Adrian Lux’s Explosive Appearance at the Avalon

*written by Vix for Electronica Life
It seems that I was not alone in my excitement to catch Adrian Lux’s set in the up close, personal setting of the Avalon this past weekend. The line was longer than I’ve seen and all the people around me could not resist but chatter about how excited they were to be there. Unexpectedly, Adrian Lux walked around in front of the Avalon scoping out the crowd that he drew in, and immediately he was recognized and swarmed with his loving fans that he invited with a warm welcome and taking pictures with any & everyone that asked. His energy & vibe even before his set had me happily anticipating what he had in store for us that night!

Vix – How was the production process of you last EP?

Adrian Lux – It was a lot of work in different countries but a lot of it happened in Australia. That’s basically where all of it was put together but the songs were all pretty much ID’s that I had.

Vix – What’s the meaning behind the title of the EP “Make Out”?

Adrian Lux – It means a lot of fun & different things. It means the obvious things like making out but for me its more about understanding like the meaning of things so its kind of a twist. It’s a fun title that means something for me and mean other things for other people.

Vix – What’s it like working with Ultra?

Adrian Lux – It’s cool. I’ve been working with them for a while.

Vix – Have you checked out the remix of “Damaged” that M4Sonic released on Ultra?

Adrian Lux – Yeah, it was cool! I actually did a remix for him that isn’t out yet.

Vix – What was the inspiration behind your track “Sooner or Later”?

Adrian Lux – I made it with the guy who sings it so we kind of worked on it together. He’s also a really good producer so we were working of this track I made over in Australia.

Vix – Have you made anything with the singer of “Sooner or Later” before?

Adrian Lux – We made some weird stuff in the past that sounded like some 80’s stuff. We also played around with this vocal track that we ended up pitching to Nervo.

Vix – What do you have planned for 2015?

Adrian Lux – I’m going to put out new music that goes in a new direction. I’m also going to put out more instrumental music because I feel like its kind of needed now-a-days. I want to make meaningful club music again without forcing vocals on everything. It’s hard some times because if you have a really good instrumental, vocals can kind of hide the cool parts of the instrumental. The best results for me come from when I have a vocal and I can build a track around it, rather than making a track and adding vocals after.

Vix – Are you going to play any ID’s tonight in your set?

Adrian Lux – Maybe, I’m going to get a little weird and experimental with it tonight.

Vix – Do you plan on releasing another EP soon?

Adrian Lux – Maybe an EP; definitely not an album next year but probably for 2016 or something. This year I want to put out this new sound I’m working on.

Vix – What do you think about the Deep House movement that’s taking over EDM right now?

Adrian Lux – I think its cool! It’s very close to what I like. Sometimes it gets a bit boring, because I feel that people get a little cynical about it, kind of like when the Dutch sound became very popular like “everything has to sound exactly like all the other songs.” I think it’s great that it opens up for different kinds of drops so I’m all for it. I just wish people wouldn’t just rip off what’s already been made.

Vix – How did you come up with your style of EDM?

Adrian Lux – I went from producing Hip-Hop when I was 16, to producing English Hip-Hop which is more electronically like grime music. That kind of translated to Drum & Bass stuff and from that I got into Electro sounds and getting into stuff like John Digweed and artists like that. From there, I moved to Brazil when I was 18 and playing full moon parties and really getting into the genre. It was a very special time for me because it’s when everything was so f***ing quality.

Vix – What’s one thing about yourself that not a lot of people know?

Adrian Lux – I’m really good, like weirdly good, at finger boarding. It’s crazy how good I am (LOL). I can skate too but it hurts too much so finger boarding was my thing.

Vix final words…

Adrian did not hold back during his set and as expected, he single-handedly astonished the Los Angeles crowd that came out to see his performance. His set has always stood out more than others and Adrian’s set at the Avalon only raised the bar even higher than what it was by keeping the crowd engaged and dancing to the world-renowned sounds he’s been known for. Adrian Lux is a young, talented musician that only gets better and better as he performs for his fans, leaving us here at Electronica Life anticipating what comes next for this ever-growing artist.