A Letter From Chris Ramos On The Release Of ‘Emotions’ The EP




“The EMOTIONS EP is a culmination of countless hours, blood, sweat, tears and of course emotions that I’ve gone through over the past years. It balances on a tightrope between major and minor keys, jumps between progressions without hesitation, all while building infectious melodies and engaging vocals.

The first track ‘4U’ is a metaphor on life and good vibes. Starting with a simple but driving arpeggio, the song builds and builds just as we continue to grow as people. We’re all in this journey together. We don’t just live for ourselves, or our loved ones, but also for everyone around us. A simple smile, gesture, or action can go a long way, and positive energy can be infectious. This is what we live for. 4U.

We’ve all been there. Pressure building up before that pinnacle moment in your life. A speech. A performance. A life-changing risk. ‘Here It Goes’ addresses the fear we all feel when psyching ourselves out in front of that mirror before our big moment, and attacking it head on. At the end of the day, you need to live life to the fullest, face your inner demons and not look back. We’re not born to fit in, so be yourself and don’t refuse the opportunities life gives you.

Happy, sad. Bright, dark. Major, minor. These are just a few things that describe the single ‘Emotions’. An adventure of music, this track has a simple message with a less than simple execution. It’s about allowing yourself to reach an elevated consciousness; about a feeling taking over and not wanting it to end. When you finally hit that milestone, there’s a culmination of emotions that take over like a two-tiered chord progression, driving melody and layered vocal. Sparks come down your spine and goosebumps build all over. This is, Emotions.”

With love,
Chris Ramos

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