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Casey Rasch Announces New US Based Trance Label “UNRSTRCTD RECORDINGS”

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life

January 19, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Casey Rasch has announced the launch of his new record label, UNRSTRCTD Recordings.  The Los Angeles native trance producer and DJ envisions the label to be focused around trance including tech trance and psy-trance but as the label name states, it has no borders on the genres that it will feature.

Casey Rasch is no stranger to running a label and regarding the establishment of his new label he states, “With new influences that have grabbed my interest, I wanted something new”.  Rasch also hopes that through this label, he will be able to help and develop undiscovered talent.  “There are a lot of talented guys even within our local area of LA,” he says.

The label has distribution rights through Black Hole Recordings, a prominent trance and progressive trance record label in the Netherlands.  UNRSTRCTD Recordings will have its first release “Twisted Realities” an original by Casey Rasch feat Taranhawk in February.  For more information visit

About UNRSTRCTD Recordings: UNRSTRCTD Recordings – the name says it all.  Founded by Los Angeles native trance producer and DJ, Casey Rasch, the record label sees no limits on the musical possibilities and is based on the simple philosophy of pushing the boundaries to create pure quality – UNRSTRCTD – music.

About Casey Rasch: Casey Rasch is a Los Angeles native producer and DJ with a residency at LA’s premier nightclub, Exchange LA.  He has a primary focus on tech/psy/uplifting trance but crosses genre into techno and deep house for a full journey during his sets.  He has released from labels such as Pharmacy Music, Discover White/Dark Records, Black Hole Recordings, Lost Language and Blue Soho with support from many artists in the trance industry including but not limited to Armin Van Buuren, Simon Patterson, Christopher Lawrence, Paul Van Dyk and John Askew.

Sharkoffs… And His Daft Punk “Around the World” DnB Remix

Drum & Bass heads… Sharkoffs is back with another treat. This time styling a remix to Daft Punk’s “Around the World”. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

Connect with Sharkoffs here: Soundcloud | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter | Site

Above & Beyond debut “ WE ARE ALL WE NEED” North American tour at The Forum on February 6th

On Friday February 6th, electronic music magicians Above & Beyond return to Los Angeles for the highly anticipated “ WE ARE ALL WE NEED” tour supporting their new album of the same name. The LA date will act as the kick off show for a North American tour including 30+ dates. The last remaining tickets for The Forum show can be purchased here.

On the tour ABOVE & BEYOND (aka Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki) will present material from the new album as well as some of their favorite tracks from their own Anjunabeats label and family of artists.  The bus tour will take them to many corners of the continent including Nashville, St. Louis, Toronto, Syracuse, Boston, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco, with a two-night stop in Washington D.C.  The first announcement of dates follows below, with additional dates to be announced soon.

To accompany news of the tour, the trio have made available an album sampler for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the melodic and soulful sounds that only Above & Beyond can master, and we hope to see you at The Forum on February 6th!

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Jessie J’s “Burnin’ Up” Featuring 2 Chaniz Remix by M-SQUARED (Teaser & Premiere)

Our friend M-SQUARED recently released this remix… let us know what you think in the comments below!

Download the full track here:

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Big & Dirty Premier of D.A.F. – “All the Ravers”

*written by Vix for Electronica Life

Being released on Big & Dirty Recordings is yet another festival smasher entitled “All the Ravers” which can be argued to be the hottest release of January 2015. What better than a soon to be chart topping track release then throwing in a little mystery on top of it all? The artist releasing this track is known as D.A.F. Which is theorized to stand for “dope as fuck,” but no one can really say for sure what the artists abbreviated name stands for or even what the artist himself/herself looks like. All the mystery surrounding this artist and his/her Big & Dirty release immensely improves the level of interest surrounding his/her media take over.

“All the Ravers” is a track solely focused on describing what happens in an electronic event as well as representing all of its party hard patrons. With its huge sound and iconic soundbites followed by the support from legendary names such as: David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Hardwell, & Afrojack, this release is expected to sweep the EDM scene and be played at festivals worldwide. Who am I to tell you how “Big & Dirty” this track is? Check out the preview of this epic track yourself and bear witness to its rise to the top!

Crazy Naked Chick Bum Rushes Stage w/ Keys N Krates – BOOM!

Gem & Jam Festival 2015

*written by Lizzie Moore for Electronica Life


The holiday season is winding down, the decorations and lights are being packed away in their boxes, the bottles of champagne from New Years Eve are finally being recycled, but we at Electronica Life are looking forward to the next reason for celebration: Tucson’s 9th annual Gem & Jam gathering. Taking place on February 6,7, and 8th, the event will occur in the middle of Tucson’s two week “Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Showcase”.

With the return of world renowned artist Alex Grey and headliners such as Emancipator Ensemble, Papadosio, Michal Menert Trio (Pretty Lights Music), LTJ Bukem (UK drum & bass), The New Mastersounds, and many more, Gem & Jam promises to host an amazing musical and visual experience for attendees. With dancers, workshops, visual performers, high-end art galleries, and expertly planned production, Gem & Jam will be a playground of sensatory pleasure. The most amazing aspect of this gathering regardless of the hired talent, is the crowd that it brings. I attended Gem & Jam last year for the first time and was blown away by the beauty, love, and vibe of the crowd. At Gem & Jam, you are not simply attendees to the gathering, you are the experience for yourselves and the others around you.

If you’re looking forward to this experience as much as we are…

Click here for ticket and event details gem-n-jam-2014-960x14401-2

Don’t Run With Scissors But Dance With The Blade – An Interview w/ Glitch Mob

*written by A’Damaged Pro for Electronica Life

Justin Boreta, Ed Ma, and Joshua Mayer (aka Boreta, edIT, and Ooah, respectively) are three guys that got together with a mission to jam. Together, they are The Glitch Mob. This hyper-electric trio has a unique style and feel all of their own. Unless you centralized your focus on very specific elements of their collective, that might possible resonate a distant familiarity, it would border on disrespectful to try and compare them to another group. They are simply The Glitch Mob. We discussed what being part of this project means to each of them as well as the evolution of “The Blade,” the outer-worldly performance installation that has become a pivotal centerpiece for their “Love, Death, and Immortality” Tour.

A’Damaged Pro – Where did the name come from?

Glitch MobJustin - It’s funny because there’s not really much of a story. We, kind of, accidentally just started this band. Just a couple of friends that like to play music together and it started gaining momentum. Before we even intended it to..Timeframe? This was in 2007. So, yeah, about seven or eight years ago. We needed a name because we were getting booked for stuff. We had all of our own names and all these different affiliations. A friend of ours booked us for this little festival and he said we had to pick a name. It was funny because he pretty much just forced us to do it. We had a day. A friend of a friend of Josh’s just said it. When there’s a group of people and they just show up it’s a “mob.” It just rolled out. So let it be written, so let it be done. Not much thought behind it.

A’Damaged Pro – You all have your individual projects and there are only so many hours in the day. How do you balance them with The Glitch Mob?

Glitch Mob: Josh - Glitch Mob is our main thing. I mean we put everything, all of our personal projects, aside when it comes to TGM. Solo music, side projects, all of that kind of shit…this is our main focus. It’s pretty easy. We just know that when it’s Glitch Mob time, it’s Glitch Mob time.

A’Damaged Pro – That being said, this last album (Love, Death, Immortality) is kind of a manifestation of the next level of you guys individually and collectively. Where do you see this journey going as you continue to grow together?

Glitch Mob: Josh – Well, we kind of do everything together, as a unified force. There’s no situation where we choose to go do our own thing. We have this connection and this bond and not necessarily a common goal, but we’re all ready to achieve what’s next for us. It’s all pretty easy because we figure it out together. We’re all on the same page.

A’Damaged Pro – What are some of the favorite tour destinations that you guys have explored so far?

Glitch Mob – In unison: RUSSIA!!! Russia was crazy.

A’Damaged Pro – So, what’s on the bucket list? Where would you imagine “The Blade” (Immediately Ed responds, “Tokyo”), which we’re about to talk about, being maximized for effect?

Glitch Mob: Ed – We’ve never played Japan. We’d like to just set it up on a street in downtown Tokyo. If they ever end of terraforming Mars…Science-fiction definitely applies for the bucket list. There was this video game company. They wanted us to play in this second life club.

All together – Space. Space would be cool.

Josh – Maybe Mexico, down on the pyramids. Tulum would be cool.

A’Damaged Pro – “The Blade..” What was the creation process like? I saw you guys at Buku in New Orleans and I was just fucking amazed. (Thanks, man.) It was like part rock opera and something out of Mad Max. Everybody there got annihilated by the vibe. I actually held off listening to the album for like a month because I wanted my first exposure to be the live performance and you guys fucking delivered. It was my LDI cherry-pop and it was awesome. The device design looked like something from Mordor was merged with sacred geometry.

Glitch Mob: Josh – The crowd and the room for Buku was awesome. We worked with a few construction crews. It was the combination of our vision and a few guys helped us put it together.

A’Damaged Pro – Was it created to go along with the album or was is made post-production?

Glitch Mob: Justin – It was created after the album. First and foremost, the music is always number one. Right when we finished the album and we were preparing to perform it live, we started working on the next incarnation of the live set, which turned out to be The Blade. It’s a true performance piece.

A’Damaged Pro – As you guys move, there’s choreography and it becomes a dark ballet, of sorts.

Glitch Mob: Josh - That’s all taken under close consideration.

Justin – There’s definitely theatrics there. We’re big into imagination and feeling and “The Blade” was another way for us to light up the imagination. For us, it was part of the whole process. For the guys that actually built the actual Blade, they actually build, like, spaceships and sets for movies. They’re actual, real-deal, alien ship designers. So, we went to them. There’s an eject button on the consoles and we’ll just shoot up  It was a long process but well worth it.

Ed – We’re really big on performing our own music so after touring “Drink The Sea” for so long…our music is best performed live instead of on a pair of CDJs. There was a lot of emphasis put on that. To us, it just feels better and it feels like that’s the way the music was meant to be shared. It’s gratifying for us to perform The Blade.

A’Damaged Pro – Given this cohesive nature that you guys exhibit and how grounded you all seem, are there any real-world issues that you feel deserve to be immediately addressed and do you have any solutions (science-fiction is welcomed here as well) to fix them?

Glitch Mob: Ed - For me, global warming, the water supply, pretty much the environment, in general. I think that’s really the biggest thing. People trip out over wars and conflicts but at the end of the day (Yeah you right because Earth is a one-of-one) Earth is a tough cookie and she’s going to be ok, but I think we need to change.

Josh: George Carlin said that, “the Earth is going to be fine but we are fucked.”

A’Damaged Pro’s final words…

Their eyes are definitely on the prize and you can easily tell the experiences that they create are just as memorable for them because they truly love what they do. You can catch The Glitch Mob, at Republic New Orleans, closing out 2014 with the bang that only these guys can deliver. For event details and ticket info click here.

Connect with Glitch Mob: Facebook | Website | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud | YouTube

Adrian Lux’s Explosive Appearance at the Avalon

*written by Vix for Electronica Life
It seems that I was not alone in my excitement to catch Adrian Lux’s set in the up close, personal setting of the Avalon this past weekend. The line was longer than I’ve seen and all the people around me could not resist but chatter about how excited they were to be there. Unexpectedly, Adrian Lux walked around in front of the Avalon scoping out the crowd that he drew in, and immediately he was recognized and swarmed with his loving fans that he invited with a warm welcome and taking pictures with any & everyone that asked. His energy & vibe even before his set had me happily anticipating what he had in store for us that night!

Vix – How was the production process of you last EP?

Adrian Lux – It was a lot of work in different countries but a lot of it happened in Australia. That’s basically where all of it was put together but the songs were all pretty much ID’s that I had.

Vix – What’s the meaning behind the title of the EP “Make Out”?

Adrian Lux – It means a lot of fun & different things. It means the obvious things like making out but for me its more about understanding like the meaning of things so its kind of a twist. It’s a fun title that means something for me and mean other things for other people.

Vix – What’s it like working with Ultra?

Adrian Lux – It’s cool. I’ve been working with them for a while.

Vix – Have you checked out the remix of “Damaged” that M4Sonic released on Ultra?

Adrian Lux – Yeah, it was cool! I actually did a remix for him that isn’t out yet.

Vix – What was the inspiration behind your track “Sooner or Later”?

Adrian Lux – I made it with the guy who sings it so we kind of worked on it together. He’s also a really good producer so we were working of this track I made over in Australia.

Vix – Have you made anything with the singer of “Sooner or Later” before?

Adrian Lux – We made some weird stuff in the past that sounded like some 80′s stuff. We also played around with this vocal track that we ended up pitching to Nervo.

Vix – What do you have planned for 2015?

Adrian Lux – I’m going to put out new music that goes in a new direction. I’m also going to put out more instrumental music because I feel like its kind of needed now-a-days. I want to make meaningful club music again without forcing vocals on everything. It’s hard some times because if you have a really good instrumental, vocals can kind of hide the cool parts of the instrumental. The best results for me come from when I have a vocal and I can build a track around it, rather than making a track and adding vocals after.

Vix – Are you going to play any ID’s tonight in your set?

Adrian Lux – Maybe, I’m going to get a little weird and experimental with it tonight.

Vix – Do you plan on releasing another EP soon?

Adrian Lux – Maybe an EP; definitely not an album next year but probably for 2016 or something. This year I want to put out this new sound I’m working on.

Vix – What do you think about the Deep House movement that’s taking over EDM right now?

Adrian Lux – I think its cool! It’s very close to what I like. Sometimes it gets a bit boring, because I feel that people get a little cynical about it, kind of like when the Dutch sound became very popular like “everything has to sound exactly like all the other songs.” I think it’s great that it opens up for different kinds of drops so I’m all for it. I just wish people wouldn’t just rip off what’s already been made.

Vix – How did you come up with your style of EDM?

Adrian Lux – I went from producing Hip-Hop when I was 16, to producing English Hip-Hop which is more electronically like grime music. That kind of translated to Drum & Bass stuff and from that I got into Electro sounds and getting into stuff like John Digweed and artists like that. From there, I moved to Brazil when I was 18 and playing full moon parties and really getting into the genre. It was a very special time for me because it’s when everything was so f***ing quality.

Vix – What’s one thing about yourself that not a lot of people know?

Adrian Lux – I’m really good, like weirdly good, at finger boarding. It’s crazy how good I am (LOL). I can skate too but it hurts too much so finger boarding was my thing.

Vix final words…

Adrian did not hold back during his set and as expected, he single-handedly astonished the Los Angeles crowd that came out to see his performance. His set has always stood out more than others and Adrian’s set at the Avalon only raised the bar even higher than what it was by keeping the crowd engaged and dancing to the world-renowned sounds he’s been known for. Adrian Lux is a young, talented musician that only gets better and better as he performs for his fans, leaving us here at Electronica Life anticipating what comes next for this ever-growing artist.

Feeling FRESH For NYE – Fresh Entertainment Is Back For New Year’s Eve

*written by Vix for Electronica Life
After a short break to reinvent their style, the Fresh Movement is back and making a lot of noise with their new FRESH NYE to welcome us into 2015. Fresh has always been known to be more diverse with their parties & music than others which they demonstrate by headlining the Dutch Hardcore producer Angerfist, & Upcoming Electro fanatic William Black. Bringing new and uncommon artists to their SoCal stage as well as going beyond what’s expected to please their lovely crowd of fans is a nothing but regular for this Los Angeles based event company. Those who have been to FRESH events in the past know how exciting one can be, so buy your tickets before price goes up on this guaranteed rager of an event!

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