Arno Cost’s New Single, “Coming Home”, On Armada Music – Out Now On Beatport!

*written by Cody Jandrok for Electronica Life

‘Coming Home’, the latest release of French House juggernaut Arno Cost is a powerful and epic summer song with massive appeal. It plays like a festival banger, and pulls at your limbs just begging you to dance. A captivating performance by James Newman tops the tune off with heartfelt vocals and a smashing chorus, catchy, and easy enough to sing along to after listening to it a few times (or few dozen like I have!).

Armada Music is known for only having the best on their roster, and adding Cost to their ranks was a wise decision indeed. His huge influence in French House and his worldwide appeal, coupled with Armada’s legendary music selection and massive cult following only spells good things on both sides of the coin.

‘Coming Home’ is easy to dance to with a very Disco vibe to it, a calling card for Arno Cost and is without a doubt a harbinger of things to come. Their thirst for a pure dance track will easily be sated with this release, but with a recent string of massive tracks over the past year, how long must we wait until the next great Arno Cost choon is upon us?

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