Armin van Buuren Releases Video For “Another You”… Here’s What We Thought

*written by Cody Jandrok for Electronica Life

The latest smash hit from Armin van Buuren has been making the rounds on the internet recently. With special features on Spotify and Saturday’s debut of the official music video, which already has almost 350,000 views at the time of writing, there’s been no way to avoid this amazing tune, and why would you want to?

‘Another You’ features a more recent folky sound similar to songs like Avicii’s ‘Hey Brother’ but quickly transitions into a synth driven, snare assisted ascension, falling deep into a kick heavy breakdown & signature Armin synths. It slows before dropping off into the chorus where Mr. Probz gives us the sweet signature hook, accompanied by violins and light percussion, switching quickly back to the synth-clap and vocal driven buildup, ascending again before exploding into a final breakdown that’ll get you dancing like crazy.

Overall, this song is a powerful dance track and shows that Armin isn’t slowing down any time soon. The vocals provided by Mr. Probz are some of the best I’ve heard from a male vocalist in a while and I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw more features from him in the Summer. Speaking of which, this is a tune that would fit in any Summer playlist!

The music video itself tells the story of a young man who’s lost his love, but is in search of another woman like the one he lost.

In the opening scene, a young woman is shown walking away from a young man, we’ll call him Chris (cause he looks like a Chris, work with me here!) obviously after an argument as he sits atop a stone wall. He can’t bare to look at her, so he looks down and away to mask his own frustration. The video then transitions to Chris sitting and playing poker with Armin, Mr. Probz and 2 other unidentified men. He’s obviously not having a good game and ends up throwing his cards down in frustration before leaving the garage and heading on a walk to clear his mind. As he’s walking down the street, head hanging low, a depression on his face, he pauses across from a bus stop and notices a gorgeous girl smelling flowers (we’ll call her Bel) on the other side of the street. He walks across but ends up missing her as she’s walking away. He stands outside the flower shop and looks around trying to find her, but with no luck he makes his way in the direction he thought she might be going.

Bel continues to walk through the beautiful streets of Spain, checking out shops and wandering through the alleys, Chris following her trail but always missing her before she moves on. The video will occasionally cut back to the garage where Armin, Probz and friends are still playing poker and enjoying their drinks, then cutting back to Chris who is still unable to locate Bel on her journey.

Bel is shown walking across this long beautiful bridge before stopping at the end and looking around herself. Chris finally reaches the bridge and looks around for her and when he’s unable to find her, he messes up his hair in frustration. The video fast forwards to sundown and shows Chris drinking a beer atop what looks like a parking garage. Looking out on the gorgeous view of the town, he makes his way down to the street and begins walking, making his way through the same alleys he missed Bel at earlier that day.

Walking by the neon signs and people out late at night, he makes his way to a club where he meets up with Armin, Probz and the rest of the crew. Armin being the legendary bro that he is, points out Bel in the darkness of the bar and Chris goes up to meet her. After talking for a bit, Mr. Probz brings up his collaboration with Armin on the stereo and the whole club starts jumping to the beat, with Probz singing along. Armin takes the mic and sings out the rest of the chorus (obviously Armin sang the whole thing and Probz is just an alter ego), Chris and Bel get close and romantic, with the video closing out on them touching hands.

Overall I absolutely loved the imagery of the video. The location was exceptionally beautiful and the time-shifts showed that Spain is beautiful day or night, under the glow of the sun or of neon lights. The story was a little mushy and cliched when it comes to this type of song, but in the end the video fit the lyrics very well.

Armin’s music videos almost always have a cameo of his in them and this one had several. They’re also very cinematic where’s some producers tend to have footage from shows pieced together with studio footage mixed in, which can definitely fit well with songs tailored to being played live, but nothing beats the production values of a Armin van Buuren music video.