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Armin van Buuren Releases ‘A State of Trance at Ushuaia, Ibiza 2015′ (Armada Music)

From the cinematic intro ‘til the very end of this two-disc powerhouse of electronic dance music (EDM) and through each peak and valley in between, A State Of Trance at Ushuaïa, Ibiza 2015 (Armada Music) is a snapshot of Armin van Buuren’s thrilling live DJ sets. Celebrating both his ‘A State Of Trance’ (ASOT) weekly two-hour radio show – currently airing on more than 100 radio stations in 84 countries to more than 33 million people each week – and his summer 2015 residency at the Balearic superclub, Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, this album contains the very best electronic music. Each track selection was lovingly curated by Armin van Buuren, one of the world’s biggest DJs and producers. Attendees of the major summer festivals and megaclubs will recognize the most popular tunes, including Armin van Buuren featuring Mr. Probz’s “Another You” (Headhunterz Remix) and Armin van Buuren & Mark Sixma’s “Panta Rhei,” but this release also contains several exclusive tracks in keeping with Armin’s authority as an A&R force. – via press release
Disc One

1. Armin van Buuren, “The Walk” (A State Of Trance at Ushuaïa, Ibiza 2015 Intro Mix) *
2. Armin van Buuren & Mark Sixma, “Panta Rhei”
3. Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz, “Another You” (Headhunterz Remix)
4. W&W, “The One”
5. Andrew Rayel, “Rise Of The Era” (Digital X Remix)
6. BT & Super8 & Tab, “Aika” (Rafaël Frost Remix)
7. Markus Schulz feat. Delacey, “Destiny” (Kyau & Albert Remix)
8. Willem de Roo, “Omen”
9. Joonas Hahmo X K-System, “Ocean Drive”
10. Fast Distance, “Frontera” *
11. Deem, “Elevation”
12. Beat Service, “Café Del Mar”
13. Alexander Popov & LTN feat. Christina Novelli, “Paradise” *
14. MaRLo feat. Jano, “The Dreamers”
15. Tommy Johnson, “Tubular Bells” *
16. Antillas feat. Anki, “If I Run” (Venom One Remix)
17. Omnia feat. Tilde, “For The First Time” *
18. Yoel Lewis, “Nepal”
19. Rodrigo Deem, “Belvedere”
20. Protoculture, “Southbound” *
21. Andrew Rayel & Alexander Popov, “Mimesis”
22. Corti Organ, “Butterfly”

Disc Two

1. Ørjan Nilsen, “Don” (Intro Mix) *
2. Mark Sixma, “Stellar”
3. Rank 1 vs M.I.K.E. Push, “Juno”
4. Sebastien feat. Satellite Empire, “Escape” (Heatbeat Remix) *
5. Radion6, “Shockwave” *
6. Andrew Rayel & Mark Sixma, “Chased” *
7. Heatbeat, “It’s Killing Me”
8. Arisen Flame, “Fireball”
9. Jorn van Deynhoven, “101010 (The Perfect Ten)” *
10. Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella, “Anahera”
11. Bryn Liedl feat. Bethany Marie, “Statues” (Bryan Kearney Remix)
12. Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Heatbeat, “Amistad” *
13. ReOrder, “Zephyr”
14. Jase Thirlwall, “Glow” *
15. Ana Criado & ReOrder, “Arms Of Surrender”
16. Yahel & Liya, “Shadows” (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
17. Dennis Sheperd feat. Chloe Langley, “Bring You Home” (Ronski Speed Remix)
18. Matt Darey feat. Kate Louise Smith, “See The Sun” (Dan Stone Rework)
19. (Bonus Track)

Tracks marked with an (*) asterisk are exclusive to this album for a limited time.

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“Spring Break in the Summer” – A Review Of Splash House August Edition

*written by Corey Schrade for Electronica Life

*photo by J. Rosenberg

*photo by J. Rosenberg

Sitting in the middle of the desert lies the beautiful Oasis of Palm Springs, a city where the sun shines just as bright as its persona does. For some, it’s just a short trip away from Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. For others, they’re able to get a taste of the city’s exotic nature and rich history. A perfect place for a weekend get a-way with its wide variety of resorts makes for a perfect setting to host an intimate event. Full of rich history and simplicity Palm Springs has been home to L.E.D events, “Splash House” for several years. Imagine a day-club and then triple it, a festival of pool party’s a.k.a Splash House.  Many acts have blessed the festival such as Splash House Alumni, Kygo, Thomas Jack, Gina Turner, Cashmere Cat, Tokimonsta, and Toro Y Moi to name a few. Now if one weekend wasn’t enough to kick off summer for you L.E.D comes back and doubles it up for a 2nd time towards the end of summer. So you can take your pick on which one or do like most do and attend both.

We can all agree that summer is a season full of activity, whether it’s lounging by the pool, barbecues, travel or even an increased desire to party. Splash House in Palm Springs captures the essence of that vibe and blends it with an energy compared to that of Spring Break. It’s hot, it’s wet and it’s groovy. Spirits are lifted, faces are smiling and in those moments you immerse yourself in the water and indulge in the music it’s as if everything in the outer world is standing still. It truly is a rewarding and relaxing time while still keeping an upbeat energy about it about all. Pools filled with floaters, squirt guns firing off everywhere and an atmosphere full of color and life makes it feel as if you were a kid again hanging with your friends at a pool party. You can come with your closest friends, your partner or be daring and make the trip by yourself. Either way I guarantee that by the end of the weekend you will have met some amazing people and made some amazing memories along the way. Everyone is welcoming and looking out for those next to them whether they know them or not. So leave your insecurities and ego at home because Splash House straight out accepts you without judgment, it’s foundation lies on having a good time and expressing yourself. Happiness is the key to this weekend and it’s attained quite easy no matter what your motives are. If you want to relax and lounge you can do so, if you want to jump, scream and splash you can do that also. Splash House is a place of freedom, like a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end.

No matter where you come from or traveled from we all are united within events like these. There were artists and attendees from Europe, Australia, France and here in America and they shared their sounds and passions with those around them. A melting pot of cultures from vast and far together unified for the love of summer and music.  Although it’s far from what most would consider mainstream and appealing to the masses, Splash House has a sound and they represent it beautifully. They are in their own lane and remain in the driver seat comfortably. It’s what I would consider the deeper, groovier side of dance music whether that is House, Electronica, Hip-Hop or Trap. If you’re a person who enjoys the radio, High energy or festival style anthems over the underground sounds then music wise this might not be for you. However, if you are someone who enjoys eclectic instruments and appreciates the technical production skill that goes into deep bass lines, chopped vocals and pure mixing skill then this is a safe haven for you. In the August edition of Splash House, L.E.D brought in some new faces while the majority just wrapped up shows at Hard Summer. Some people would call this the Hard Summer Recovery party.  It’s a relaxing atmosphere that helps you decompress and recharge.


*photo by J. Rosenberg

All in all, Splash House was a beautiful success; capturing the summer break vibe and bringing us together for the groovy side of dance music. So as we close the books on this years edition of Splash House we can’t help but give thanks to L.E.D events all who made it possible as we wait in anticipation until the next chance to capture those heat rays and cool waves. We add this event into our memory banks along with all the others for another eventful summer. So whether you’re an artist, a fan or someone working the event, it doesn’t matter. You can come here and enjoy yourself and the company of others with or without your friends. I’m pretty sure if you asked anyone how Splash House was they would say it was nothing but good vibes and good company under the sun. See you next year Splash House-Palm Springs!

If you’re a person who loves to express him or herself then there is no better place to do that than in Palm Springs, and with the added combination of Splash House you are given complete freedom to indulge in your funky and off the wall style. “Bitchin Balconies” allows just that; a competition within Splash House where renters with a pool view are able to decorate their balconies in order to win an award for showing off how creative their group can be. People came up with all sorts of wild and expressive ideas from Star Wars themed banners to DJ themed manikins there was not a single drop of holding back on the creativity. Most of focus for this sport was at The Saguaro with its bright atmosphere and center facing rooms.

The venues for the August edition of Splash House consisted of the veterans “The Saguaro” and “The Hilton” and newly added to the list, the “Hard Rock Hotel” which replaced the Hacienda Beach Club. Whether your seeking a larger more groovy area (The Saguaro) or wanted to catch some of the bigger names in a more intimate setting (The Hilton) or even get wet n’ wild (The Hard Rock) each venue brought a unique difference to the table while still keeping that laidback groovy vibe about it.

For some, they liked remaining in one place and soaking up the sound waves and Vitamin D. For others, they were a bit more active and the shuttles of Splash House allowed for easy, comfortable and quick access to the next venue. So you could easily watch one of your favorite artists close at one spot, hop on a shuttle an cool off for a bit, then see the beginning of another at a different venue.

On paper, phase two of Splash House might appear a bit lack luster compared to the June edition but, when you actually taking the time to discover these newer artists you realize they are easily playing in the same ballpark as the heavy hitters. Whether this is your first time, you’re attending phase 2 or even if your working the event there is plenty to keep you satisfied and keep you cool. The temperature tends to scorch past the 100-degree mark easily around 11am but that’s never a problem when you’re around water and Good Company. Everything is conveniently located within a reasonable distance for whatever you may need. You can leave the venue and grab lunch across the street then jump on the shuttle to another or walk to your room. Parking is free and valet as well if you are a guest at either of the Splash House venues. Staff is exceptional and adheres to any need or concerns you may have whether it is the need of water or that you simply need information regarding a topic. L.E.D does a fine job in making sure they have the right people placed in the right positions and you can’t help but feel that sense of security throughout your day.

Throughout the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with some artists such as; Wax Motif, Nora En Pure, Bees Knees, Tokimonsta, STWO & even Hermitude for an interview. All in all each one of these artists were unique but represented humility and just like us, were there to have a good time and relax the best way possible. When the sun set and Splash House was over that’s when it seemed everybody’s energy was renewed. You could feel the change in the air as people came alive, the cooling breeze and stars lighting up the desert sky. There was a vast majority of activities you could participate in. You could go grab a bite at one of the hot spots, catch a movie, walk the Palm Springs strip, hang at your hotel or ride the wave of Splash House into the night attending the After Party located at the Air Museum. Artists such as Hotel Garuda, Wax Motif and Jai Wolf were some of the few who took the decks to keep the party going into the late hours. Perfect for a summer night; deep groovy bass, the breeze refreshing you as you dance. Artists and fans alike mingled in the crowds not ready to tire out, waiting for the sun to rise again on day 2.

All in all, Splash House was a beautiful success; capturing the summer break vibe and bringing us together for the groovy side of dance music. So as we close the books on this years edition of Splash House we can’t help but give thanks to L.E.D events all who made it possible as we wait in anticipation until the next chance to capture those heat rays and cool waves. We add this event into our memory banks along with all the others for another eventful summer. So whether you’re an artist, a fan or someone working the event, it doesn’t matter. You can come here and enjoy yourself and the company of others with or without your friends. I’m pretty sure if you asked anyone how Splash House was they would say it was nothing but good vibes and good company under the sun. See you next year Splash House-Palm Springs!


*photo by J. Rosenberg

Discover “The Key To Happiness” At TomorrowWorld 2015

The events, magic, and music that characterize TomorrowWorld are returning to Atlanta, Georgia in the forests of Chattahoochee Hills fromSeptember 25-27. 8,000 acres of property are transformed into storybook-like scenes where stages and mythical creatures resemble concepts from the World of Tomorrow.

Besides for offering every amenity possible, the festival boasts a huge list of headliners to perform on several unique stages.  Interesting new additions to the lineup include Adam Beyer, Guy Gerber, Victor Calderone, Michael Calfan, Brazzabelle and Shaq aka Dj Diesel.  And you can’t have a mega-fest without the likes of Tiesto, Hardwell, Steve Angello, Armin Van Buuren, and Kaskade.

One of the most well-known features of TomorrowWorld is the pre-party, “The Gathering.”  It’s the Thursday evening warm-up event to set the festival off.  This private show is only available to Dreamville campers.  Dreamville is a vibrant city that welcomes festival goers to spend the weekend on location.

Dreamville offers a blend of camping and comfort options.  You can come with your own tent, have a tent provided for you, camp out in a lodge, relax in a cabana for the weekend, or opt for a more luxurious stay in one of the TomorrowWorld Manors.  Manor accommodations include a fenced compound for your private tour bus, fully stocked bar, Jacuzzi, terrace and lounge.

In addition to the diverse selection of Marketplace Shops and Dining options, campers are invited to partake in new activities to make your stay away feel a little bit more like home.  Maintain your daily routine by attending yoga, Pilates, spin class, meditation sessions, and Zumba.

Have fun with your new neighbors by playing games offered for rent like cornhole, giant checkers, spike ball, and Frisbee.  For the more outgoing, compete in dance off and lip sync battles.  Think your true match is staying the weekend in Dreamville?  Speed dating is on the roster of activities as well.

Experience the 3 day festival’s massive and whimsical 6 stages; each one more creative than the next.  The newest stage this year is on water.  You can watch the sets from land as the ‘boat stage’ floats on a river running through the grounds.

Prefer to dine and watch your favorite DJ?  Another 2015 addition is an on-site restaurant conveniently overlooking the main stage.  Chef Kevin Gillespie from Bravo’s Top Chef has curated the mouthwatering menu.

Your journey to the Chattahoochee Hills has never been easier.  Just ride along on the Magical Bus Voyage. The Magical TomorrowWorld buses are scheduled to stop at 20 cities for round trip transportation to TomorrowWorld.  With over 160,000 attendees, why not get to know a few from your hometown on a luxury road trip?

But before the “Key to Happiness” can be discovered, you’ll have to buy an entrance band.  This year the unique wrist bands will arrive in locked jewelry boxes.  You’re “Divine Happiness” package can be unlocked with the personal key adorning it.

Get your tickets now to experience first had what’s written in the chapters from the book of Tomorrow World.

Passes can be purchased at:


Dockyard Festival Announces 2nd Edition Of All Star Line-up During ADE 2015

In 2015 Dockyard Festival promises to rise above and beyond all expectations.

The surprise of the ADE season in 2014 was the newcomer Dockyard Festival 2014, which took place at Amsterdam’s famous industrial NDSM Werf in Amsterdam-Noord. Located across the Noordzee Canal behind Amsterdam Central Station, the NDSM is famous as an innovative and cultural hotspot for young creative talent from the region of Amsterdam, lending itself as the perfect location for Dockyard launch last year.

In 2015 Dockyard returns with a fury to the old shipyard in Noord. With names such as Paco Osuna, Paul Ritch, Monika Kruse, RPR Soundsystem, Dj Rush, Surgeon and many more, Dockyard will be one of the most biggest hot-spots and must-sees of the 2015 season.  Five areas consisting of five tents will house some of the most incredible electronic music of this year.

Dockyard Festival will open her doors on the 17th of October, 2015 at 11:00 at the NDSM Werf for 12 hours of spectacular sets from legendary artists.  Age restriction is 18+.

Caught between water and land, between the brick warehouses, slipways and cranes, Dockyard Festival radiates a sturdy yet derelict character. The distant sounds past hammering and welding of the builders are transformed into the music of the Djs and the wild cheering of the dancing crowd!

Join us in 2015 and become a part of Dockyard’s futuristic dystopia!

To learn more visit:

One Tribe Festival Brings A Stellar Techno & House Lineup To Socal September 25-26, 2015

California Techno and House heads unite! Just 40 minutes east of Los Angeles, the inaugural edition of One Tribe Festival graces Lake Perris, CA September 25-26, 2015. With a vast array of sounds and stages to please any musical palate, your preferred musical fix is guaranteed. Five stages will touch down on the picturesque grounds hosted by the likes of BEATPORT, widely popular dutch produced AWAKENINGS, Jamie Jones’s PARADISE, Crosstown Rebels GET LOST, and the eagerly anticipated return of B3 PRODUCTIONS.

Produced by Dutch Mega Production company ID&T who are better known for their famed global festivals such as Tomorrowland and Mysteryland, One Tribe will be ID&T’s debut festival to the West Coast of the United States. Staying true to the theme of “Uniting The Tribes”, the festival offers a wide selection of yoga & wellness options, culinary delights, camping and even a recycling program in a beautiful nature setting to promote a sense of togetherness for attendees.

We’re really excited to see what ID&T brings to the Southern California festival scene, and hoping that it’s a revival we so desperately need. Our must see acts of the weekend include: Kygo, Tycho, Gramatik, Lee Burridge, Damian Lazarus, Guy Gerber, Rufus Du Sol, Mark Farina and the entire AWAKENINGS stage thanks to one too many amazing nights at AWAKENINGS Amsterdam in the past. Also not to be missed is The Desert Hearts crew take over of Friday nights camping festivities as they take campers on a lesson in the Desert Hearts teachings of “House, Techno and Love.”

So be sure to grab your ticket, gather your tribe, dust off that camping gear and we’ll see you at Lake Perris next month!

Tickets & info:

Symbiosis Gathering Announces Art Boat Program For Its 10 Year Re:union

Consistent with their mission to foster the most unique and potent experience possible, Symbiosis Gathering has initiated a first-of-it’s-kind Art Boat program for its 10 year Re:Union. Taking advantage of the pristine 2,900 acre Woodward Reservoir, custom-built Art Boat vessels will offer participants an interactive aquatic escapade not seen at any other gathering.

Symbiosis Gathering has taken the mutant vehicles of Burning Man and turned them on their head, replacing the barren desert and Art Cars with a lush reservoir, complete with floating art installations and decorated boats to climb aboard. From stationary sculptures, to human and wind-powered cruising vessels, and motor-powered ferries, the Art Boats at Symbiosis will be as diverse as the attendees. Adhering to the principles of co-creation, all Symbiosis community members are welcome to build and bring their own Art Boat. Guidelines, rules, and a registration application can be found on Symbiosis’ website.

Symbiosis Gathering offers its community a multitude of experiences that range from a finely curated musical lineup that includes artists like Nicolas Jaar, Cocorosie, Tipper, and Four Tet, to otherworldly art installations, immersive live performances, diverse panel discussions, yoga, gourmet food, and a slew of participatory environments.

Symbiosis gathers a myriad of cultural creatives within a stunning natural location. Held near the border of the Sierra Nevada foothills, and built around a naturally occurring 5-pointed peninsula. Attendees can literally swim (or boat) between stages to catch headliners. In a crowded market of festivals, Symbiosis has consistently created a diverse and unparalleled experience.

Symbiosis Gathering 10 Year Re:Union Info & Tickets:

Amsterdam Dance Event 2015 Announces First Festival Acts For 20th Anniversary Edition


photo by Aasa Haleby Photography

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the world’s biggest club festival and conference for electronic music, today reveals the first selection of artists that will perform from 14 to 18 October. The ADE is preparing for its 20th annual edition with 2,200 performing artists at one hundred of the most diverse venues in Amsterdam. Over 365,000 visitors from all over the world are expected to visit the event this year.

In the past twenty years ADE has grown into a globally renowned platform for the international dance and electronic music scene. The festival is the perfect place to spot the latest musical trends and emerging talents, as well as hearing the most recent work of both electronic music pioneers and leading acts from the mainstream and the underground dance scenes, across every genre of electronic music. In addition to the extensive live line-up of the ADE Festival, the daytime program, ADE Playground, offers music enthusiasts a large and varied program including exhibitions, in-store showcases, tech workshops, pop-up stores and film screenings all over the city centre. The business aspect of the event (ADE Conference) is recognized as the most important of its kind, presenting a broad range of conferences and networking opportunities that focus on music and technology, VJs & visuals, sustainability, dance & brands, new talent and the education of students.

The biggest club festival in the world! 

ADE is the biggest club festival in the world with performances by 2,200 artists at 300 events spread over 100 venues. The five-day music program covers all things electronic music. Currently over 500 artists are confirmed including Adam Beyer, Alesso, Armin Van Buuren, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Dubifre, Hot Since 82, Hardwell, Markus Schulz, Robin Schulz, and Tiesto… just to name a few on the already extensive roster of acts to be seen at ADE this year. Read our review of ADE 2014 for a glimpse of what you can expect at this years 20th ADE!

Evolution Of A Revolution: City Hearts Summer Of Love Tour 2015

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life


(photo by Wobsarazzi)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting my dosage of City Hearts LA presented by the boys of the Desert Hearts crew at the famous Belasco Theater in the lively Downtown of LA. After attending my first City Hearts event on Valentine’s Day, I woke up the next day already craving more of the Desert Hearts lessons of house, techno and love. I sadly had to miss the annual Desert Hearts festival the following month in March, so needless to say, my crack like craving was finally fulfilled on Friday night.

Good vibes and positivity radiated throughout the night by not only everyone in attendance, but also by each member of Desert Hearts that hit the decks. I could just feel the joy and love that is put into every event by watching each DJ play their hearts out. The music was on point from beginning to end, but not that anything less is expected. Sadly one of the founders Mikey Lion was missing due to recovering from a skating accident the night before, but as the saying goes “there in spirit”, Mikey most definitely was as cutouts of his face were adorned by friends on stage. This simple yet loving action, is just another exemplary example of the sense of community and love that occurs at a Desert Hearts event.

Don’t expect bottle service or VIP at a City Hearts event, because it’s not even an option. Oh and don’t even bother trying to get backstage if you think you deserve to be there, you will only be sorely disappointed to realize that all are welcome behind the DJ booth. YES, you read that right and NO, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. It’s true, ALL ARE WELCOME BEHIND THE DJ BOOTH. So go ahead and snap that Instagram photo or Snapchat clip of you on stage at the next City Hearts event, who knows when you’ll get a chance like this again correct?

So now that you know what not to expect at a City Hearts event, here’s a bit about what you can expect to experience. Do expect an amazing night chock full of good vibes and divine energy that you can literally feel from the moment you walk in. Do expect to meet an audience full of beautiful and loving people dressed in some of the most creative garb and costumes you’ve ever laid eyes upon.  Do expect hours on end of house and techno sorcery that takes you on a spiritual, emotional and physical journey through the night. Most of all, do expect a damn good night knowing that you’re supporting one of the most, if not the most community driven electronic music movements of our time.

The Desert Hearts crew do what they do, and do it very well. Their grassroots movement has become one of the most notable in the dance music scene in just a few short years, but they’re the last ones you can expect to boast about their accomplishments or downtalk other genres and artists, which unfortunately seems to be the norm these days with all of these self proclaimed “techno aficionados” in the industry.

When a movement is rooted in love, there is no room for hate. I believe this to be the underlying reason that the Desert Hearts movement has spread like wildfire and gained popularity in such a short time. Together we are starting a revolution, and it’s only the beginning. This is the evolution of a revolution…a revolution of love. We are all Desert Hearts <3

Connect with Desert Hearts: Website | Facebook


(photo by Wobsarazzi)

Happily Lost In The Woods at Electric Forest Festival 2015

*written by Lizzie Moore for Electronica Life
Electric Forest Festival, one of the United States’ most anticipated music events, celebrated another successful year in Rothbury from June 25th-June 28th. Nestled in an intimate patch of woods in Michigan, this festival is a trek to attend but definitely worth the journey.

Electric Forest is designed to be the ultimate music festival experience. The gorgeous natural beauty of the Michigan woods mixed with the effort put into top of the line stages and décor create possibly the most aesthetically pleasing big festival in the country. There are 7 stages throughout the venue that are illuminated with talent and entertainment from early afternoon until early morning. Expansive areas for vendors, workshops, and art installations create an atmosphere where the forest is always buzzing with activity.

When I first got to the festival, I was amazed at how much it had expanded since I had attended two years ago. Electric Forest 2013 had been one of the best experiences of my life and had stayed in my heart ever since. When my friends and I first entered the venue I realized this festival, regardless of it’s rising popularity, still managed to maintain the intimate atmosphere that makes it so wonderful.

As you enter the gate, you immediately see The Tripolee Stage your right. This stage was my favorite, as its design was captivatingly intentional. This is such an awesome stage for smaller artists to gain exposure, as everyone gets really excited as soon as they walk in the venue and gravitate immediately to whatever is playing. This is actually exactly how I discovered The Polish Ambassador in 2013, and that memory makes his music extra special to me to this day.
The magic of the forest lies within Sherwood Forest itself, a patch of woods in the middle of the venue that truly feels like home. The sun shines through the branches by day, with beautiful art installations and performers creating a whirlwind of color and fantasy. Music floats through the air from the two stages within the forest area and lanterns hang over the walkways.

After unloading the car and setting up camp on Thursday the night began with a beautiful set from Odesza, the perfect soundtrack to transport you into another state of mind. After listening to an artist like Odesza on Soundcloud in the car over and over again, it feels so good to finally hear them live and experience their melodies all around you. After catching a bit of Kaskade we walked through the forest to get to the main stage where Flume was shutting down the night. I feel as if you always know what you are going to get with a Flume performance, and you are never disappointed.

Friday evening, we were relaxing in Sherwood Forest when we overheard Autograf’s set which quickly seduced us to The Observatory stage nestled in the trees. The consensus of my group was that this was one of our favorite sets. If you haven’t heard of Autograf, they are definitely worth checking out. Later that evening, Skrillex put on a high energy performance with pyrotechnics that could put the Fourth of July to shame. Somehow, Skrillex always manages to stay impressively current and in tune with what his audience wants to hear.

On Saturday, every other given word spoken at Electric Forest seemed to be “Bassnectar”. The most scheduled artist on the list, his set was incredibly anticipated. Earlier in the day, we caught SNBRN’s set as the sun was going down, and I noticed that the crowd was practically glowing with good energy. This was probably my favorite moment of the entire festival, as I realized how happy everyone was around me. After the night had taken over, Bassnectar delivered a set that was less “bass head” and actually a lot deeper than I had expected. Afterwards, we caught dirtybird beat master Claude Vonstroke.
Last but not least, Sunday had finally arrived. While this in itself was upsetting, I was so happy that it was finally time for some funk. Low temp future funk collaboration Exmag played in the Jubilee tent, an area we hadn’t previously spent much time in. The perfect mix of jazzy electronic funk with just a hint of 70’s porno music, Exmag is seriously easy listening. Afterwards Gramatik and Big Gigantic closed out the festival each playing sets on Sherwood Court, the festival’s mainstage. These two sets back to back were everything someone looking to groove could have ever hoped for.

Overall, Electric Forest is the complete package for anyone looking to have an amazing experience. With an incredible and well rounded lineup year after year, increasingly innovative art installations, top of the line live artists and performers, every detail of Electric Forest is carefully woven together to create a technicolor forest playground.

One of my best friends put her experience into words so beautifully explaining that “The sense of safety and security was a big part of the experience for me. I felt more comfortable around those strangers than I do around a lot of people I see every day. It’s a great feeling knowing that no one is judging you for doing whatever you want or expressing how you feel. And how you could literally just turn and talk to anyone knowing that they would welcome you into conversation.”

It makes me so happy to see events like Electric Forest sell out, because that means so many people are going out of their way to have an experience of love and happiness. Once someone experiences that atmosphere where they feel comfortable, they can in turn create that in the real world. With so many people comfortable with themselves and radiating good energy, we can really start to change the world. Festivals like Electric Forest are affecting the world because they are affecting the festival-goer. I truly believe that if you create something that is extremely beautiful inside and out, genuine, and expressive, it will attract people that are beautiful, genuine, and expressive as well. That’s exactly what Electric Forest did.

Desert Hearts Presents: City Hearts Summer Of Love Tour 2015

Desert Hearts is gearing up to take their scene sweeping mantra of ‘House, Techno, & Love’ on the road this summer hitting 6 cities across North America. The City HeartsSummer of Love Tour will offer an urban taste of the unique vibe their Southern California desert festivals have become renowned for. Featuring the Desert Hearts Crew DJs and a few surprise guests, the Summer of Love Tour will touch down in San Diego, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Toronto, and Brooklyn.

Forged by a group of passionately creative Californians, the Desert Hearts movement is rooted in the ideals of Burning Man and soundtracked by the tones of the underground. Their bi-annual Desert Hearts festival series calls upon radical self-reliance, intimacy, and forward thinking marathon style musical programming to create an idyllic community of music lovers and party-goers.

With City Hearts, the crew offers up an urban interpretation of their festival. Marathon take-overs from the Desert Hearts DJs ensure the music and vibes are on point. And while they can’t recreate the forest and desert wilderness, the DH crew go to great pains to only work with venues that allow them to bring in their own production, going so far as to dress and breakdown the venue themselves in order to create that special Desert Hearts vibe.

The City Hearts Summer of Love Tour comes on the wake of an East Coast Fall Tour that captured the dancefloors and hearts of New York and Washington, D.C, as well as selling out both Good Room and Flash.

The crew’s imprint, Desert Hearts Records, represents a digital manifestation of their ethos – promoting universal love and creative inspiration through music by offering free downloads of each and every release. Listen to Desert Hearts Records HERE.

In Desert Hearts founder Mikey Lion’s own words, “The whole point of Desert Hearts is to spread love through music and community. We’ve tapped into something that’s extremely special and our family continues to grow. City Hearts is our way of sharing this message of love with the rest of the world.”

The City Hearts Summer of Love Tour will feature Desert Hearts crew DJs Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, and Deep Jesus, plus soon to be announced special guests.


San Diego, CA – July 4 (Spin Nightclub)
Los Angeles, CA – July 24 (Beyond The Stars Palace)
Denver, CO – August, 1 (Warehouse TBA)
San Francisco, CA – August 15 (Public Works)
Brooklyn, NY – August 28 (Good Room)
Toronto, Canada – August 29 (SummerDaze)

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