A Sunrise To Remember – Symbiosis Gathering 2015

Symbiosis Gathering 2015 in Northern California celebrated it’s ten year anniversary over the weekend. While people attended for it’s diverse and expansive lineup, many conscious workshops, and incredible scenery – by far the most talked about instance of the weekend was Sunday morning’s sunrise set. Rumors circulated of a secret Tipper set, as stacks of funktion one speakers were set up in a nook of the venue creating an intimate tidepool of sunrise lovey dovey feels.

The cold air slowly warmed and muscles started to loosen. Colors began bleeding over the horizon as the sun’s procession slowly crept over the lake. Silhouettes stretched and danced and livened in front of me as Tipper began his set.

As the daylight began to cancel out the darkness, faces became familiar once more and the glow of excitement emanated brighter and brighter. I always describe sunrise as a guaranteed second wind… the crisp air kisses your neck and you start to gain a new revitalized energy from the sun’s Vitamin D.

Everything about this sunrise screamed of warmth, physically and vibrationally. Symbiosis’s grounds, that were just barren and dark an hour earlier, began to develop a heartbeat once more. Pulsing with life, the bloodstream at the middle of the crowd moved with the music while the surrounding cells talked and watched the sunrise. An out of body experience that left me feeling detached from anything other than that moment, walking around with my camera observing this niched world around me left me filled with so much love and energy radiating from my heart.

The coolest part of this sunrise, is that I was able to move around and observe the memories being made in front of me. Untethered and free, I fluttered from group to group, area to area, waltzing through moments as they happened live. I felt like everyone was in orbit as I circled through the crowd gravitating to so many beautiful people.

Words that come to mind when I think of Symbiosis are expression, compassion, and liberation. Freedom to unapologetically radiate your essence and realize that your version of “different” is probably incredibly compatible with someone else’s version of “different.”

Thank You Symbiosis Gathering- I will definitely be returning for another sunrise someday.

With all our love,

Lizzie & the Electronica Life Team