Big & Dirty Premier of D.A.F. – “All the Ravers”

*written by Vix for Electronica Life

Being released on Big & Dirty Recordings is yet another festival smasher entitled “All the Ravers” which can be argued to be the hottest release of January 2015. What better than a soon to be chart topping track release then throwing in a little mystery on top of it all? The artist releasing this track is known as D.A.F. Which is theorized to stand for “dope as fuck,” but no one can really say for sure what the artists abbreviated name stands for or even what the artist himself/herself looks like. All the mystery surrounding this artist and his/her Big & Dirty release immensely improves the level of interest surrounding his/her media take over.

“All the Ravers” is a track solely focused on describing what happens in an electronic event as well as representing all of its party hard patrons. With its huge sound and iconic soundbites followed by the support from legendary names such as: David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Hardwell, & Afrojack, this release is expected to sweep the EDM scene and be played at festivals worldwide. Who am I to tell you how “Big & Dirty” this track is? Check out the preview of this epic track yourself and bear witness to its rise to the top!