An Interview w/ Stan Shkrobor, Co-founder of InDeep Events

*written by Shimmy for Electronica Life

There is something undeniably sultry about the way deep house makes you feel, makes you dance, and makes you move. The secret is out… deep house is hot and on the rise. Beatport recently released a chart containing the last 10 years of data and not to my surprise, this is how it panned out:
I recently sat down with Stan Shkrobor, co-founder of InDeep Events, who is busy preparing for his inaugural event at King King Hollywood on Friday, September 5.

Shimmy – When did you first get introduced to electronic music?

StanShkrobor – I first got into electronic music when I was in college, so about 6-7 years ago. I attended CU Boulder right around the time when that entire Boulder Bass scene was really starting to take off, with people like Big Gigantic and Pretty Lights leading the charge. They played a lot of local shows, and the style really began to explode at CU. I slowly started to hear it everywhere. Now, I had always been aware of house music or techno from a younger age, and would listen to it sporadically, but it was really the more in your face style of bass music that really hooked me into the scene at-large for good. Being no stranger to the more traditional genres, I quickly dived back into those, with producers like Richie Hawtin and Sasha, even Todd Edwards really shaping my enjoyment of things like tech house, traditional techno, and various forms of garage. Early Skream and Benga were 2 producers that really fascinated me early on, especially when their 2-step style evolved into what people now know as their new age, higher frequency manipulation style of dubstep. I was really dabbling in a lot of different genres honestly! I kind of enjoyed them all, and dived into as many as I could. Anjunabeats and Above & Beyond, especially via Trance Around the World (and Group Therapy more recently) was a massive source of new music for me as well over the years.

Shimmy – There is a definite invasion in the US toward deep/tech house. What spurred you to create InDeep?

Stan Shkrobor – InDeep was born from mine and George Derrington’s (the co-founder, along with me, of InDeep) want to improve upon the stagnancy, lack of creativity, and boredom that we saw with the current American EDM scene. Things like big room house, trap, and electro, the glorification of “superstar” DJs who really weren’t doing much of anything, production wise or performance wise, were really starting to bog down the scene with bad music! Now, as I said earlier, I have no problem with big room, trap, or electro, I am after all the Editor of a large EDM website! However, those genres became overly saturated with really poor, unoriginal productions BECAUSE OF MAINSTREAM PRESSURE AND DIRECTION! There’s a perfectly good time for big room. That time just isn’t 100% of the time, and that sort of all or nothing attitude in American mainstream media is not good for music! InDeep’s vision is to bring balance back to our scene by way of intimate productions, at proper clubs, and a focus on an eclectic mix of traditional genres, where we feel the most innovation and cutting edge sound is being produced. Genres like deep house, tech house, techno, and future house possess some of the most talented producers in the world within their ranks. However, due to being turned off by the cash cow, everything-is-bigger-here attitude of American EDM, those producers either stay primarily within Europe, or play very exclusive places in the U.S, and actively avoid the “EDM” spotlight. The talent in this sub section of dance music is noticeably bubbling to the surface now in the U.S, with  genres like future house being perpetuated by very talented producers like Kygo, Thomas Jack, Tchami, etc. Their marketing teams have taken their amazing music and beautifully branded it to gain more U.S appeal. This is what InDeep aims to do with a lot more equally talented artists that showcases them as musicians. We don’t focus on over the top stage productions, over the top lighting, kandi, or anything like what a lot of EDM production has pushed on us. We focus on good music, dark clubs, a group of your friends, and a good time. Seth Troxler has a quote that perfectly represents InDeep: “Just, go out for a night in a dark room. Be cool.” – Seth Troxler
Shimmy – Congratulations on your first event! Why did you choose L.A. and King King Hollywood as the venue?

Stan Shkrobor – Well, with the style of music that InDeep is focusing on at this point -deep house, tech house, techno, future house- it is just easier to be in a larger city! We had honestly tried to get something going in mine and George’s hometown of Denver (George Derrington is a co-founder of ID along with me, and is my business partner for the venture, he is a BIG reason in forwarding what we are doing with regards to creativity and vision for ID), but Denver is a small town where the club scene for that specific type of music is very cornered. In fact, there are only two “event companies” that work with this handful of clubs, and they have no reason to allow competition in. Whereas in L.A, or NYC, where our next event is, there are so many clubs and so many event companies that it turns out to be a much more open market place for new and fresh ideas. King King, being a club that is both intimate and low key club that doesn’t focus on lighting or VIP (it doesn’t have any VIP area, which is big for us). It’s just the music and a good time.
Shimmy – Bender has a sexy, groovy sound. Who are some other up and coming artists to watch?

Stan Shkrobor – Bender is really going to blow up in the next few months, and I’m calling it here first! He is very talented, determined, and has a great team around him. I wish him all the best and I can’t wait to party in L.A with him. As far as other artists, one of the biggest things that we want to promote through InDeep are fantastic European (or American at times) artists that pre-dated the current U.S “future” house fad, and were the ones who started this current movement we’re seeing in the U.S.

Artists like:

  • Bakermat and the Koodbloe agency roster
  • Klingande
  • Nora En Pure
  • Watermat
  • Dirtybird (J.Phlip and Justin Jay in particular are SO GOOD RIGHT NOW)
  • Dusky
  • The Magician
  • MK
  • Jody Wisternoff and the rest of the Anjunadeep crew
  • #Root.Access
  • Nice7
  • Weiss
  • The entirety of the Dusted Decks roster

All of these artists make fantastic house music that really served as the bedrock for what artists like Kygo and Tchami are now doing so well.

Shimmy – What’s up next for InDeep?

Stan Shkrobor – We’re going to keep doing shows all around the country! Our next one is in NYC in early October, look out for that official announcement really soon. Additionally, ID really aims to be more than an event company. When we ask an artist to do a show with us, we also ask for an interview and a mix for our Soundcloud ( that we can post on our social medias, and really start to build our very own ID discography. And while this first event with Bender will be taped and the video will be posted, we really aim to do live feeds of all of our shows in the very near future! InDeep aims to be a full platform for not only just a very proper clubbing experience, but also a place where artists and fans can come together to celebrate house music and the culture behind it.

Shimmy – When you’re not promoting, what events do you enjoy attending?

Stan Shkrobor – Being a senior editor at an EDM publication means that I am privileged to attend a multitude of events and festivals. Whether it’s a dark, small club where Lee Foss is going in for 3 hours, or the Main Stage of EDC where Calvin Harris, and Zedd are playing banger after banger, I can honestly say I love it all and most importantly, actually tried it all. I love music, especially dance, and I love writing about it and sharing it with as many people as possible. The community that we have within dance music, in the states and overseas, is incredible. I wouldn’t want to be involved in anything else. Music really is what I live my life for and I couldn’t be more happy with that! I also want to thank you so much for sitting down with me and taking the time to talk with me about InDeep. It means a lot, and I hope to see you (as well as everyone reading this) out at King King on September 5!

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