Andrew Bayer presents “Do Androids Dream” at Exchange LA

*written by Vix for Electronica Life
After his amazing performance at Madison Square Garden for ABGT100, Los Angeles was highly anticipating Andrew Bayer’s appearance at Exchange LA. The news of his arrival in Los Angeles excited his fans and quickly boosted ticket sales to an unbelievable high. This legend has definitely made his mark in the Los Angeles club scene and was excited to be back once again to showcase his upcoming masterpieces.

Vix – Have you performed here at Exchange LA before?

Andrew Bayer – Yeah, I was here earlier in May and I had a blast; the crowd was amazing and tonight I hear there’s a crowd going down the block.

Vix – How many tracks are on your upcoming EP?

Andrew Bayer – I can’t say yet. It’s not under wraps, but it’s still kind of organically growing. I started this EP before actually going on to her, which is unheard of because we’re doing it all backwards, but the trucks are all inspired by the cities we’ve been visiting.

Vix – What kind of feedback have you been getting off your new tracks?

Andrew Bayer – I’ve been getting a lot of amazing feedback of the three tracks I’ve debuted at ABGT100. Especially lots of love for this track I did with Asborn called “Superhuman.”

Vix – Would you consider your performance at ABGT100 to be a career defining moment?

Andrew Bayer – Yeah definitely! Oddly enough, I’ve never been to Madison Square Garden even though I’m from New York, but it’s a huge venue. I’ve never been a part of something that big before, so it’s very inspiring but also humbling at the same time.

Vix – What’s one thing about yourself that you haven’t mentioned in an interview before that not a lot of people know?

Andrew Bayer – My close friends gave me the nickname of “Grandpa Bayer” because I’m more of a laid-back boring kind of person. I will happily stay home on the weekend I have nothing to do, lock myself in my room, eat & make a little music, or have a bottle of wine & watch a movie. I don’t really act like a 27-year-old because I got all the partying out of my system when I was much younger, so I’m happy when I get to wear pajamas for three days and not go anywhere..haha.

Vix – What was the inspiration behind “Do Androids Dream?”

Andrew Bayer – Well it’s a short title of the book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” that the movie, “Blade Runner” was based off of. “Blade Runner” is a really common theme in my music and it’s been a major inspiration for me.

Vix – Do you plan on continuing your tour in other countries?

Andrew Bayer – I think it would be interesting to play my songs over in Europe. It would be kind of cool to play my songs and smaller rooms and see how they like it.

Vix – What’s next for you after the release of your upcoming EP?

Andrew Bayer – I’m thinking about getting my teeth sunk into a new album. The EP is going to increase my appetite to write something much longer, after a couple singles.

Vix – Do you have a message for your fans about the upcoming tracks off the EP?

Andrew Bayer – I’m really looking forward to bringing it to new people. I’m really lucky I got to broadcast it on ABGT100 so a lot of other people got to experience it as well. I want to bring this to his many cities around the world as possible.

Vix’s final words…

Andrew Bayer doesn’t cease to amaze his listeners and proved just that, for his performance at Exchange LA. The excitement of his upcoming EP had the line of clubgoers extending down the block like I’ve never seen before for a non-festival setting. His upcoming EP is definitely one to keep your ears open for.