Beyond Wonderland 2012 Tickets Now On Sale

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Beyond Wonderland 2012 Tickets Now On Sale

So we’re just a few days away from Beyond Wonderland 2012 tickets going on sale. And, with a doubt, this Insomniac event is overshadowing it’s biggest event Electric Daisy Carnival. Many would say that it’s because of renowned trance legend Armin van Buuren and his show A State Of Trance (ASOT) 550 coming to California… but we beg to differ.

Here at Electronica Life, we pride ourselves on having the utmost newest information regarding these Electronic Dance Music events. That being said, the buzz surrounding Beyond Wonderland 2012 isn’t because of AvB and ASOT #550, rather it’s due to something so secret… so covert, that the common party-goer misses it every time they ingest the drug called EDM.

It’s called ecstasy.

The overpowering emotion, or state of sudden intense feeling when the bass hits you releasing your musical anxiety, the one you have built up, up to that moment. This build up, of course, is due to the overwhelming daily activities of studying for exams, dealing with jerk-face drive-thru customers, and sitting impatiently in traffic while your ears bleed listening to Ryan Seacrest.

That is the reason.

That is the reason you must go beyond wonderland… where the journey will take you away from your over analytical boss named Henry and your over protective mom Martha who always cringes when she see’s you leaving, wearing just a thong and pasties… yes, it’s true.

And, that is the reason you are ready to buy tickets.

Forth go you. Forth go. Don’t look back. Magic awaits you.

Beyond Wonderland Tickets On Sale Jan 30th, 2012

Beyond Wonderland Tickets On Sale Jan 30th, 2012 Purcahse here:

Leave a comment below and tell us why you’re going to Beyond Wonderland 2012.

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  1. Dayana Carranza says:

    Have you seen the lineup?! its crazy as it is right now, there no way in the world someone that loves trance or d&b miss a line up like this! plus heard rumors A&B might be there <3! That would make that day even specialer! Also my PLUR Family, my friends, my cousins, etc are going :) its looks like this is going to be an amazing day. Plus raving in general or attending music festivals has become something i love, the music, the people, the outfits, EVERYTHING about it just gives me happiness & chills! to know we will once again all be together at one place to experience the love we all have for EDM is amazing! Asides from that its my 2 yr anniversary <3! 3rd beyond! wouldnt miss it for the world!!!

    • Sean Rice says:

      Hi Wendy!The prutocds are indeed kosher! The beauty of Beyond Organic is that they try to get to as natural and organic possible thus its why its called beyond organic, because some organic prutocds out there are still lacking. Every single product is absolutely organic and absolutely kosher. If you want to learn more and get the insider scoop about the company and the many prutocds be sure to sign up free to be an insider you can do that right now real easy just hit this link: Thanks for your questions and hope to hear more from you! Blessings to you!

  2. Kim Shammas says:

    Cause it’s my 3rd one!! First one is still the best so far.

    • Teresa Ward says:

      I am very intsreeted in your products. Can you tell me if your products are kosher certified? I have many friends who are intsreeted in a kosher lifestyle and I want to be able to say that the products I market are 100% kosher certified. I just wondered if this is true for your products. I find it is very difficult to find kosher products that are both organic and natural. From what I heard and seen of your products, I am fairly impressed. I wonder about the rennet used for the cheese products. Is it animal rennet or vegetable rennet that is used. Also, are there any gelatin products used and if so, are they kosher certified. Can you email me this information if possible at . Thanks for your help!

  3. Stacey Yohn says:

    I am so freaking excited for Beyond Wonderland 2012! Yes we already know all the hype about the line up and it’s an isomniac event so you already know there will be sick ass music all night and so on and so forth but when I think of beyond wonderland I get excited for so many reasons. I get excited for a night of complete randomness! You never know who or what may cross your path. Everything from the chill cool people you meet to the complete weirdos walking around with their shirt on their head trying to give themselves a lightshow( we have all seen them ;) lol. It’s the fact I can try to prepare myself all I want but where the night will end up no one knows. I get excited for that moment when ur standing in the crowd of thousands and thousands of smiling faces and you look around at everyone on their own adventures and for a night nothing does matters but that night and that moment. A night to see the world from another perspective and point of view. A night of pure enjoyment and bliss. I guess it it all comes down to it I get excited to fucking party! <3

    • Shawn Hunt says:

      Actually, there is a WAITING LIST to shop on this site. You can not just reiestgr and begin shopping. They must not be experiencing the economic hardships that other retail companies are. Guess I’ll just keep spending my money elsewhere and shopping til I drop.

  4. maria says:

    electronic music is reality. nothing else is real aside from music itself. there’s no better way to be immersed in it than listening to the bass and treble dancing the night away. lets all rejoice together.

    • Laura Hunter says:

      my name is cndiace i’m 30 yrs and 5’2 in height and weigh about 890lbs i have been diagnosed with having gastritis jus about every thing i eat makes not only my stomach burns but jus about every part of my body i feel extreme heat behind my neck my feet and sides.i am really trying to eat healthy but this has been going on for 4yrs pls. help me.

  5. Rebecca Foster says:

    Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

  6. Susan Burns says:

    lol nice

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