Annand Oasis Curates Their First “Yoga Restival”


Annand Oasis Yoga Restival

Words & photos by Casey McCune 

Event promoters are constantly looking to create new experiences for their attendees as we have all seen the additions of bigger stages, new locations, line up additions and surprise guests. Yet we are always left wondering if there is anything else out there. When I came across the announcement of a ‘Yoga Restival’ hosted by Annand Oasis, I was intrigued to say the least. The “line up” included not only music, but also a variation of yoga classes from an essential oil themed class to Thai yoga massage, and just about everything in between. Workshops such as hooping 101 and sound healing baths filled the sun soaked days as well.

Annand Oasis not only blurred the line between festival and retreat, they erased the line with their first ever Restvial. The 4 day event took place at Liberty Advance’s retreat center located in Boulevard, CA, about an hour east of San Diego. Here are some of the highlights we experienced over the 4th of July weekend.

Restival-1 (1)

Yoga for All Levels

As a relative newcomer to Yoga, I was wondering how I would fair at an event like this. I quickly saw how silly my apprehensions were a few minutes into my first class. Instructors were very helpful and welcoming, assisting newbies like myself while keeping a good flow for the rest of the class. Offering classes of varying types from morning to night, Yoga Restival had something for everyone.

Sound Healing

If you have never heard of a sound bath you are probably in the majority.  Prior to the Restival, I had zero knowledge either.  I decided to check it out, why not, because when in Rome right? By the end of the weekend I had four sound baths under my belt.  The final one being while gazing up at the starry night sky on the last night at 11:11 when sound healer,  Shane Chunephisal took us on a journey and expanded our consciousness.


Immersive Experience

Being so far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life created an experience all its own.  Being only miles from the US/Mexico border and surrounded by nothing but rolling hills covered with large rocks, there was little to distract you from your intention of being there, relaxation.  With zero light pollution, the stars became an attraction all their own after the sun set.  Liberty Advance’s property, complete with swimming pool, open air showers, hot tubs, saunas and campground created the perfect atmosphere for a one of a kind escape.

The Music, Of Course!

After the sun set and the stars lit up the sky, the nights at Annand Oasis’ Yoga Restival were filled with music to perfectly complement the setting.  With DJs such as Desert Dwellers, Brad Moontribe, Aaron Jacobs and Ben Annand, the music kept us moving throughout the night.  Sitting outside on the balcony with my girlfriend Crystal, under the stars that could only be described as awe inspiring while listening to Ben Annand drop some deep atmospheric house, was by far one of the best memories of the weekend. Come for the Yoga, stay for the house music.


Sunrise to Sunset

With a full line up of things to do from sunrise to sunset and beyond, I wasn’t sure how much relaxation I would actually get at Yoga Restival. While there was always something going on, the flow of the weekend was far from fast paced. Crystal and I chose classes we wanted to attend and in between we went swimming, cooked healthy meals back at our tent, explored the surrounding nature and danced the night away.

A far cry from the overly stimulating electronic music festivals I am used to, the Annand Oasis Yoga Restival was an experience I won’t soon forget.  We often talk about the vibes at festivals and events, of which I have attended a wide array, and yet I have never experienced a vibe quite like this. Being a yoga newbie at a yoga retreat I was weary of how I would find my place,  but in the end I left wanting more and looking forward to the next.