A Reconnection w/ The Musicians That We Were Before We Met – Above & Beyond Acoustic Album

*written by Crystal Garcia for Electronica Life (check out her blog too!)

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“Orchestral and ethereal while still rooted in the world of electronica. One of the finest and most memorable shows in dance music history.” – Billboard.com

It seems that just when we thought that Above & Beyond had reached new heights of music mastery in electronic dance music with their Group Therapy album released in 2011, Tony, Paavo, & Jono decide to delight fans with an album we could have never imagined to become reality, an ACOUSTIC album. Considering that an acoustic album is a huge leap away from what fans expect of dance music acts today, it’s important to remember that Above & Beyond were musicians before they were DJ’s, and consider themselves to be a band & songwriters as much as they are a world class DJ trio.

I remember first hearing the news of the acoustic show taking place at Porchester Hall in London last year, and I knew it was only a matter of time before the acoustic show would make it’s way  to Los Angeles. Fast forward to October and Above & Beyond are performing the acoustic show at the beautiful Greek Theater LA for not 1, but 2 sold out nights due to high demand from their devoted LA area fans. After many years of attending dance music festivals and events consistently, I can honestly say that attending A&B Acoustic LA on the second night at the Greek theater was the most emotionally raw & magical night of live music that I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

The tracks on the Above & Beyond acoustic album are in fact recorded live from the London show and not the LA show. Throughout listening to the entirety of the album, I imagined the crowd singing along as they did at the LA show, and as it was an amazing acapella on the Group Therapy fan favorite tracks “Sun & Moon” and “Thing Called Love.” Hearing Zoe Johnston’s vocals on “You’ve Got to Go” always makes my heart melt, but an acoustic rendition of this song that continues to hold such a deeply personal meaning to me, does something for me that words just can’t describe, it’s of profound beauty to say the least. Zoe is also featured on the last track to be featured from Group Therapy, the story of love & loss “Love Is Not Enough” and the very song that began my love affair with Above & Beyond, “Good For Me.”

British Singer Annie Drury lends her sweet vocals on the Tri-State album classics “Miracle”, “Satelite”, “Can’t Sleep” and  “On A Good Day.” Danish singer Alex Vargas contributes his soulful sound to “Thing Called Love”, “Sun & Moon” and of my favorites “Alone Tonight.” Not to be left out of the loop as a singer himself, A&B member Tony lends his own vocals on the new track  “Making Plans”, inspired by the Disney movie WALL-E. Above & Beyond have long been pioneers in the EDM genre, not only with their music, but also in their quality of performance. Whether it’s performing for thousands of attendees at a festival and connecting with the crowd through the words they type on the laptop that appear on screen, or by exemplifying the pure joy that comes from making music to an audience of only a couple thousand at the acoustic shows, it is no mystery why Above & Beyond have gained such a devoted and loyal fan following. Simply put, they create beautiful music that deeply touches each and every one of their fans.

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