Can’t Wait For Lightning In A Bottle? The Pre-Parties Are Here!

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life

Can’t wait for Lightning In A Bottle? The pre-parties are here!

With Lightning In A Bottle just a few short weeks away now taking place May 22nd-26th in Bradley, CA, Impatient anticipation is building for the return of one of California’s most beloved festivals. Not to fret, there are plenty of LIB pre-parties in the coming weeks, and we’ve got you covered with all the info below. Among many performances across California, Nevada, and Oregon, one of our must see artist at LIB Purity Ring, do their thing as a DJ set in Portland on May 15th,  and KOAN sound brings his funky Zen beats to San Francisco on May 9th. Which pre-party will we be catching you at?!

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