Avalon Welcomes Greatness with Adrian Lux

*written by Vix for Electronica Life
World renowned musician, Adrian Lux, has been on the fore front of the Electronic scene since the 2008 release of his ‘Strawberry’ EP. His music has touched the lives of people across the globe time & time again, and still to this day does not show any indication of slowing down. His productions have lead him to his latest adventure around the world, landing him in Los Angeles at the Avalon this Saturday of December 6, 2014. This vastly talented artist whose music has been featured in video games, on TV, & has even earned him a spot as an actor on a TV show, blesses the city of angels by reaching out to the cities residence with yet another of his world class performances, sending us all off on a journey through his musical mind and bringing us that much closer to a whole new year.

His rise to the top was heavily anticipated after producing a song known as ‘Teenage Crime,’ that is now recognizable by nearly all EDM listeners and producers a-like. All that have heard the mind-melting tunes that have spawned from Adrian’s very fingertips know that he is an artist the does not disappoint. Supporting such a versatile music legend at one of Los Angeles most recognized and respected clubs only seems fitting for the Beautiful party goers of SoCal and should not even come as a 2nd guess to a true Dance Music enthusiast. His latest EP entitled ‘Make Out,’ has only launched him further into the EDM record books by utilizing a powerful track list composed by Adrian Lux himself, which he plans on sharing with his respected followers.

Missed opportunities only lead to regret, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by and join Adrian Lux in making the Avalon the home of another unforgettable experience that we will share to the world with pride.