Beyond Wonderland 2012 Tickets Now On Sale

Beyond Wonderland 2012 Tickets Now On Sale

So we’re just a few days away from Beyond Wonderland 2012 tickets going on sale. And, with a doubt, this Insomniac event is overshadowing it’s biggest event Electric Daisy Carnival. Many would say that it’s because of renowned trance legend Armin van Buuren and his show A State Of Trance (ASOT) 550 coming to California… but we beg to differ.

Here at Electronica Life, we pride ourselves on having the utmost newest information regarding these Electronic Dance Music events. That being said, the buzz surrounding Beyond Wonderland 2012 isn’t because of AvB and ASOT #550, rather it’s due to something so secret… so covert, that the common party-goer misses it every time they ingest the drug called EDM.

It’s called ecstasy.

The overpowering emotion, or state of sudden intense feeling when the bass hits you releasing your musical anxiety, the one you have built up, up to that moment. This build up, of course, is due to the overwhelming daily activities of studying for exams, dealing with jerk-face drive-thru customers, and sitting impatiently in traffic while your ears bleed listening to Ryan Seacrest.

That is the reason.

That is the reason you must go beyond wonderland… where the journey will take you away from your over analytical boss named Henry and your over protective mom Martha who always cringes when she see’s you leaving, wearing just a thong and pasties… yes, it’s true.

And, that is the reason you are ready to buy tickets.

Forth go you. Forth go. Don’t look back. Magic awaits you.

Beyond Wonderland Tickets On Sale Jan 30th, 2012

Beyond Wonderland Tickets On Sale Jan 30th, 2012 Purcahse here:

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