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All “Eyes” on Project 46 and BYNON – As They Deliver First Collaboration

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Living at opposite ends of the country has not slowed down the steady flow of productions from the Project 46 studios, as Ryan and Thomas of Project 46 find time to post new tracks on their Soundcloud page at least weekly. The Canadian DJ duo have earned themselves a well deserved placement on the 2013 top 100 DJ’s list at #70, up 30 spots from 2012. Project 46 recently teamed up with fellow Canadian producer Bynon on the recently released track “Eyes.”

eyesThe groundwork is laid for Project 46′s debut artist album and the first single “Eyes,” a collaboration with fellow Canadian BYNON, delivers the high energy, emotive sound we’ve come to anticipate from the duo. With BYNON’s unique approach to production and Project 46′s infectious signature sound, the vocal progressive EDM anthem is chock full of blissful piano melodies and festival-ready beats perfect for making memories on the dancefloor. Get it now on Beatport through Ultra Music.


Well-known for their mashups, remixes and A-list collaborations, Project 46 exploded onto the scene when their 2012 release “Reasons” went straight past Tiesto to the #1 overall spot on Beatport. The duo’s position as industry leaders was further cemented through 2013′s collaboration with top American DJ Kaskade on ‘Last Chance,’ a Beatport Top 10 with their original “Motionless,” and a 30 spot rise on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s poll to No. 70. “Collide,” their most recent single with Laidback Luke, gave the Canadians yet another Beatport Top Ten in 2014 and set the tone for their debut artist album, coming soon on Ultra Music.

Connect with Project 46: Website | Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Notorious for his eccentric personality and groundbreaking production, Montreal-based BYNON continues to break through the paradigms of dance music and take his sound and image to the next level. His energy, passion, and drive combined with his uncanny ability to throw an epic party has resulted in his dramatic rise in stature. With a plethora of new releases set to take place in the near future, it is undeniable that BYNON is changing the way we personify dance music as a whole.

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Bastian Salbart – Electronica Life Exclusive Premieres

10564881_777874102242997_687427127_nPoland doesn’t just produce supermodels. They also are host to a wave of new electro-talent breaking ground and poised to spread their sounds around the world. Bastian Salbart was recently scooped up by Electrocity Management, in late 2013, and he hasn’t wasted any time. He’s already cranking out originals and remixes to delight trance and house music lovers alike.

His original track “Don’t Forget To Remember,” to be released by High Contrast Recordings, is a delicate electronic symphony. The vocals pull you right into a high-energy ballad that makes you feel right at home, whether you’re in your living room or at a festival under the stars. You might find the title ironic because once the beat is imprinted in your brain, you definitely won’t forget. Even after the song ends, I still find my fingers tapping along, playing my “air keyboard.”

Bastian’s remix of “Gravity” by Sied van Riel feat. Alicia Madison takes what is already an aesthetically pleasing song and adds those special tweaks that can make you see fireworks when you close your eyes. The angelic voice samples have an uplifting quality all on their own, but when embedded into the journey the baseline take you on…you have no choice but to dance. A balance has been achieved. This remix isn’t such a departure that you can’t recognize the original but you can surely tell that it’s a different force of nature altogether.

These songs are just a glimpse into the potential this gentleman has inside. I’m eager to see what future projects will yield and what stages we’ll be seeing him on in the near future. This is definitely just the begin for Bastian Salbart.

You can stream the full tracks below, exclusively on Electronica Life…

Bastian Salbart – Don’t Forget To Remember

Sied van Riel feat. Alicia Madison – Gravity (Bastian Salbart Remix)

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Memories To Last A Lifetime: Reflections Of Lightning In A Bottle 2014

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life

It’s been a little over a month since the Los Angeles based event production company THE DO LAB, hosted their grandest Lightning In A Bottle festival to date. Lightning In A Bottle aka “LIB” to the devoted following of return attendees, is the ultimate festival experience unlike any other. Lightning In a Bottle is a celebration of music, art, sustainability and self-expression. Granted the focus is always the music for any event THE DO LAB produces and there is never a shortage of scantily clad girls and boys parading the grounds as any other music festival would have, LIB is a rare breed of festival that you can expect to discover a piece of your soul you never knew was missing.

LIB took place over Memorial Day weekend in Northern California at the San Antonio Recreation area, the ancestral home of the Native American Chumash nation. Over the next five days, every LIB attendee was encouraged to participate in a plethora of daily yoga and dance classes, educational and insightful workshops, ceremonies with the native Chumash Indians, a learning kitchen, and interactive art walks to name just a few of the sights to indulge  and experience.
Img-419333Each of the three main stages were set apart far enough from another that each stage gave the full experience and vibe intended. At the Lightning Stage, headlining act Phantogram performed a show unlike any other I’ve seen. Raw emotion flowed so freely and radiated throughout the performance, I understood the love,pain and heartbreak expressed throughout each song. Although there were a few thousand people in the crowd, I connected to the lyrics as if they were written just for me.Img-424798Also at the Lightning Stage was the Lucent Dossier Experience. A dance, fire, and aerial show so creative and elaborate it received a midnight time slot. Although I’ve attended LIB in past years, this was my first glimpse of the magic that is the Lucent Dossier Experience. The stage was complete with belly dancers, fire dancers, a human sphere, aerialist, DJ, and even a tribal orchestra. The entire stage was a production so pleasing to the human eye, it was impossible to take my eyes off the stage even for a few seconds. The experience is said to be “at its very core, a playground for the innovative genius child in all of us. It is a collective based on magic and inspiration, living by the ancient wisdom of choosing confidence over doubt, joy over pain and love over fear.”
The Bamboo Stage hosted a multitude of acts showcasing various musical varieties from drum & bass to dirty, grimey, funky beats. The bass continued to pulsate while the drops brought the entire house down. As far as I could see into the crowd, heads were bobbing and bodies were grooving. With her interactive and engaging live performance qualities, Tokimonsta stays ingrained in my memory as the most memorable set at The Bamboo.
At The Woogie Stage, tech house female DJ Duo Blond:ish took me on musical journey for the entirety of their set. With thumping bass lines and soulful melodies, I truly felt the music as I’ve never experienced before. I could literally feel the bass resonate in my chest, thanks in part to the Pure Groove Speakers that The Woogie was fully equipped with. The discovery of Blond:ish was partly accidental, as I had no intention of seeing them until I spontaneously decided to trek to The Woogie earlier than planned on Saturday night. I’m certain the stars aligned in my favor that night to discover one of my new favorite artist :)
You will find just about anything you need here,but one thing you surely won’t find is a VIP area. LIB becomes alive and thrives each year as community of like minded individuals, a community in which everyone is encouraged to treat each other as one and the same. Artist roam freely on the festival grounds, and it’s not uncommon that you may casually engage in conversation with the person walking by your side only to realize they’re the new artist you just discovered last night.

Community really is everything at Lightning In A Bottle. While you may travel to the festival alone, you’re never actually alone. You see, there are no barriers at LIB. You’re invited to be yourself here, with no judgement or fears, anything goes. You’re encouraged to get outside your comfort zone and take actions you may otherwise not do outside of here, such as strike up conversations with people in line next to you. Who knows, maybe you will create new friendships that last long after the festival is over. A mentality of free thought dominates throughout, all you have to do is open your heart and free your mind.
The founders of LIB strive to set a foundation for the ways in which we can begin to progress our daily lives from learning in a festival experience. Whether it’s through music, community, yoga, sustainability, art, creativity or love, the experiences had at LIB are those that will continue pushing our daily lives and the world forward. It’s impossible not to take a piece of your experience home with you, and let it guide you to remember the memories you made at LIB.

Until we gather again to make new memories at Lightning In A Bottle 2015, hold those memories tight and carry them with you.
Photos by Daniel Zetterstrom

How Diego Found His Focus – An Interview w/ Diego Acevedo

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

Trying to focus your passion into a hobby and translate that hobby into a profession can be an uphill battle. There is always a certain level of uncertainty when trying to break into a new business. It doesn’t always boil down to if you are the most qualified, the easiest to work with, or the most punctual. Sometimes you just need someone to give you a chance, someone who will put their faith in you that you will deliver. It’s on you to follow through. Diego Acevedo, who goes by the tag “Diego In Focus,” has been given his shot and is rising to the challenge.

A’Damaged Pro –  Where did you grow up?

Diego Acevedo - I was born in Los Angeles, CA but I grew up in Dallas, TX. I’m still living here now actually. Dallas, & Texas overall, has an amazing music scene. We get major artists that come though almost every weekend so it’s a great place for me to keep expanding my skills & see some great EDM artists.

A’Damaged Pro - How did you first get into photography? Did you have a mentor?

Diego Acevedo - It was a few years ago I had some spare cash, so I bought the most basic camera at some pawn shop and just started shooting. I was just alright at first. It took a while to find my shooting style, all while learning the basics. Once I felt experienced enough, I went and bought some real gear and the rest is history. I can’t say I had a real mentor, just many inspirations.

A’Damaged Pro - How long have you been listening to EDM? Who are some of your favorite artists?

Diego Acevedo - I’ve been listening to EDM for a solid 8 years now. I was a fan of the scene way before I was ever interested in photography and I still listen to it every day. It’s 90% of my music library. It’s hard being a fan of a single artist with our genre, a lot of the times an artist makes one amazing song and then falls off the planet, or just never makes anything as good again. That being said, some of my favorite artists who consistently make amazing music are: Keys n Krates, Grandtheft, Above & Beyond, GTA, Armin Van Buuren & Duck Sauce. Just to name a few.

A’Damaged Pro - What was the experience of shooting your first event like?

Diego Acevedo - Scary. I had spent almost a year just shooting anything I could to build a small portfolio so I could attract some clients, and when it finally happened I was extremely nervous, but excited. As soon as I got into the venue though and got into my groove, it was amazing. I knew it’s what I wanted to really do with my life.

A’Damaged Pro - Who have been some of your favorite artists/festivals/events to shoot for?

Diego Acevedo - In Dallas, we have Full Access/Prototype Industries and they bring the best of the best in electronic music to the city and it’s such a joy to shoot for them. As for everything else, Flosstradamus is always fun to shoot and I’m glad to have made friends with them. EDC Vegas is by far my favorite festival to photograph. The production/artists/people are the perfect combo for amazing photos.

A’Damaged Pro - What’s the farthest you’ve travelled for an event?

Diego Acevedo - As of today, the farthest I’ve traveled has to be to Las Vegas for EDC. We drove last year and are planning to do so again this year. It’s a long drive, but totally worth it with the right tunes and people. I almost flew out to Canada for a major festival, but didn’t make it due to complications.IMG_5626A’Damaged Pro - What goals have you set for yourself in 2014?

Diego Acevedo - To expand my artist roster. Ive covered a handful of artists so far, so I’d love to expand that as much as possible. TomorrowWorld is a huge goal, as well as other great festivals. We’ll just have to see  A tour with an artist is on the list as well, but I’m in no rush for that just yet.

A’Damaged Pro - Any new projects that you’re working on now?

Diego Acevedo - Now that summer is in full swing, I’m going to start up a series of street photography with a few models when I have the time. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and the results are incredible. If you’ve heard of the photographer, Van Styles, that’s more or less what I want to experiment with.

A former project that went viral was a drawing that my girlfriend at the time and I made to commemorate my first time photographing EDC Vegas. It was a completely hand-drawn version of the EDC Owl stage and me in the photo-pit. Pasquale Rotella found it and shared it on his Instagram and then it was featured in the White Wonderland Aftermag. That was such an awesome experience and hopefully more art will be made in the near future.

A’Damaged Pro - If you could shoot any show around the globe, what would it be?

Diego Acevedo - It might sound cliche, but Tomorrowland. It looks like a great fest with great vibes and I’d love to cover it one day. For now, I’ll aim for TomorrowWorld.

A’Damaged Pro - What keeps you on your toes with photography?

Diego Acevedo - Well, there’s this Facebook group that I’m a part of called, EDM Photographers. I’ve been told that it’s the hardest group on Facebook to join, and that Facebook themselves contacted the admin of the group to ask why. There is a rigorous screening process for our group, so not just anyone who picks up a camera is allowed in. On a daily basis, the best EDM photographers from around the world post their photos in that group and it’s a really humbling experience. It makes me always challenge myself the next time I go and shoot, so that I might be as good as they all are one day.

A’Damaged Pro - Is there anyone who has helped your career along the way?

Diego Acevedo - Most definitely. My former girlfriend, Gemma Campos, has been and still is a huge help in my photography. Together, we were featured by the owner of Insomniac. Not sure how much bigger it gets from there. She created my cartoon character design, which is now iconic in itself when people think of me. It’s even on my stickers. She’s always been a great help and my biggest fan.

Also, my dear friend, Sara Tariq, writer for Vibe and DJ MAG USA, has been essential in the building of my photography. We tag-team events often, I’ll photograph while she interviews artists and reviews the event. I would not have had half of the events in the last year had it not been for her.

A’Damaged Pro - What are some of your own favorite photographs?

Diego Acevedo - I love my Above & Beyond photos. Those are by far the ones I’m proud of most. They occasionally share my work as well, so that’s always nice. Above & Beyond always inspire such real emotion and moments wherever they play and I try & capture that. I think the fans love them as well. 1620595_709576612396040_1002316564_n-2A’Damaged Pro - How did you hear about Electronica Life?

Diego Acevedo - It was a funny experience. I saw one of my photos on the Electronica Life Facebook page without any mention of me, which happens all the time for photographers. We cleared it up and the rest is history from there. Now I’m happy to be here with you guys today.

A’Damaged Pro - Do you attend these festivals and events as media/press?

Diego Acevedo - Yes, anytime I cover a festival I always go as media/press. It grants me basic access so I can get the shots I need, but if I’m covering an artist then I’ll usually be allowed on stage for their set if I’m not granted all-access.

A’Damaged Pro - You mentioned that your writer friend at Vibe & DJ Mag helped you…for those events you fly under their flag for press purposes?

Diego Acevedo - Yeah, anytime I shoot with Sara, we’re both under the Vibe brand & whatever content they choose goes up in an article or photo gallery.

A’Damaged Pro – Do you have a club residency anywhere?

Diego Acevedo - An official residency, no not yet. But there is this nightclub in Dallas called Lizard Lounge that I do shoot at regularly. Although it’s not an official residency, I know the staff well and it feels like a second home to me.

A’Damaged Pro - You mentioned building your portfolio shooting anything…what were you shooting and how did you translate that into your first event opportunity?

Diego Acevedo - When I was getting my foot in the door, Lizard Lounge was where I basically taught myself how to shoot. Lucky for me, they are very relaxed if someone wants to bring a camera in for an event and just shoot from the crowd. As I mentioned earlier, Full Access brings the best artists to Dallas and the usual venue is Lizard Lounge. It seems like all the elements were just right in order for me to fully grasp nightlife photography. Once I was able to build a solid beginner portfolio from the heavy-hitter DJ’s that would come through Lizard Lounge, I began to contact artists and various media outlets until I was able to land my first booking.

Well, it was awhile back but I remember not really getting a response from artists. Which was to be expected, even now I have a hard time & it doesn’t help that 90% of it is just emailing the press reps & hoping for the best. I had much better luck with some of the mid- size edm blogs & that’s how I got my first booking.

A’Damaged Pro –  How large was your original portfolio when you first started contacting artists?

Diego Acevedo – Well it was a while back but I remember not really getting a response from artists. Which was to be expected, even now I have a hard time and it doesn’t help that 90% of it is just emailing the press reps and hoping for the best. I had much better luck with some of the mid-size EDM blogs and that’s how I got my first booking.

I think I had about a solid 50 shots in my portfolio at the beginning, and thankfully that was enough to convince Kent of Electronic Midwest to take a chance with me, and even that was me reaching out to him cold and simply asking to cover some local events under Electronic Midwest.

It’s always hardest for any photographer in the beginning to cover events. I feel like now I’m starting to really break out of the mold and I’m finding it easier to get access to the festivals I want. It just took a bit of time, but well worth it!

A’Damaged Pro’s final words…

You have to chase your dreams and believe in yourself. There’s no real substitution for a harmony between self-confidence and quality work. If you’ve got it, you’ve got it but there is always room to grow. If you find some aspect of your craft is lacking, you have to put in the work. Don’t be afraid to learn and don’t be afraid to fail. When it comes together, you’ll know it was all worth it. Diego never gave up and he’s picking up speed and credentials as we speak. There’s always hope if you are determined to make your dreams come true.

Connect with Diego Acevedo: Facebook

Rephlektions Into The Future – An Interview w/ Justin Kleinfeld

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

The old adage is “if you do what that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” However, if you want to succeed at life, on par with this needlepoint maxim, you must accept that realizing your potential and your dreams doesn’t happen overnight. Traditionally, you have to define your dream and then you have to work for it. Sometimes, an individual’s passion, a fortuitous turn of events, and a gentle nudge from a friend can bring a dream into focus that you never even knew you had. Justin Kleinfeld is living his dream. He was able to nurture his innate love for electronic music into a public relations dynamo that has represented global powerhouses like Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, and Swedish House Mafia.Magnetic-JK-822x1024
A’Damaged Pro - Can you describe the “AHA” moment that led to the creation of Rephlektor Inkorporated?

Justin Kleinfeld – A friend of mine who is also a prominent artist manager was the one who first made the suggestion that I start my own company tied to public relations. I always wanted to do something on my own but it didn’t occur to me that the “thing” would be starting a PR company. So I guess a little encouragement from a friend was that “AHA” moment.

A’Damaged Pro - What’s the personal significance behind the name?

Justin Kleinfeld - I wanted to pick a name that people would look at and try and pronounce. Something unusual. My thought was that people would never forget the name if it was cool and different. The name itself was inspired by an acid techno track from the 90’s.

A’Damaged Pro - What was the electronic music scene like when you were in college? What are two key differences that you notice between now and then?

Justin Kleinfeld - I was in college during the late 90’s electronica explosion. So we’re talking about the days of classic Underworld, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, The Orb, Orbital, Drum n’ bass, breaks, Twilo, etc. What an amazing time. One of the major differences was that there was more anonymity in the music. Of course there were “hits,” relatively speaking, but I would often go to a club back then and if I heard more than a handful of tracks I knew then it was unusual. There was something special about how the DJ would take you on a journey playing tracks that you never heard before. Today, most sets are filled with tracks we’ve heard many times. The internet plays a big role in that as does the nature of “the concert experience” where fans have an expectation to hear certain tracks during a Djs set.

Another difference is the record store experience. I’m all for progress, but man do I miss browsing the aisles of Tower Records. I used to go there at least once a week and always found music I didn’t know was even released. Also, since the CD and vinyl experience involved a physical product I felt that I needed to listen to it until I liked the music. Not everything will sound great at first, but since I spent my money on it, I gave it many chances. Now with digital music, it’s so easy to click and if you don’t like it, throw it in the virtual trash.

A’Damaged Pro - What prompted your foray into media relations and artist publicity?

Justin Kleinfeld - I was first in the film industry and then being that I was such a fan of dance music I took a job at CMJ. In time I became the dance editor and had a weekly column. I then freelanced for many other magazines and made a lot of connections. A PR company came to me and asked if I would be open to helping them on a part-time basis and that’s how I learned about PR. So it all sort of happened unexpectedly.

A’Damaged Pro - Was there a defining moment where you realized “I’m in the game for real?”

Justin Kleinfeld - I look back to one moment when I was at CMJ. Back then there wasn’t this infatuation with chilling in the DJ booth. You were out on the floor and you danced. So I had interviewed Josh Wink a few weeks earlier and knew he was coming to NYC to play a club called Centro Fly. I went to the club with my girlfriend (now my wife) and I took a napkin and wrote a message in her lipstick explaining who I was. I reached over and handed the napkin to Josh while he was Djing and he immediately invited me into the booth. I’ll never forget that feeling when the door opened and I saw the crowd from his perspective. It was kinda like in The Wizard Of Oz when Dorothy lands in OZ and the film turns from black and white to color. I still think about that to this day.

A’Damaged Pro - Los Angeles, Vegas, New York, Chicago, and Miami are often touted as the premier hubs of the domestic EDM scene. What do you think other metro areas can do to raise their respective national profile and bring awareness to their EDM community?

Justin Kleinfeld – Those are all places that have traditionally had ties to dance music. Vegas is Vegas. But there are a lot of other smaller markets you wouldn’t expect to have strong scenes. Places like El Paso and Albuquerque have tremendous fan bases and many Djs love playing there. I think it boils down to having a strong dance music community lead by great fans, promoters and a top notch venue.

A’Damaged Pro - How do you feel that technology has influenced the realms of media relations and artist interactivity?

Justin Kleinfeld – It’s changed a lot. When I first started it was all about mailing CDs with a press release. Now you can get someone music through a digital download as an acceptable promo. Definitely more efficient and saves me time and money. The other thing is social media. Artists can often help increase their own awareness by being strong on socials. we’ve seen numerous examples of artists generating awareness by having a strong opinion on a topic, being funny, etc.

A’Damaged Pro - Parties and glamour aside, what is the most intrinsically rewarding part of your job? What makes you smile from the inside?

Justin Kleinfeld – Being able to make a career out of what I’m so passionate about. When I was in college I was the one blasting dance music in my dorm. I wanted everyone to hear the music I loved. So now I have a job that enables me to do just that.

A’Damaged Pro - Channel your inner soothsayer on this one. Genres are fusing and have been fusing for some time. Cross-over collaborations are becoming more and more common. What progression do you feel is necessary to create the tipping point for large media outlets to recognize EDM as a true force and not just a “niche market?”

Justin Kleinfeld – I think larger media do regard this as a true force, though, that doesn’t mean they necessarily want to write about it. In fact, one prominent journalist even wrote me that he considers EDM to be “anti-music.” So it’s a constant fight despite dance music’s popularity. I think that dance music artists who continue to push the envelope and do things differently and/or that relate on a human interest level will get the majority of the mainstream press.

A’Damaged Pro - Any chance of circling the wagons and having a “Rephlektor Fest?”

Justin Kleinfeld - Well, I would definitely choose a different name for such an event  Approaching Rephlektor’s 10-year anniversary in about 18 months so maybe I’ll figure out a way to celebrate. Maybe I’ll rent out an abandoned prison and throw a big party. I would call the party “The Big House.” Obviously, it works for dance music but one term for prison is also “The Big House.

A’Damaged Pro’s final words…

With the constant influx of newer technology, the remarkable interconnectedness of the global community requires that methodologies and business models be perpetually refined in order to stay ahead of the curve. At the very core of this evolution are the people that keep the machine running. When personal integrity and genuine appreciation for the artists and crafts they represent are the guiding forces of these individuals, prosperity and communion can be attained. Justin Kleinfeld is definitely one of these individuals. He has my respect and I wish him nothing but continued success. The only advice I can provide is that I hope he follows through with “The Big House” celebration because that sounds like it could be a great time.

Connect with Justin Kleinfeld: Website | Twitter

Taste Makers Setting The Bar For A New Standard – An Interview w/Leo Levo & DareX

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life

Orange County resident DJ’s Leo Levo and DareX join forces to produce their first track together entitled “High Fidelity.” Complete with thumping bass lines, soaring synths and progressive lifts, the unique styles of Leo Levo & Darex combine on High Fidelity to create a polished and quality produced track of high caliber. We recently had a chance to catch up with these two sharp taste makers setting the bar for a new standard of organic and multi-dimensional music.

Crystal Garcia - When did you both first make the connection that being a DJ and performing is the path you wanted to pursue?

Leo Levo and DareX - Going out and experiencing true veteran sets from artists such as Carl Cox and Mark Knight reeled us into the scene. Their ability to take the crowd on a journey is something we admire and try to emulate in our sets.

Crystal Garcia - What was the inspiration behind Midnite Sessions, the all black attire nights you’ve hosted and headlined at The Yost Theater in Orange County?

Leo Levo - Midnite Sessions was originally created to build a night solely focused on proper dance music. I wanted people to remember the night for more than just bottle service and go-go’s. Which led me to work with Darex, I needed someone who knew what they were doing. He was the only DJ I could depend on to set the tone for the night. After 3 successful shows we sat down and got to business

Crystal Garcia - How would you guys describe your style?

Leo Levo and DareX - Big Room / Tribal / Techno influenced, anything with a solid groove ;)

Crystal Garcia - What is your mid studio snack?

Leo Levo and DareX - In-N-Out Burger & Afters Ice Cream!
Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

Crystal Garcia - “High Fidelity” is your first collaboration, what was the experience while producing your first track together?

Leo Levo and DareX - The experience was great, we both share a similar vision. Individually we are very detailed oriented, so working together only made us work harder.

Crystal Garcia - You’ve already performed all over Orange County and some areas of Los Angeles, are there any venues you hope to perform at?

Leo Levo and DareX - It’s all about the crowd. As long as the dance floor is up for it, we are there.

Crystal Garcia - What are your dreams and aspirations for the near future?

Leo Levo and DareX - To make music that lasts, we want to move people and have them enjoy what we do as much as we do.

Crystal Garcia - Can you talk about any upcoming productions that you’ve finished or are working on?

Leo Levo and DareX - Of course, we have a bunch of projects lined up that we will be releasing in the coming months!

Connect with Leo Levo: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter
Connect with DareX: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


Thomas Gold DJ Contest and Release of “Beast” Collab with Borgeous

A new track and a crazy contest that could make someone extremely off-the-charts happy? Thomas Gold is at it again. This newest dose of high-octane fun, “Beast,” is his latest collaboration with Borgeous. The attendees of EDC NY were lucky enough to get a world premiere taste of it back in May. The rest of the world has to impatiently wait for July 18th. If that wasn’t enough, Mr. Gold is looking to take his scheduled activity on August 2nd to the next level. He’s playing in NYC at Governor’s Beach with an after-party at Pacha, and he’s inviting all DJs that are looking for their big break to enter his unique contest. Upload your (15) minute mini-mix to Soundcloud by July 14th. Judging will take place July 15th-21st, with the final decision being made by Thomas Gold himself. The A-List prize package for the winner includes: a (30) minute opening set at Governor’s Island, a (30) minute closing set at Pacha, (1) VIP Table at Pacha, (1) Hotel Room for two people, (1) Meet & Greet with Thomas Gold, and (2) Tickets for Governor’s Island & Pacha. If you’re looking to play or just looking to dance, this event will be solid gold.

 Contest details here & Enter contest here!

Connect with Thomas Gold: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

BT & Christian Burns – New Single “Paralyzed” and 5-Date Tour

The cosmic fates of electronic music have decided to reunite the stylings of BT and Christian Burns once again. Their new collaboration, “Paralyzed,” is slated for release on Enhanced Music on August 11th. If the success of their past projects, including “Suddenly,” “Forget Me,” and “The Emergency,” is any indication of what kind of response you can expect from this track, then we are all in for a treat. “Paralyzed” is perfect for cruising down the highway in a convertible or putting your “hearts” in the sky at a festival. BT and Christian Burns are celebrating the pending release with a five date tour from Calgary to Dallas.

Connect with BT: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Christian Burns: Website | Facebook | Twitterartworks-000084708675-n64f8h-t500x500

An Electric Mystic With Eyes On The Future – An Interview w/ Ezekiel

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

When I heard this guy’s story that fused mystic roots with an electric baseline I immediately had a picture in my mind. I envisioned him being born under a full moon on a cool desert night. Constellations lined up to foreshadow what would happen to this musical realm when his power was unleashed. Tribal instruments and folk dancing celebrate his arrival. I get the impression of a darker electro-based Stevie Ray Vaughn with appropriate dashes of Shpongle and Nadastrom. Enough of the cosmic dark and mysterious bit. I caught up with one of the hottest new talents to come out of Mexico, Ezekiel, and we had a discussion about how it all started coming together.facebook-electronicalife-entrevista
A’Damaged Pro - Where were you born?

Ezekiel – Guadalajara, Mx, but I’ve been living in Monterrey since I was born.

A’Damaged Pro - What was the electronic scene like there as you were growing up? How has it changed as you’ve grown?

Ezekiel - Jungle/ Drum n Bass was the thing here by 96/97 just like Hip Hop with the legendary band Control Machete. We had Goldie, LTJ Bukem and Aphrodite but I was super little at that time. Trance and House became the real things in the city but I didn’t get really involved into electronica until 2004. I loved Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, and Pendulum, BSE, Andy C, etc. later on.

A’Damaged Pro - Your parents were both musicians. What instruments did you play growing up?

Ezekiel - Yeah both are singers and musicians, I had my singing debut when 5 years old (`93) and started playing drums in the same year, later started with electric bass, and kept singing.

A’Damaged Pro - What influence do you think your folklore musical background has on your attitude towards music now?

Ezekiel - To be eclectic and definitely the fact that I love all kinds of music, in different ways of course. Fusion and cross-overs with ethnic music for example, drive me crazy. That’s why I love tribal guarachero.

A’Damaged Pro - I read that Metal was your first hardcore musical passion. How did you journey into the electronic realm?

Ezekiel - Sepultura, Carcass, and Pantera where big influences for me because of their passion and heaviness with music and sound. I think because of that, I’m down with heavy electronica, deep, dark and filled with emotions.

A’Damaged Pro - Did you have a mentor? What equipment did you have when you started?

Ezekiel - Sebastian Padilla (a good friend and internationally renowned graphic designer “Anagrama´´) taught me about Metal when I was very little but I learned everything bout electronica by myself, MTV and Internet radio. I just had a PC and reason at the beginning.

A’Damaged Pro - Are there specific elements of mysticism and tribal culture that you try to incorporate into your music?

Ezekiel - I love Chinese, Arab, and Greek cultures and spiritualism. I also do traditional Martial Arts so, I try to imprint what I´ve learned in my stuff, still it’s EDM so it’s weird haha. “Life begins at Night,” for example, is deeper than people imagine.

A’Damaged Pro - You’ve provided support for some very notable international acts. Was there one that was the most enjoyable to watch perform?

Ezekiel - I LOVE Buraka Som Sistema!!!!. Limewax was SICK. Diplo is a monster, and Thieves Like Us and JD Samson were really nice to have met them in person as well.

A’Damaged Pro - If you could collaborate with any artist, throughout time, who would it be?

Ezekiel - Wagner.

A’Damaged Pro - What was your reaction when Adidas chose “Tecnica VIP” for their World Cup 2014 ad?

Ezekiel - I was impressed and at the same time satisfied, a very nice surprise.

A’Damaged Pro - Your first EP was “Life Begins At Night.” What was the driving force behind the theme for this album?

Ezekiel - I wanted to create something new with the elements I love, and loved at the time. I tried to define something different, “Drop ur Ass” song style is my statement, Neuro Swag I said that time, not sure now bout the second word but, you know what I mean.

A’Damaged Pro - How do you feel your style evolved between that EP and the release of “The Twilight of the Dogs?”

Ezekiel - “The Twilight of the Dogs” is between a whim and fantasy, something I felt I had to do. Shadowrun/ Skyfall & The Twilight are very intimate for me, and Mota & Gurrr Swag are more club oriented songs.

A’Damaged Pro - What’s your dream gig and what do you think you need to do to make that dream a reality?

Ezekiel - Damn thats a good question, but I believe that playing with my favorite acts (after or before) and having my favorite vocalists and rappers featured on my show will make the difference. I gotta keep moving and innovate to capture their attention, I feel close.

My word to USA bass lovers:

I can’t wait to play and share with you guys in person, I want to unite the Bass scenes around the world and will love to tour America, give back a little of the lots I’ve learned from you. NY, LA, Houston music for example

Mad Luv…


A’Damaged Pro’s final words…

He’s picking up momentum and notoriety with every headliner he supports, gaining knowledge and experience with every encounter. His instinctual groove is undeniable and it’s readily apparent that his craft is evolving. He has a hunger and a drive that’s paralleled only in the wild. It would be pure speculation on my part to try and determine what this gentleman’s rise through the ranks will be like, but rest assured it will be happening. A distinct harmony of sounds, merging centuries of culture with contemporary technology, that is capable of driving your heart rate up and directing your third eye skyward is not something to be taken lightly.

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Prime By Name And Fibonacci By Style – An Interview w/ Justin Prime

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

There’s something inside every aspiring artist that pushes them to keep going, to seek new opportunities, and work for that big break they’ve been searching for since jump street. The path to success isn’t regulated. There are twists and turns at every corner and opportunities aren’t always recognizable at face value. Asking a friend to listen to one of your tracks might spark the brainstorm session that sets the path to progress on fire. Showtek has been grooming their newest prodigy, Justin Prime, and he is ready to take the world by storm. What started as a simple listen/collaboration combo has grown into something entirely next-level.
A’Damaged Pro - Where in The Netherlands did you grow up?

Justin Prime – I grew up in a small town called Huizen next to Amsterdam.

A’Damaged Pro - What led to your decision to acquire an audio engineer degree? Where did you study? Did you have a mentor? What was your experience like?

Justin Prime - I wanted to know more about the technical side behind music production like how to use the compressor, equalizer, limiters, etc. They also taught me how to train my ears at school for effects like the use of delay, chorus or reverb. These are just the basic stuff, but very important things to master.

A’Damaged Pro - Were you playing in clubs and producing while you were still in school? Where did you get your first gig?

Justin Prime - I got my first gig at the age of 15 on a school party. There were only like 80 people, but I was sh*tting my pants haha! I can still remember that night. I have been studying and dj’ing in the clubs since the age of 15. At the age of 17 I started to produce my own music. At that time I was already playing piano, which I started to do at the age of 5.

A’Damaged Pro - Which element is more personally fulfilling for you, producing or Djing?

Justin Prime - That is such a hard question. As much as I love dj’ing and being on stage, I would probably go mentally insane if I would stop producing music. So I will have to go for music production here. I think it’s fair to say that I’m actually more a musician than a dj, but I love both! Still though, I mean I had a gig where I was playing for 40.000 people somewhere last month.. Now that gives a big rush too!

A’Damaged Pro - What is your favorite type of music to make?

Justin Prime - EDM/Pop music. It’s as easy as that

A’Damaged Pro - How did you and Showtek link up? Was there any specific inspiration for the track “Cannonball?”

Justin Prime - I already knew Showtek for like 6 years back then, because we both came from the hardstyle scene and I was releasing tracks on their record label for years already. Then in the summer of 2012 I made Cannonball which back then was still called “drop it”, and I sent it over to my buddy Wouter from Showtek to ask if they could test it in the club and tell me what they think. The next day they called me if I was willing to release the track together.

I said “Sure let’s do it!” so a few days later we met in the studio, re-arranging and adding some stuff like fill sounds and the cannonball kick which Showtek came up with (which was a really good idea!!), mixing the track better, etc.. and so Cannonball was born.
A’Damaged Pro - Do you have any plans to establish your own label?

Justin Prime - Yes, but not at the moment. I mean, it can be really annoying sometimes since most record labels have a long waiting list and can easily put your release on the shelf for 3 to 6 months or so.. So to have your own label isn’t actually such a bad idea, but it takes a lot of time and not to forget also a lot of money if you want to do it right. Nahh I’ll just stick with releasing on other labels for now. But it certainly is something I’m considering for the future.

A’Damaged Pro - Are there any collaborations in the mix that you can talk about now?

Justin Prime - I can only say I have a collab finished with D-Wayne at the moment.

A’Damaged Pro - Did you have a specific mission in mind for this exclusive guest mix?

Justin Prime - Yes, I like to dj the way that I produce my music. I’ll explain to you what I mean: You probably all know me from making harder stuff like Cannonball or Thunderbolt, but I actually also have a more musical side which I want to show you. I have a new track finished which is a little bit softer and more poppie-edm than you’re used from me, but that’s my other side as a producer. And that’s also the thing I want to reflect in my mixing, that I have a very big taste and wide selection when it comes to music and that I can do both.

A’Damaged Pro - If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Justin Prime - America, and I’m actually going to in July this year!

A’Damaged Pro - Does any moment from an event or festival just stand out for you? What made that moment so significant to you?

Justin Prime - Just to name one that recently happened: I was looking my eyes out at Kingsday when I was playing for a crowd containing 40.000 people. That was so sick!

A’Damaged Pro - Where would you like to see your career this time next year? In five years?

Justin Prime - Next year: Playing all the big festivals in the world!

Five years: Being satisfied by reaching that point where I want to be with my musical development as a producer and musician. If this means that by then I’m on top of the world, then that’s great. But for me, I just want to become an even better producer and musician, that’s all.
A’Damaged Pro’s final words…

This guy is motivated and dialed in to make some serious moves in the near future. I find it really cool that his grandest dream is to simply be the best, artistically, that he can be. He’s not worried about jets, diamonds, and Bugattis. It’s all about the music and the respective crafts of producing and performing. Some might argue that he hasn’t been blinded by the lights yet and things can change, but the genuineness of his demeanor leads me to believe that he just wants to wow the world with great music. Only time will tell.

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