Bastian Salbart – Electronica Life Exclusive Premieres

10564881_777874102242997_687427127_nPoland doesn’t just produce supermodels. They also are host to a wave of new electro-talent breaking ground and poised to spread their sounds around the world. Bastian Salbart was recently scooped up by Electrocity Management, in late 2013, and he hasn’t wasted any time. He’s already cranking out originals and remixes to delight trance and house music lovers alike.

His original track “Don’t Forget To Remember,” to be released by High Contrast Recordings, is a delicate electronic symphony. The vocals pull you right into a high-energy ballad that makes you feel right at home, whether you’re in your living room or at a festival under the stars. You might find the title ironic because once the beat is imprinted in your brain, you definitely won’t forget. Even after the song ends, I still find my fingers tapping along, playing my “air keyboard.”

Bastian’s remix of “Gravity” by Sied van Riel feat. Alicia Madison takes what is already an aesthetically pleasing song and adds those special tweaks that can make you see fireworks when you close your eyes. The angelic voice samples have an uplifting quality all on their own, but when embedded into the journey the baseline take you on…you have no choice but to dance. A balance has been achieved. This remix isn’t such a departure that you can’t recognize the original but you can surely tell that it’s a different force of nature altogether.

These songs are just a glimpse into the potential this gentleman has inside. I’m eager to see what future projects will yield and what stages we’ll be seeing him on in the near future. This is definitely just the begin for Bastian Salbart.

You can stream the full tracks below, exclusively on Electronica Life…

Bastian Salbart – Don’t Forget To Remember

Sied van Riel feat. Alicia Madison – Gravity (Bastian Salbart Remix)

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