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Getting Introspective With Dutch Musician MaRLo

*written by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life

As I sat across from Dutch musician and Electronic artist MaRLo the Thursday of EDC week in Las Vegas, I was struck by how kind and polite he appeared. I could tell immediately how genuine and appreciative he was and that his presence made those around him feel comfortable. When listening to his music, I realized that there’s a dynamic range of sound, going from a beautiful dreamy sound to pumping heavy beats. Lucky to be able to grab a conversation before his performance at the Marquee Day Club pool party during EDC week, we got into all sorts of topics – from intention to inspiration.

Lizzie Rose: When did you get to the point when you knew this was something you were supposed to be doing?

MaRLo: When I was little I used to like drawing a lot and painting and creative things. I also really liked computers and I started making creative animations. Those things kind of fused together and for that, I started making music as the sound effects- So that got me into starting to make music which I enjoyed just as a hobby for a few years, but I got given a tiny opportunity when one of my friends submitted one of my tracks for a radio show contest. Now it didn’t win, but the fact that it was even submitted got me thinking- “Hey, I could do this for a living- This could be something real instead of just a hobby.”

It wasn’t until I was working at a venue in Holland carrying other DJ’s equipment and experiencing the backstage experience and what it was actually like- seeing it from the other side. That’s when I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life.

Lizzie Rose: Was being around the culture and being around others who were excelling in the electronic space inspiring for your progression?

MaRLo: Not so much the success part, I’ve never been focused on or hungry for some sort of success- because in my opinion, success means you’re doing what you love to do. So in that respect, I am already very successful. Because I love what I do, Every day. Once you have that, everything that comes after is just icing on the cake.

Lizzie Rose: Who are some of the artists whose music you’ve connected with throughout your career?

MaRLo: There’s a lot of people who have inspired me, especially early on I am originally Dutch and moved to australia when I was very young. Because of my european background I’ve instinctively felt a connection to the Dutch DJ’s like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, and Sander van Doorn. One because I really liked their music, and two because they were Dutch.

Lizzie Rose: What was the feeling like as you started sharing your music with more and more people.

MaRLo: As soon as you’re standing in front of a crowd, you know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. When you are following your passions, you know you are on the right path because your heart is in it.

Lizzie Rose: Since you have the ability to influence the energy of the crowd and bring them on a journey. Do you do that intentionally and do you try to guide the experience of the crowd?

MaRLo: Every audience is as different as they are similar. Everyone wants to enjoy the social environment and feel like they are sharing an experience together, but also people respond differently to music in different parts of the world. I never pre plan my sets, so I always read my audience and feel which set our journey would fit that crowd best. A freezing cold stadium in Prague is completely different from a pool party in Vegas.

Lizzie Rose: Would you say it’s like a conversation? A back and forth exchange between you and the crowd?

MaRLo: Absolutely. It’d be like wearing beach attire to a formal wedding if I didn’t listen as well. You have to match the feeling of the music to the feeling of the crowd you are with.

Lizzie Rose: Do you have a favorite place to perform?

MarLo: Australia really feels like home. I’ve lived there for so long, I consider myself Australian. It is also cool going back to Holland but I don’t have an attachment creatively to Holland, but I do have an attachment from living there when I was a little boy, so there is a strong moment of pride when I play there.

Lizzie Rose: Would you say that your music either song by song or by set, tells a story?

MaRLo: I would like to think so. I make music first and foremost as a creative outlet. When I’m happy I want to make music and when I’m sad I want to make music. It’s a way to get my mind off of things so for me it’s something I have to do or I go crazy. Sometimes it’s dark and sometimes it’s not. I struggle a lot with making the same type of music, so I just do what I like to do. I think the audience shares in the experience with me in my story.

Lizzie Rose: When I photograph I get into a flow state, my mind shuts off and I am just the creator.

MaRLo: Exactly, there’s no thought behind it. If I went into the studio and sat down and thought, this style is very popular right now, I am going to create a song that fits within it- that’s very easy to do. But, are you really expressing how you feel in that moment or are you riding on someone else’s style and path? In the past that has meant that my career has taken longer at certain points because my style isn’t for everyone. But it’s true to me. When I create it’s like a child playing with blocks- I experiment and hit other chords until it grows.

Lizzie Rose: I feel like people are very appreciative of what you do and how you help them explore their emotions. Music can be such a great equalizer that helps us cope.

MaRLo: I think music can encourage the emotions you’re feeling and it can also neutralize them. For instance if you’re really angry at something you want to feel even angrier and listen to angry music that matches your mood. And then maybe listen to something that calms you down. I think there’s room for all types of emotions within music.
My interview with MaRLo truly proved what an awesome heart is behind the music he creates. I consider myself lucky to have been able to hear about his journey throughout his career and how it serves as such a beautiful outlet. It is my hope that more artists of all kinds can find an outlet to share their emotions with the world. Be sure to check out his pictures from this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival performance at the Las Vegas Speedway below & connect with him on facebook here.

(photo credit: Bondio for Insomniac Events)

CONTEST: Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H., “We Are” (VANDIT)

The time is right to join together in peace and humanity. Trance titans Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Paul van Dyk want to see who you are!

It’s easy:
1) Take a pic or 6-second (max) video clip (sans audio)
2) Tag your media with the hashtag #WeAre
3) Upload to your socials….that’s it!

Paul van Dyk, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and VANDIT Records will track your posts and select one (1) winner in each of the following territories for a very special backstage meet-and-greet with PvD and M.O.R.P.H. at a show near you coming soon: 1) North America; 2) Europe & the UK; 3) Australia; 4) Asia; 5) South America; 6) South Africa.

Hurry! Contest ends at 11:59pm EDT September 12th, 2016.

The new single from Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Paul van Dyk, “We Are” (VANDIT) is out on September 2nd from the forthcoming studio album, Not All Superheroes Wear Capes (VANDIT).

*Legal disclaimer: Prizes do not include ground transportation or accommodations. You must be age 21+ to enter this contest. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.


Laughter, Love, and Lessons at Serenity Gathering 2016

*written & photographed by Lizzie Rose for Electronica Life
Serenity Gathering is always a powerful experience. This was my second year attending, and the anticipation of traveling to Joshua Tree for the festival grew as it loomed closer. As it was the first festival of my 2016 season, the Serenity Gathering experience began with gathering for Serenity. Digging through closets and garages to put together the necessary gear, clothes, and supplies that hadn’t been touched in months for the upcoming season was tenuous but also rewarding as I finally shut the trunk and began my four hour drive.

I arrived at Serenity Gathering greeted by an awesome welcoming team full of smiles. Driving in I saw so many colorful and creative camping set ups and people walking around greeting each other and preparing for the weekend. I followed the windy and sandy road lined with joshua trees and desert foliage until I found the perfect spot to set up camp. This year Serenity had a three stage set up, with two smaller stages out in the desert and one main stage surrounded by vendors and art. The main stage played music each night until midnight, with the two smaller stages going until sunrise. As my friends arrived we geared up for the first night, the vibe was high and the sunset was beautiful- little did we know what an experience the weekend would bring.
Friday night the sun set to Big Wild on the mainstage, followed by my favorite set of the weekend- Ill Gates. Desert Dwellers delivered their signature sound closing down the main stage for the night and leading us to the Bridge Family and New Moon stages for Labrat, Nico Luminous, and Andrelien. Saturday we caught Mr. Bill, Phutureprimitive, and Shpongle. I always seem to miss Shpongle at festivals so seeing him was a highlight of the night. Fire dancers and performers enhanced each set and created a stimulating experience for the audience. Late night sets included Lafa Taylor and Govinda’s melodic sounds as our 3:00 am lullaby. The last night of Serenity faced some technical difficulties and therefore time changes. I caught Nahko & Medicine for the People followed by Emancipator on the main stage, and Thriftworks, one of Pumpkin’s last sets, and Random Rab late night on the smaller stages.

Serenity Gathering was an emotional weekend for my group of friends for reasons aside from the festival. We faced a rollercoaster of as we endured external hardships, personal loss, and the delicate state of life and love on this earth. Together we faced these challenges with Serenity as our space of healing. Serenity reminded us that no matter what happens, we have each other and we are supported by the communities that we create through art and celebration of life. We share emotion as we share experiences, our hardships as well as our accomplishments. I will always remember this gathering as one that taught me huge lessons about myself and my family.

Serenity Gathering is a family event. By that I mean that it is not a huge festival with over the top performances by distant artists. It is a festival where an artist will play a set and then wander around with the attendees. It is a festival that gives the attendees space to create and flow, manifesting the overall group experience. The intention of Serenity Gathering is a genuine one, and though there were issues with organization, there is no doubt in my mind that I will be returning for whatever lessons it plans to teach me in 2017. Thank you Serenity for bringing me closer to myself and my friends, see you next year.

Groove Cruise Debuts Official Teaser Video For Cabo Sailing


GC Cabo Sails October 28 from San Diego
120 Hours of Continuous Music, Five Days, Ten Sunrises and Sunsets

Groove Cruise, the founders and leaders of the floating dance music festival movement, will once again set sail this October, charting a course to Cabo San Lucas, a first for any musical cruise.

The trailblazing cruise liner today debuted the official teaser video for Groove Cruise Cabo, transporting veteran cruisers and newfound fans alike to the Groove Cruise paradise.

Featuring sweeping shots of Cabo San Lucas and stunning visuals of Groove Cruise’s renowned parties, Groove Cruise Cabo’s official teaser trailer showcases the unique vibe that is found only on-board the ship. It is through this lens of unabashed revelry that the Groove Cruise experience is revealed. For its loyal attendees, Groove Cruise is much more than another party– it is a reunion of family from across the globe, an off-the-grid escape into extravagance, and an opportunity for endless spontaneous adventure.

Groove Cruise Cabo will stand alone as the world’s longest floating festival, departing from San Diego on October 28 and returning November 2. Passengers will be treated to luxurious accommodations including 16 extraordinary dining options and a full spa and fitness center aboard the Norwegian Sun, which they will call home through ten sunrises and sunsets. The ship will dock overnight in Cabo San Lucas on October 30, allowing passengers to explore Cabo’s iconic white sand beaches and colonial architectural landmarks, and even zip-line through the region’s famed canyons before returning to a Groove Cruise hosted private beach party.

Encapsulating everything from vibe-ridden sunrises and sunsets, magical main-stage moments, and after-hours sessions on the open deck, Groove Cruise has retained its reputation as dance music’s premiere destination event since its inception. Groove Cruise Cabo will see the expedition define new standards as they set sail on untouched horizons.

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Back To The Further Future 2016

Further Future is perhaps one of the more mysterious and intriguing events on the festival circuit this year. From April 29th to May 1st, the creators of Robot Heart will transform the Moapa River Indian Reservation outside of Las Vegas into a futuristic desert playground of entertainment and creativity. The buzz after Further Future’s debut last year has kept the festival community waiting in anticipation for year two.
With visionary leaders in music, tech, wellness, and cuisine coming together in a specifically planned creative collaboration, the festival is sure to provide inspiration and enjoyment for all types of attendees. The lineup boasts an impressive array of artists including Nicolas Jaar, Caribou, Four Tet, Lee Burridge, Leftfield, The Pharcyde and 50+ more. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Not so fast… In order to attend Further Future you have to request an invitation and answer a few questions about yourself, inevitably ensuring that this will be an intimate and powerful gathering of like minded yet diverse attendees.

Further Future promises to be a “guest-centric festival experience with the goal of creating an ecosystem where amazing people from all walks of life and skill sets can collaborate to push mankind forward.” Damn. Sign us up.

For more information and to request an invitation to Further Future – click here


Desert Hearts Festival 2016 is Upon Us Once Again!

Feels like we here at Electronica Life are just winding down from the buzz we experienced at Desert Hearts three year anniversary in November. The fact that we get to celebrate with the Desert Hearts crew all over again in a week (April 1st – 4th) has us like little kids on Christmas.

As the weather gets warmer and the sun heats up the west coast, festivals are beginning to bloom all throughout the country. Desert Hearts revs the festival season engine, bringing an awesome lineup to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation once again for three days of techno. Atish, Butch, Dance Spirit (live), DJ Harvey, and Heartthrob and many more headline the gathering, with the beloved Desert Hearts Crew with Mikey Lion, Porkchop, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Deep Jesus keeping the “hometown vibes” strong.

Desert Hearts is such an incredible display of creation and art. A walk throughout the venue will have attendees crossing paths with many live artists, installations, lounge areas, and carefully chosen vendors. Everything about the Desert Hearts vibe is on point, which is probably why such a loyal family has grown from the events. When you are at a Desert Hearts event, you are family.

Tickets & Info – Click Here


Lucidity Festival, an Experience of the Mind, Body, and Soul

Lucidity Festival, one of the most anticipated transformational festivals this season, is shaping up to be an incredible experience. As it draws closer, from April 8th to the 10th, Lucidity Festival and all of it’s lucky attendees will be celebrating together in Santa Barbara, California.

The festival’s lineup includes Haywyre, Kalya Scintilla with Eve Olution, Mark Farina, J Phlip, Bluetech, Kaminanda and 50+ more. This lineup is one of the more melodic and diverse that we’ve seen this upcoming season, and will provide something to please every set of ears that enters the gates.
​The temptation of attending Lucidity Festival doesn’t lie solely in its lineup, but also the extensive workshops, healers, and communities it provides for attendees. During the three days leading up to Lucidity, The festival has created a program called Lucid University, sets of intensives that train registrants in subjects such as reiki, permaculture, leadership, creativity, and lucid dreaming. We think it’s so beautiful that Lucidity takes the extra effort to affect the world around us.

We can’t wait to be out in the sunshine enjoying the multidimensional mind, body, and soul experience that is Lucidity Festival.

You can get tickets and more info here


Music With Heart Presents Crywolf (Live) At Bardot Inside Avalon Hollywood

cryfinal (1)
Music with Heart will be a very special red carpet event taking place at Bardot, located inside the world famous Avalon Hollywood, on Friday March 4, 2016. The music will be flowing with great energy, powerful talent, mouth watering drinks and most of all, the hearts that love.

Music with Heart is a movement that started 3 years ago in Los Angeles, CA with a mission to provide an environment for hearts alike to unify through music and dance while giving back to humanity. This year MWH is spreading their love to the organization, Education Through Music Los Angeles. ETMLA is an incredible non-profit organization that partners with inner-city schools to provide and promote music in disadvantaged schools as part of the core curriculum for every child to enhance academic achievement and creative development.

This year’s headliner is the talented Artist/Producer known as “Crywolf”. His first three EPs all charted in the top 3 on iTunes and secured spots on the Billboard charts for over two weeks. His most recent effort “Dysphoria”, received high praise amongst giant media outlets like Fuse and Red Bull, while charting on iTunes, Beatport, Xbox Music, and Spotify. With over 30 million total plays across online streaming platforms such as Pandora, Soundcloud, Youtube, and Spotify, and a ton of unreleased material in the bank, 2016 is set to be a huge year for Crywolf!

Purchase tickets in benefit of ETMLA:

For more information, please visit:

Snowboarders And Musicians Make Waves At Air + Style 2016

*written by Electronica Life Staff, Photos by Air + Style
Fans at Air + Style, held at EXPO Park at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 21 February, 2016.
In the heart of Los Angeles this past weekend, infamous snowboarder Shaun White presented the return of his Air + Style festival at Exposition Park at the LA Coliseum. The two day festival took place throughout the day and into the night on Saturday and Sunday as a celebration of music, technology, art and of course, all things snowboarding.

24 athletes competed on a 16 story jump fully equipped with man made snow maintained by the crews of Big Bear and Mammoth Mountain. It was quite an anomaly to witness a snowboard ramp in the middle of LA survive the 88 degree weather that is a Southern California “winter.” Nonetheless, each snowboarder took to the ramp to strut their moves that left the crowds below wide-eyed and dropping jaws in awe.

In true LA fashion, sunsets turned the skies into mesmerizing hues of pink, lavender, light yellow and orange as multiple athletes showcased impressive jumps that made for the perfect photo-ops as the bright sun slowly crept away in the backdrops. A few of the world’s best snowboarders competing included Yuki Kadono, Torgeir Bergrem, Antoine Truchon, and Kyle Mack, with Sven Thorgren of Sweden taking home the title of 2016 champion.
Emil Ulsletten competes at Air + Style, held at EXPO Park at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 21 February, 2016.
Both days of Air + Style were jam packed with musical performances to satisfy even the most selective of musical palates, including a wide variety of electronic acts. A-trak hit a sweet spot with fans on day 1 just as the sun was setting at the Mountain Stage, followed by sister trio HAIM The Band, rocking out as only females can and impressing the mainstage crowd.

Netsky brought the bass, drum and bass that is, to the City Stage nestled across the grounds. Into the night he dropped fan favorite “Rio” along with his remix of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, all the while longtime friend and MC “Scripps MC”, kept the crowd head bopping. Last but certainly not least, J. Cole closed out the Mountain stage in an ode to Biggie Smalls with a rendition of “Hypnotize”, which left the crowds roaring and cheering to the end of a successful first day.

On day 2, headliner Kaskade hit the decks once the night set in drawing a huge audience to the mainstage, opening with the classic Kaskade track “Only You.” He brought back a flood of memories as he gave a shout out to his last performance at the LA Coliseum during the last EDC that took place on the grounds, and closed the set with “I’ll Never Dream I’m In Love”, which he debuted during EDC 2010.
Rudimental performs at Air + Style, held at EXPO Park at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 21 February, 2016.
Next up at the City Stage, live UK act Rudimental had the audience grooving and singing along to every word as they performed fan favorites “Lay It All On Me’, “Waiting All Night” and of course, “I Will For Love.” Once Kaskade’s set ended fifteen minutes into Rudimental’s set time, there was no lack of abundant and energetic energy as Rudimental delivered a proper live set in one of the best performances of the weekend. It’s evident that a plethora of devoted new fans discovered Rudimental Saturday night, as it’s practically impossible not to instantly fall in love with the infectious beats and melodies these talented gentleman create.

In the most fitting closing performance of the weekend, Incubus took to the mainstage to the delight of gleeful longtime fans. Even after all these years, Brandon Boyd still has the magical touch as he wowed the audience displaying his love and passion for each song performed. Crowds roared at every insinuation of classic tracks such as “Stellar”, “Pardon Me”, and wildly cheered for a shirtless Brandon as he enthusiastically closed the night with a surprisingly entertaining take on Ginuwine’s 90’s track, “Pony.”

With a variety of unique sponsors including Stoli Vodka, KIND Bars, Pabst Blue Ribbon and many others, Air + Style created an entertaining, laid back and fun festival atmosphere. With the current landscape of new music festivals popping up everyday, it’s not an easy feat to combine music with a snowboarding competition of all things, but it’s clear that Shaun White and the team have accomplished the unlikely with plenty of their own acquired “Air” and “Style.”
Incubus performs at Air + Style, held at EXPO Park at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA, USA on 21 February, 2016.

Kaskade, Gramatik, Rudimental & Many More To Play AIR + STYLE Los Angeles February 20 – 21

Air + Style Flyer
“We have a heavy lineup for Air + Style 2016! It’s going be a full blow out in Downtown Los Angeles,” said Shaun White. “Air + Style is where the music, art, fashion, and sports worlds come together to have a great f#%€ing time! Plus great food, drinks and a learn-to-ride snowboard area! So see you there!” In addition to showcasing today’s premier snowboarders and artists, Air + Style is transforming Expo Park into an interactive festival with activities for every age. Big Bear Mountain Presents Learn to Snowboard & Ski, a mini ski slope where festival goers can snowboard and ski on man-made snow. Rides like bungee trampolines and a drop tower give attendees the chance to experience the thrill of Big Air Snowboarding. In addition, music lovers can take guitar lessons, learn to make beats or take the opportunity to live out their rock star dreams at the Pabst Wax recording studio where they can take home a copy of their set on vinyl as a keepsake.

Other activities include drone lessons with DJI, handson art projects and interactive art displays with 5 Points, and more. For foodies, Air + Style features gourmet bites representing the festival’s three tour stops. Attendees can grab a treat from “Chinatown,” “Austrian Village” and “Downtown LA” all featured throughout the festival grounds. Art lovers can also check out works on display by featured artists including Bonethrower, Jeff Soto and more.


Tickets and more info: