Catching Up With Aly & Fila Before FSOE400 Egypt (Before The Aliens Do)

Got to interview Egypt’s own Dance Music stars, Aly & Fila, before their monumental FSOE 400 show at the Great Pyramids in Egypt. We talked history of the Future Sound of Egypt show, pyramids… and even ALIENS. Check it below…

Electronica Life –  First off, we interviewed you back in 2012 at Beyond Wonderland when you were part of Armin’s ASOT stage and you told us your favorite places to play were California, Mexico, Argentina (and places in between) – which were all stops on your FSOE 400 tour this year…

How important is it to you, to bring the end of the FSOE 400 tour home?

Aly & Fila – We have held our celebration every summer since 2012 outside of Egypt , we have hosted our FSOE Celebrations in Egypt, Mexico, The Netherlands, Argentina, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Colombia, USA, Poland, England, Australia, Guatemala. We will finish the FSOE 400 Tour in Belarus in a few weeks. Thanks to everyone who has helped to make the Tours possible, to the promoters, the DJs, and clubbers and everyone who has joined in online during the Celebrations . It was extremely important for us to host in Egypt.

Electronica Life – We watched your Aly & Fila Episode 5 video of FSOE 200, which was at Echo Temple. It seemed that it was a very special place to you, as well as your other guest artists. Here in California, we do not have many places like that to legally party, so it must be a privilege to throw an event at a venue outdoors that has a beautiful landscape.

Does it excite you as a veteran artists to play at places like this?

Aly & Fila – The Echo temple is a really cool venue, and we are very honored to have played there back in 2011. Playing outdoor venues are really cool but so are indoor venues, they are all special in their own way.

Electronica Life – Speaking of beautiful venues… fast forward almost 4 years from 2011 when FSOE 200 occurred… now you’re playing at another beautiful and special venue for your last stop of the FSOE 400 tour, The Great Pyramids.

What kind of emotions are you feeling going into this special event? Excitement? Nervous?

Aly & Fila – We feel a bit of everything, certainly excitement in a looking forward kind of way, but also tinged with some nerves, it is the biggest event of our career, we are excited to share the event with everyone who will join us in person and online.

Electronica Life – And building on from the last question, how are your guest DJs feeling? The Great Pyramids are a pretty BIG deal!

Aly & Fila – We are sure there are some nerves amongst them, but we know they will be excited, a great sense of pride to be playing at such a monumental venue and also to be a part of our celebration there.

Electronica Life – Lets talk about the Pyramids…

There have been a lot of documentaries & videos about all the pyramids around the world. Most of these documentaries tend to tell that these pyramids were not built entirely by man (which movies lead us to believe) – the stone is way to heavy to carry, the cuts on stones and sculptures are too exact and precise (even for tools and technology that we have today), and even the hieroglyphics or writings on the wall leant interpretation to a “higher source”, whether that be god, or beings not of this world.

What do you believe? AND… Does this play a part for your event and performance for FSOE 400?

Aly & Fila – We will leave the theories alone 🙂 But we can be sure of – the Great Pyramids and everyone who attends will be sure to hear some great music and see many smiles.

Electronica Life – Following up with the last question, and this is totally a serious question…

Some people believe that the Pyramids were also used as an “airport” for beings or aliens from other planets…

So… if a UFO landed or hovered around your event, what would you do? Do you think some “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” stuff would happen… where you start playing some tracks to communicate?

Aly & Fila – Firstly that was a great film, Richard Dreyfuss was superb in the film. If a UFO landed, we would certainly ask the aliens to join the party, maybe they like Trance music!

Electronica Life – Lastly, in the press release about your FSOE 400 show in Egypt, you say, “We’ve had a lifelong dream to host our own event at this very special landmark, being the proud Egyptians that we are. This show will be the culmination of many years of hard work, but it proves that dreams really can come true!”

Aside from hard work & patience, if you could give 1 piece of advice to inspire the future DJs & producers of the world… what would it be?

Aly & Fila – Dreams can come true, work hard and believe in yourselves and your project, and listen to the people around you who care about you.

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