A-Trak Has Meet & Greet with Fans via Twitter

*written by Shimmy for Electronica Life
A-Trak is universally known in the industry as an extremely talented DJ and turntablist. The Canadian-born 32 year old exploded onto the scene when he won the DMC DJ World Championships in 1997 at the mere age of 15. Besides being a touring solo artist, he is also one-half of production duo group “Duck Sauce.” As if he wasn’t busy enough, he owns his own record label, Fool’s Gold Records, which is currently preparing for their “Fool’s Gold Day Off” show in Los Angeles next month.

Last weekend, A-Trak agreed to headline Forever Never Land, an inaugural event in Central California. However, around 7:00 PM PT on Sunday night, festival organizers canceled the event citing “unforeseen circumstances.” Understanding the disappointment of not being able to play for the fans, he took the time to appease the situation by offering a meet and greet with his fans at his hotel:

Not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed he declined my invitation to spin at the house I rented in the area, but meeting him at his hotel with the other fans turned out to be pretty awesome… and a lot less selfish. There is nothing elitist about him; in fact, quite the opposite. You get the feeling that he respects the fans, just as much as we respect him. And respect him we do. He isn’t just another producer who got his fame by creating disposable house music. If you have not seen him live, you will be able to tell the difference.

On this salvaged evening, it was an informal affair; even some of the other artists who were staying in the same hotel also showed up to hang out. We ended up chilling out near the pool on a gorgeous summer night, throwing back some beers, and of course talking music. While I was still waiting for him to surprise us with an impromptu set in his hotel room (wishful thinking), it was one of my favorite nights of the summer. A-Trak gets an A+ in my book. Quack Quack.

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Photos by Miss Mabee Photography for Electronica Life