Anoop Desai 3 Cheers EP Featuring ADHD

Anoop Desai 3 Cheers EP Featuring ADHD Out Now

Anoop Desai 3 Cheers EP Featuring ADHD

Anoop Desai
Releases 3 Cheers Today!
Available Now On iTunes

Anoop Desai 3 Cheers EP Featuring ADHD Out Now
Anoop Desai 3 Cheers EP Featuring ADHD Out Now Download here:

Following up on two highly successful EPs, Anoop Desai is kicking off his newest venture into Electronic Dance Music with his latest EP 3 Cheers, available now via iTunes: In support of this release, Anoop will be hosting a record release show on Thursday, November 29th at the infamous Cats Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina.

Seizing the opportunity to showcase his skills and growth as an artist, Anoop, incorporates a wide range of electronic-infused styles on 3 Cheers. Launched with the monstrous title track “3 Cheers”, Anoop’s industrious collaboration with Atlanta-based producer ADHD has produced an album that crosses the EDM soundscape.  The duo further delves into a bass-bumping mix of electro and dubstep with the track “Rocket Man”.  Further pushing the boundaries of dance music, “Love War” is a vibrant house anthem built for the dance floor. The high-octane single packs a powerful punch with electrifying synths and pulsating drums, entitling it as a certified club banger.

Anoop’s captivating vocals on “Crystal Ball” lures in listeners while hooking them with the song’s ambitious, rock n’ roll edge.  Flipping over to the heartfelt “Love Lost”, the track boosts a sense of nostalgia while keeping up with hard-hitting, driving rhythms. Overall, the record is a cross-genre spectrum of sounds, creating a unique experience for the listener. 3 Cheers is a culmination of energy and persistence into five, momentous tracks. “This EP is my manifesto on youth, love, and the power of self-evolution,” says Anoop. “3 Cheers is the next step forward.”

Track Listing:

  1. Crystal Ball
  2. Love War
  3. Love Lost
  4. Rocket Man
  5. 3 Cheers

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Anoop Desai 3 Cheers EP Featuring ADHD Videos

Anoop Desai featuring ADHD: Love War

Anoop Desai 3 Cheers EP Featuring ADHD Bio & Info

  Moving forward with a driving momentum, Anoop has since evolved from his days as a college student and American Idol contestant. Anoop has since taken the reins on developing his own style of music by producing a sound that embodies his growth as an artist. Looking to further showcase his boundless vocal abilities, Anoop teamed up with Atlanta-based producer/DJ ADHD to create a unique project and a new sound. The result is a new EP entitled 3 Cheers that is set for release on November 20th. Infusing the energy of electro with pop driven melodies, 3 Cheers is a dance gem that cross over genre boundaries. “The record is all about being young and having fun,” says Anoop. “It’s about being displaced, but in a way that makes your explore” . . .  ”  – from 

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