzly, under an amazing canopy structure which enhanced the acoustics.

I also had the opportunity to spend some time with a few artists at the event. To make it interesting, I created a “Never Have I Ever” Interview Game. The strategy came through and even the managers, friends, and girlfriends all want to get in on the action. Adam and Pridef of Cocodrills are all about photobombing other artists.

With my partner in crime for the weekend Mary, we explained what man-scaping was to Crizzly. Ferry Corsten and Audien had fan experiences I could never have imagined. As did Flux Pavilion, who shared a story about a girl in Texas who jumped on stage and beat up one of his security guys.
After playing it safe for majority of the game, Jose Estrada caught us off guard by holding up the “I Have” card in response to, “Never have I ever performed a strip tease.” Quintino shared that his first time stage diving was with Hardwell five years ago in Holland. Seven Lions spoke about being humbled when meeting people with his name tattooed on them. Derek and Scott of Slander said, “I Have” to “Never have I ever rode a ride at EDC,” because every year they like to go on the Ferris wheel.

Like me, Jeremy from The Upbeats has the gift of gab. He played bartender for Mary and I, and had us cracking up with out of control stories. Gino and Alex from Venice shared streaking and booty call confessions. As anticipated, there was no shortage of entertaining moments while playing “Never Have I Ever.”

Carnival food, rides, and games were spread throughout the grounds of the festival. A giant size chess game and connect four board were available to play. One of the coolest things I saw was a large ball pit, the kind you see in a kids play area! Day two was when I finally got the chance to get on a carnival ride. My friend, Kaukuta aka Terra Ferma, co-founder of 90’s dance group, Union Jack, came with Mary and I on a ride that flipped upside down and spun in every direction. Kaukuta and I screamed in excitement from the second our safety bar locked, while Mary hated every moment, making it even more enjoyable for me.
It’s safe to say that Insomniac headliners get the award for most spirited! There’s no shortage of creativity for EDC attendees when it comes to costumes, signs, and fun totem poles. Kandi bracelets were passed around generously throughout the weekend, signifying the values of the dance music community. The spirit of the festival was contagious and you couldn’t help but smile the entire time. It felt as though the carnival atmosphere brought everyone back down memory lane to happy childhood-related time. The vim and vigor of the wildly interactive festival gave me an all-time record breaking adrenaline rush.

Every expectation I had for Insomniac was met and exceeded at a higher level than anticipated. I highly recommend if you haven’t experienced Electronic Daisy Carnival Orlando, that you put it on your immediate list of adventures to pursue.

Relentless Beats’ Global Dance Festival Helps Put Arizona On The Map

Arizona is not a state typically celebrated for it’s thriving electronic music scene. The scene has continued to evolve over the past few years, with companies such as Relentless Beats initiating the organization of events that pull excellent artists and create an enticing vibe. Global Dance Festival, a one day gathering in Chandler, Arizona on Friday November 20, is set to turn up the volume at Rawhide Western Town & Event Center.

The festival returns for it’s second year with artists such as Big Gigantic, Cashmere Cat, Deorro, Gener8ion, Gesaffeistein, Marshmello, Mija, Nghtmre, RL Grime, SBCR, Sweater Beats, Totally Extinct Dinosaurs and more.

General Admission passes are available for $59. VIP passes, with preferred main stage viewing area, bottle service, restrooms and separate entrance are available starting at $89. Tickets will be available online at Global Dance Festival is an 18 and over event.

The Affinity With Love At Desert Hearts 3 Year Anniversary

*written by Crystal Garcia & photos by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life

From November 5th- 9th at the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, off the grid and deep into the desert between San Diego and Palm Springs, something magical happened. A few thousand eccentric souls braved freezing temperatures to gather in the name of House, Techno and Love for the Desert Hearts Three Year Anniversary event. I could probably write a novel as to the reasons why Desert Hearts festival has that special and unique vibe that makes it stand apart from the rest, but for the sake of time and sanity, here are just a few of the many reasons that truly resonated with me throughout the weekend.


Those Warm and Fuzzy Dancefloor Vibes

It was COLD. I can’t even describe how cold it really was for this native California girl. At one point I literally couldn’t feel my toes, and wanted nothing more than to be snuggled in my warm and cozy bed at home. As cold as it was, all this changed once I got my freezing ass down to the dancefloor. The vibe on that dancefloor was so overly welcoming and warm, that the freezing temperatures at night literally helped create it. Everyone was cold, but opted to embrace in each other’s company rather than freeze alone. Sure body heat ups the temperature of surroundings to a certain degree and it most definitely helped warm things up, but I do believe the vibe was at just the right setting to warm up even the coldest soul.

100 Hours Of Non-stop Music

Say Whattt? Yes, you read that correctly. From Thursday at 12 pm to Monday at 4pm, the music continued and never stopped. The music was on point the entire weekend with some of the best DJ’s in today’s house and techno scene. Berlin techno pioneers Andreas Henneberg and Marc Houle ruled the dancefloor, while Dirtybird maestros J. Phlip and Claude Von Stroke brought the crowds out on Saturday night.

Of course the boys of Desert Hearts each had their respective times on the decks throughout the weekend. Deep Jesus played a 6 am set on Sunday morning that I could hear from my campsite. The beats were just too good to sleep through, which caused me to immediately jump out of bed and head straight to the dancefloor with champagne and orange juice in my hand. It was Sunday after all and I was more than ready for mimosas and Sunday Funday. even if that meant starting the party at the crack of dawn.

The Cheese and French Toast Effect

On Saturday a wine and cheese party took place in the middle of the dancefloor. On Sunday Morning, a full fledged French toast station with all the fixings was set up on the side of the dance floor, which I must say perfectly complemented my Sunday morning Mimosas. I later spotted a grilled cheese station on Sunday afternoon and was absolutely amazed considering my champagne drunk munchies and nagging grilled cheese craving. Not only did a group of people work together to set up each of these and donate their time to make it happen, but the part was that it was FREE. What other festival would you find this at? I can’t think of any, so please let me know if you do.

“Sooo Good!”

“Sooo good” seemed to be the recurring theme of the weekend. When I asked people how their weekend was going, many could only reply with the words “sooo good!”

How was the music? “Sooo good!”

How was the food? “Sooo good!”

What was the vibe like? “Sooo good!”

Even after the festival was over and I stopped for (yet another) grilled cheese from In-N-Out on the way home, I asked a couple in line how their Desert Hearts experience turned out, their simultaneous response? You guessed it, “Sooo good!”

The People and The LOVE

Until my first Desert Hearts festival, I always thought it was an interesting concept to base a festival off not just music, but also love. It’s safe to say that I didn’t quite understand it, that is..until now. The people at Desert Hearts create the love, and the love creates the people of Desert Hearts. The people and the LOVE literally just vibe off each other, creating the ideal festival atmosphere that must be felt to be experienced. I’ve been to my fair share of festivals over the years, but I’ve honestly never in my life felt the mass amount of love and acceptance that I experienced this weekend.

This love realization came full circle on Monday afternoon as the Desert Hearts crew closed out the weekend together on the one and only stage. With tears in their eyes, Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Marbs, Deep Jesus and Lee Reynolds each took to the mic to thank everyone in attendance for an incredible weekend. In these moments, I felt and witnessed the love reverberate throughout the dancefloor as the guys each went around giving love and hugs to each person in the crowd. Next thing I knew, I had tears of happiness and satisfaction streaming across my face as well.

I finally understood the effects that a movement based in love can create, and why the perceptions we may have of ourselves and others don’t matter… because in the end, We Are All Desert Hearts. <3

When asked to describe their festival experience in three words or less, here’s what a few attendees had to say. Read up on the effects of the Desert Hearts lessons in House, Techno and Love, and we’ll see you at the Spring edition of DH!

Paris S.- Revival.Passion.Divinity.

Tori C.- “Found My Heart”

Mariah S.- Satiating.Prismatic.Playground.

Kally R.- “Arctic Hearts”

Amy M.- Super.Trippy.Fancy.

Jeanie M.- “Expansive Love Platform”

Scott S. – “Too Much Love”

Dara R.- “That Lineup Tho”

Kristi N.- Magic.Beauty.Love.

Phoenix R.- “Connected The Dots”

Jordan M.- “Good Vibes Everywhere”

Jimmy L.- Love. Serve. Remember.

Karen C.- “Best Friends Forever”

–> Desert Hearts 3 Year Anniversary photo album here <–


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