All you need is LOVE at City Hearts LA

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life
It’s only once in a very rare blue moon that I may come across an electronic music event that has the power to leave me literally speechless and questioning what I’ve been doing with my life as of late to have not already attended such a mind-blowing occasion. It’s been an entire week of living in the post event afterglow and although I’ve tried numerous times since, I’m only now able to find the words to describe the magic that took place this particular night.

What type of event could possibly have this numbing effect in this day and age of overhyped and dramatized “EDM” you may be wondering? Behold the magnificence of City Hearts LA.

Hosted by the festival family behind the fastest growing Southern California festival Desert Hearts, the 2nd annual City Hearts LA sold out and serendipitously took place on the same night as Valentine’s day.

Occurring on none other than the one day of the year dedicated to love, the vibe throughout the night can only be described as nothing short of pure LOVE. It’s still unknown to me as to exactly what it was about the night that completely enthralled me, but I do know that thanks to this mysterious subject, I was enveloped in an abyss of bliss until the wee hours of the morning. From the very moment I walked in, I felt the warm and loving energy that exuded from every dazzling soul that filled the dance floor from wall to wall. Art displays adorned the walls of the venue as live artists painted the night away and crafty vendors exhibited their most beloved pieces with everything from handmade jewelry to luminous crystals.

Fire dancers graced the only stage during portions of the night as Desert Hearts Founders and DJs Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop and Deep Jesus along with Resident DJ Tara Brooks took City Hearts attendees on a 10 hour journey of lessons in the Desert Hearts teachings of “House, Techno and Love.” The non-stop music was deep and soulful all night long, while almost being too good to be true that I found myself dumbfounded at some moments looking around just to check if everyone around me was having the same experience, or if I had somehow unknowingly teleported to a youtopian land of enchantment. Sure enough they were, as every single person I saw was passionately grooving to a deep beat in unison until sunrise. We were much more than just a crowd on a dance floor that night, but instead a community bursting with positivity, love and light vibing off each others radiant energy creating magic through the self-expression of music.

In the current state of electronic dance music in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, there are a plethora of events to choose from on any given night of the week. It’s truly refreshing to see an underground movement based in the theories of love,music, art and community gain so much momentum that it dominated even the Hollywood scene on a Saturday night. If City Hearts is an indication of anything besides the love vibes that are created when like-minded individuals gather together, it’s a clear indication that Desert Hearts have made their presence known and valued in the Southern California scene. Mikey Lion and the Desert Hearts Family are here…and they’re here to stay for years to come. Until next time, we are all Desert Hearts <3

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Photo credit to wobsarazzi